The Collusion Delusion: From Russia With Lube?

There are two conflicting themes within this Trump/Russia collusion scandal: 1. Liberals across the land are banking on this investigation ending the reign of President Ass-Clown Hitler, and 2. There’s a ton of smoke, yet no functional smoke detectors in the greater DC area. Check out Sam Harris’s podcast wherein Anne Applebaum equates both Putin and Trump’s tactics to “polluting the information space.” The turd is out there? The truth is becoming ever more subjective these days and, if you’re a Republican, this whole truthiness to murkiness shift is paying off. Nonstop lying apparently comes with a super majority. And if you act now you can get two Supreme Court Judges! It is very odd to me how so many Republican folks are disinterested in the whole Trump-should-probably-hang thing. They want us to stop harassing the president and just let Trump govern. What?! Are you crazy? Oh, right. I have an idea, how about the party of Nixon, Dubya and Trump refrain from commenting for a few election cycles? Dope springs eternal.

420 Happens So Slowly Herbologists Believe By 2020 It Will Occur On 421

Taos, NM—Dr. Sterling Hogbein, of the Hogbein Institute and Bait Shop, believes 420 and the related spike in marijuana use is subtly altering the rotation of the Earth’s axis. Dr. Hogbein explains, “This is a form of time travel. It’s not just about all the weed and the resulting slow moving hipsters, there’s an additional factor thus far missed by science. What science ignores is all the associated convenience-store munchies. Remember how right before their own time travel adventures, Bill & Ted said there were strange things afoot at the Circle-K? It’s not tachyon particles, convenience store food is the key to time travel. Once Cheetos, Twinkies and chili dogs are combined with the existing cannabinoidic receptors of the brain, I believe a small Snack Gate can open within the neural snacknaptic clefts of the temporal lobe.”

FBI Obtains FISA Warrant To Eavesdrop On President Trump’s Internal Voices

Washington—The intelligence community has continued to work diligently to determine the origin of the “voices” plaguing the president’s age-addled brainFBI Director James Comey met with the head of the American Psychological Association yesterday and then promptly contacted a FISA judge for a warrant. Mr. Comey told the Discord today, “We need to determine if these messages are the result of a psychotic disorder, or if a foreign government has successfully hacked into the president’s brain. Therefore, I have obtained a FISA warrant to listen to the president’s thoughts. Not me personally, of course, but an appointee. I mean, F-that shit.” Mr. Trump was then informed he would need to remove the aluminum foil from his heada tactic used to block out these voicesand then don some particularly goofy lab apparatus.

Bellagio Fire Promptly Doused By Quick-Thinking Fountain Manager

Las Vegas, NV—If it were not for the speedy response of the fountain manager, Ty Miller, the Bellagio Resort & Casino may have been fried like a Seattle hipster at 420. The cause of the Las Vegas strip fire is not immediately known, but the blaze broke out in the Voldemort Suite due to what some are speculating as an unauthorized use of magic. It took only 19 minutes for the fire to be contained after Mr. Taylor angled the fountains 75° toward the front of the building. No one was injured and, as an extra added bonus, the streams of water sparked an impromptu wet t-shirt contest on the 7th floor.

President Ass-Clown Hitler: How The Ass-Clown Part May Save Us From The Hitler Part

Are we moving toward fascism? My designated term of endearment for our president, Ass-Clown Hitler, was chosen for a reason as the only thing standing between our nation and some extra-strength Nazinol is Trump’s three-ring stupidity. What many of us despise about Trump, his terminal buffoonery, may actually be our saving grace. There’s certainly a down side to having an ass-clown leading the free world, but what if he were Dick Cheney? Cheney was smart and evil, which is a much more potent force. Come on, Dick, if the jackboot fits… Granted, conservatives are generally not the sharpest political tools in the shed, but if we keep re-electing them one of these days they’re going to get it alt-right.

Does Trump’s Traumatized Muppet Childhood Explain His PBS Vendetta? “Why Did Henson Make Me With Such Little Hands?!”

Sesame Street—A clear picture of President Donald Trump’s hatred for PBS, Sesame Street and for the Muppets in general is emerging. Prior to the 2005 appearance of the character Donald Grump on Sesame Street, evidence suggests President Trump was affiliated with PBS and may even be a Henson creation himself. Press Secretary Sean Spicer has requested that SNL parody this bit, so that he can gain some insight into how he might address such an absurd allegation.

United CEO Dragged Off Plane In Show Of Solidarity

Chicago, IL—In response to a viral video showing a passenger being dragged off of a plane, CEO of United Airlines, Oscar Munoz, staged an identical scenario. Airport security bodily dragged Mr. Munoz down the aisle of an Airbus A420 before ejecting him face first onto the tarmac. Whether or not the Board of Directors ordered this stunt or it was the CEO’s own brain child remains unknown at this hour. United Airlines is hoping this will make things even, or at least even out their company’s stocks. As compensation for the incident, the passenger who was originally mistreated has been offered an extra packet of peanuts and an additional packet of peanuts. He has since been rushed back to the hospital for what looks to be a peanut allergy.

Therapeutic Wolverine Petting Zoo Closes After 7th Fatality

San Diego, CA—After the incident this weekend that claimed the life of eight year old Bobby Turner, the petting zoo management of WolverDreams Inc. announced it will be closing its doors forever. Little Bobby’s visit, which was originally arranged in conjunction with the Make A Wish Foundation, ended the life of a young man a few weeks prematurely. Bobby was given only a few weeks to live due to inoperable nose cancer. Bobby’s parents told the press his bucket list still included: giving Sally Phillips a wedgie, attending a cock fight, and punching a senior citizen in the face.

Let’s Shift Away From The Brewing Impeachment So We May Bring You Our Regularly Scheduled Crapola: Benghazi With Fried Rice?

There is certainly liberal amounts of blood in our political waters, but I’m afraid it’s not actually type-D. This Susan Rice “scandal” has Benghazi written all over it. Hey, at least they’re reading. No matter where this next batch of rightwing dimquires lead, our republican friends will likely be covering this Rice dish right up until the impeachment proceedings. Focus on the Susan Rice “scandal” and you’ll miss the main course, peeps. Stuffed pig? Why are you still harping on Obama and Hillary? Can’t you people just take five minutes to focus on your inability to lead? If you recall, Obama let Bush and Cheney off the hook and they should have hung, well, if you believe international law. At this point I don’t even have a horse in this race. Sorry, folks, the last nationalistic bone in my body is riddled with Foxsteoporises. Speaking of which, does Rice have any calcium?

Geologist Claims England’s Megalithic Structures Created By Erosion

Dinglebury, ENG—Dr. Sterling Hogbein, of the Hogbein Institute and gift shop, is back in the news again today and pushing another controversial theory. In 2012 he proposed an alternative theory to explain the many megalithic structures dotting the English landscape. This important archeofictionologist now believes he has irrefutable evidence to support his earlier claim that they were, indeed, formed by erosion. Dr. Hogbein told the Discord today, “The mystery of Stonehenge is solved! And, sadly, it has nothing to do with the Loch Ness monster. All those years wasted. However, most of these ancient so-called ‘structures’ were actually formed through natural erosionary processes, such as wind and water. This makes particular sense after a few pints.”

Wait, The Only Thing Thwarting Trump’s Agenda Is A Group Of Congressmen Who Don’t Think It’s Horrible Enough?

We have successfully made the transition from ‘know hope’ to ‘no hope’. In today’s political circus, the Freedom Caucus is now all the rage. Are you kidding me? The only thing standing between El Trumpedente and everything he wants for Christmas is a pack of hyenas? Through the magic of redistricting, we must support the minority of the minority? Who wants to cheer on the frickin’ Freedom Caucus? Then again, they did save Obamacare. The enemy of my enemy is my friend’s enema? I don’t even follow that one. People are concerned about republican in-fighting. Don’t be. When it counts, conservative-types are always united in their wrongness. Republicans do impress me in one sense as they’ve discovered so many distinct, yet shitty factions, views and philosophies. Multinefarious? Diversdefecation? Fine, I’ll work on that one.