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Foghorn Leghorn Rocks Holder’s World

Foghorn Leghorn Rocks Holder’s World

Washington, DC – It was history in the making when Senator Lindsey Graham nailed Attorney General Eric Holder’s skinny ass on national television.  It was so cool that I still can’t stand up without bustin’ a zipper. Doing his best “Ahm frum thu south ahn ah tahlk like a Looney Tunes roo-stuh”, Senator Graham asked Holder all the questions he couldn’t possibly answer. The following is an exact quote (but, keep in mind, I was on cold medicine at the time).

“Well now, Ah-say ah-say yah cain’t take a prizzonnuh on the battlefield, interruhgate his ass for ye-uhs without Mirandizin hium, and send hium tuh a Federal cowert fo ah civil triuhl without they-uh being some question as to the legality of the whole sichiashun. That is, uh, unless one wuz to assume they-uh was some unduhlyin agenda for embarassin a previous President to deflect from the current state of affaiuhs, unduhmiuhnin the CIA and our brave boys in unifo-uhm, and possible getting the bastuhds owff on uh technicality. Fuythuhmo-er, If ya start Mirandizin all the prizzonuhs you take on thuh battlefield, that don’t leave a whole lot of wayz or tahm fo-er the CIA to get its intelligence, now does-ah-say-does it, mistuh Holder?”

That was good for me.  Was it good for you?


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