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Latest Trump-Tweet Orders Dreamers, Trans’, & Lingering Burning Man Participants To Erect Border Wall

Nogales, AZ—An angry Tweet from Donald Trump has enslaved thousands of ‘snowflake’ liberals for the single purpose of building his promised border wall. The President told the press today, “I said the Mexicans would pay for the wall and clearly some of the folks we detained this week are pretty brown, really brown people. Sure, some are just tan because we picked them…

NK Defector Admits: “All Of Our Microphones Lead To Same Karaoke Machine”

Pyongyang, NK—A recent North Korean defector, Ji Sung, suggested all of his country’s microphones are hooked up to “the same crappy-assed karaoke machine.” The defector was able to successfully cross the DMZ between North and South Koreas last month and met yesterday with a prominent Seoul journalist. During the interview Sung said, “After each press conference Kim Jong Un dimmed the…

Kentucky Congressman Swims In Coal To “Prove It’s Safe And Fun”

Pikeville, KY—Earlier today Congressman Jeff Stilton (R-KY) was involved in what many are calling a mindless PR stunt. The two term politician swam in a pile of coal outside of the Blankenship Coal Hole to prove to the American people once and for all that coal is safe for any and all activities. Representative Stilton said, “I swam in coal, my daddy swam in coal, and my daddy’s daddy…


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