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Putin Determined to Butch-Up Olympics

Putin Determined To Butch-Up Olympics

Moscow—Vladimir Putin is drawing a line in the sandy Vaseline today. Gay people are not welcome in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Russia. “Any rainbows better be in the sky,” said Putin. “Sure my country is known as the great bear, but not that kind.”

Putin announced the freestyle skiing event will be changed to the KGB-style and Putin wants more gun fights during the biathlon. He then sited several James Bond movies for inspiration. “Oh, and I want to make it very clear, the biatholon pertains to combining guns and skiing; let me repeat that: guns and skiing.”

Many fear the male figure skaters will be under considerable scrutiny in 2014 as Putin added, “We are going to assume those guys have a little sugar in them.”

Putin also feels curling is gay and warned anyone caught curling will be subject to possible arrest. “I’m not too worried about the ice hockey teams, hell, I might even start for team Russia,” said Putin. “The male bobsleigh team, however, needs to remain at least three inches apart from one another at all times. If anyone looks aroused during their descent I will shoot them myself. Bunch of lugers. Hey, that’s pretty good.”

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Toyota Announces Fix for Stuck Gas Pedals and Failed Brakes

Toyota's new emergency arrest system

Toyota announced their fix for the stuck gas pedal problem on some of their most popular models, as well as the brake failure problem on their hybrid Prius.

“We have a sorution.  One fix fol arl moders,” said Toyota spokesman Heowaki Kausakarastinki, in a culturally insensitive dialect.

The sorution, uhh, solution, involves the installation of an emergency arrest system activated by pressing a large red button, depicted above, located on the steering wheel.

Kausakarastinki claims the inspiration came from those Staples Easy Button commercials. The fix is available immediately at no charge to the consumer, but it does significantly reduce luggage capacity in the trunk of most models.

Kausakarastinki warns that the button should never be used to deter tailgaters, but he believes the device will gradually have a positive impact on traffic patterns in the future across our great country. 

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Before Duty Secret Service Agents Must Blow Into TelePrompter

Before Duty Secret Service Agents Must Blow into TelePrompter

Washington—President Obama’s teleprompter has now been fitted with a Breathalyzer to assure each Secret Service agent’s blood alcohol level remains at or below that of Vice President Joe Biden’s. This new policy is the latest attempt by The White House to accomplish something before the midterms.

President Obama told reporters today, “I understand that boozing it up comes with the territory. I understand how, while on surveillance, it’s human nature to periodically vomit from the roof of the White House, and from time to time I myself have had to shake off the urge to urinate on FDR’s piano, but I will not allow this important function, which involves the safety of myself and my family, to devolve into a situation like…what was that name of that embassy in Libya that burned down?”

Republicans are looking to outsource the duty of protecting the president to either paroled white supremacists or known terror suspects, a move the President is calling “reckless and irresponsible.”

Obama later admitted he didn’t really listen to the republican’s proposal. “I just respond with some synonym of thoughtless. It’s worked out well so far.”

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