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Bride of “Another Discord Apology”

Bride of "Another Discord Apology"

The Daily Discord would like to set the record straight on several recent errors:

Obama to Undress Gay Community” was simply an unfortunate typo, honest.

Michael J. Fox’s War on Parkinsons off to Shaky Start” shows a distinct lack of journalistic integrity and/or class.

Our headline “Plot Thickens Over Drunken MILFs Mysterious Knee Bruises” was found to be offensive to drunken slutty MILFs everywhere.

In our defense, our editing staff is underpaid and almost completely disinterested at this point.  They work in oppressive conditions under the constant fear and scrutiny of a mean and despicable man.  Did you happen to catch A Christmas Carol this year?  What Winslow would have done to those three ghosts…it makes me shudder.

The Saudi’s Cirque du Soleil Contract Questioned After Debut Performance’s Content, Death Toll

Beverly Hills, CA — During his three week U.S. tour, Saudi Crown Royal Mohammed bin Weinstein, entered into an agreement with Cirque du Soleil. Saudi Arabia recently lifted its long standing ban on such entertainment and the Circus of the Sun agreed to a specially crafted performance to honor Saudi National Day. According to eyewitness accounts and emergency personnel, the debut performance “didn’t go so…

Discord Sets Up Mogul Relief Fund After Richard Branson’s Private Island “Devastated”

Flagstaff, AZ—The Daily Discord, a site not known for its philanthropic prowess, has set up a fund to help Richard Branson recover from the category five hurricane that ravaged his private island this week. Head Comedy writer Mick Zano explains, “Please donate generously to the account we’ve set up and don’t forget about the special charity…


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