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Jersey River Safer After Vinyl Chloride Train Wreck?

Jersey River Safer After Vinyl Chloride Train Wreck?

Paulsboro, NJ—A train full of vinyl chloride derailed on Friday outside the industrial town of Paulsboro. This freight train fell off a bridge and into a river, but the incident has at least one hazmat team wondering was this really such a bad thing?

Hazmat’s site coordinator, Kent Furrows, said, “I‘m not saying I’d want a picnic lunch here any time soon, but this corrosive material burned through a lot of the dead bodies and toxic debris that was already here. It’s kind of like sticking some Drano down the sink. In essence, it got rid of a lot of industrial hair balls.”

The hazmat team is not alone. Using a level of spin not seen since last night’s Hannity’s America, the National Transportation Safety Board is hailing this environmental catastrophe as a major environmental victory.

Board chairman, Willy Spiller, said, “Before this incident, there were all kinds of dangerous things sticking out of the surface of that river. Now it’s burned away, finally making yachting, boating, canoeing, and even water skiing possible. But I wouldn’t water ski just yet, folks, unless you’re willing to wear a gas mask and coat the bottom of your water skis with at least three millimeters of epoxy phenolic. Yeah, a good three millimeters.”

Ask your doctor if you’re healthy enough to water ski in industrial waste.

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Hallmark Channel Accidentally Airs All Seven Saw Movies

Studio City, CA—The Hallmark Channel has released a statement apologizing for the airing all seven movies from the Saw franchise on prime time television last Sunday. The network would like to remind its viewers this was a single incident, or seven single incidents (if you want to get technical), but Hallmark wants to reassure its viewers that they plan to remain dedicated to producing really lame family-targeted entertainment. The…


Ron Paul Admits to “Partial Erection” after U.S. Announces Aid Cuts to Pakistan

Ron Paul Admits to "Partial Erection" after U.S. Announces Aid Cuts to Pakistan

Springfield, VA—This week’s announcement from the White House that aid to Pakistan will be cut $33 million was followed by a proud statement from Ron Paul’s headquarters in Springfield Virginia.

Paul pole supporter, Peter Johnson, told the press, “Our fearless leader reported considerable wood after the exciting news.” He went on to call this a “half mast event” not seen since the Republican’s full-blown attack on Planned Parenthood funds.

Ron Paul later confirmed initial reports, “A partial erection at my age represents a significant amount of blood flow to my penis.”

His son, Senator Rand Paul, is concerned, “If they cut all aid to other foreign countries and then send our troops home, they might have to rush my dad to the hospital again.”

Were that to occur, Mr. Paul agreed the Washington Monument would have some competition, and he vowed, “If I do get a full erection, I will personally screw the Federal Reserve into the dirt.”

Paul is denying rumors his slogan has been changed to “I might have lost the election, but not my—.”

“Hardly,” said Paul.

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