Crying in the Grocery Store Coffee Shop

Pokey McDooris

Ah, how I’ve missed Mick Zano’s overreaching, unfocused, condescending, and logical-less debates. From marijuana legalization to global warming to George Bush tyranny to GOP numbskulls, Zano pulled no punches to “dismantle my arguments.” Now, what were my arguments again? Since I never mentioned marijuana or global warming or George Bush or the GOP, let’s hope he posted his last article from Colorado, otherwise I’m afraid you’re going to have to pee into this cup.

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The Ebola Spring

Pokey McDooris

There’s been a lot of hate speech directed at the Ebola Virus lately, and I think it’s time for people to stand up for the rights of the Unrepresented Parasiticals. We Americans are so human-centric, talking about containing the Ebola, fighting Ebola, and eradicating Ebola. We’re arming doctors, who seem to know no borders. They are nothing but mercenaries who should pick on someone their own size. The question I want all of you anthropomorphs to consider is this: doesn’t the Ebola Virus have rights to?

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Feds: Assassinated Nevada Cows Linked to Al-Qcattle and Heffbollah

Feds: Assassinated Nevada Cows Linked to al-Qcattle and Heffbollah, Netanyahu denying Israeli counterpart, Moossad
Netanyahu denying Israeli counterpart, Moossad
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