Dog Whistle Politics

Dog-whistle politics is a term that describes statements made by political candidates and people in elected positions phrased in ways intended to galvanize support from like-mined voters. At the same time such political revenuers try to avoid repulsing voters who are on the fence. “Family values” might be an example of a dog-whistle. Lately a…

Donald Trump: Constitutional Scholar Or Return Of the Prodigal Dumb?

Pokey is singlehandedly blowing up our comment threads again, which is actually a welcome change from the usual spam. As tradition dictates, most of his comments equate to the old rightwing bait-n-switch. Whether he realizes it or not, the right’s recent social media  two-step is an effort to quell the increasing cognitive dissonance and avoid the whole, ‘Oops, we kind of elected a…

Three Men & A Baby: Does This Military Trio Grande Mark A New Beginning Or Bedtime For Bozo?

Tweet Tower—With the addition of General Kelly as Chief of Staff there is now an established adult faction in the White House, but will it be enough to reign in President Ass-Clown Hitler? If these three Generals band together, they will have a considerable voice in this administration, but will it be enough to drown out the…


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