Trumping The Establishment: Kiss The Ring, Bitches

The emergence of a Trump, or someone like him, was predictable. I know I’ve been a little hard on my republican friends over the last 10K posts but, to the Discord’s credit, Pokey and I tried a “bridging gaps” approach to politics long ago. We’ve both been keenly aware of our media’s demise and our polarizing trajectory.…

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Manmade Vs God-Given Rights

Mick Zano

To me the ‘unalienable rights’ part of the Declaration of Independence means absolute rights that cannot be tampered with. Whereas the origin of these rights remain open to debate, the rights themselves are not. Pokey worries that without defining the origin-part, liberals will try to change shit. On that note, there’s as much Athens as Jerusalem in our founding documents so let’s begin by replacing ‘God-given’ with ‘Zeus-given’. Then let’s draw a really cool lightning bolt over the entire next paragraph and change the name of this thing to the Bill of Smites.

[Winslow: This is a continuation of a debate that has sadly been allowed to continue.]

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The True Disparity In Our False Equivalency

A prime example of a false equivalency appeared in my last article, which made me realize I haven’t done justice to this subject, or any other subject for that matter. False equivalencies are a prevalent tactic for the GOP. It’s the cognitive distortion of choice for a group who keeps trying to make the argument that they still…

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