Prescott’s Haunted Hotel St. Michael: Oops, Ghost Found

Mick Zano

This is going to sound really stupid, but a ghost messed up my whole spoof ghost investigation. You see, the operative word is ‘spoof’. I have a bad reputation to uphold. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I have an understanding with the supernatural; it leaves me alone and I leave it alone. I hang out in haunted places, hear some cool ghost stories, do some sightseeing and then make a bunch of shit up for this blog. You’ve read the stories. So whatever the hell was messing with me at the Hotel St. Michael, kindly get an afterlife! Click full story for ghostly images.

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President Ass-Clown Hitler: How The Ass-Clown Part May Save Us From The Hitler Part

Are we moving toward fascism? My designated term of endearment for our president, Ass-Clown Hitler, was chosen for a reason as the only thing standing between our nation and some extra-strength Nazinol is Trump’s three-ring stupidity. What many of us despise about Trump, his terminal buffoonery, may actually be our saving grace. There’s certainly a down side to having an ass-clown…


Rise of the Radical Republican?  Boehner Inaction Figure Sold Separately

Mick Zano

Despite the recent successes of some moderate republican candidates, I don’t believe it accurately reflects the larger political trend. The GOP will likely track further right and within a decade we will start hearing the words “radicalized republicans.” Bozo Haram? I know, I know, it’s like the time I commissioned a bust from that OCD sculptor, I’m getting a head of myself, again.

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