What President John Q. Republican Would Do “from Day One” in 2016

Mick Zano

I don’t think we have to worry about a republican president anytime soon, but let’s contemplate an elephant in the White House. Let’s watch this scenario play out and see what he or she would do from day one. But let’s take this sneak peak from the relative safety of a nearby parallel dimension —preferably the far end of said parallel dimension.

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Voter Suppression 101: Arizona Anecdotal? My Ass

Yes, The Discord guy didn’t get to vote in the AZ Primaries. Voting was a shit show in my state last week, even by normal Arizona “standards”. Here was the excuse: When you changed your address, maybe you failed to fill out the voter demographic part properly. Uh, I haven’t moved, unless you’re talking about moving from the sofa to the…


Frum Here To Absurdity: One Man’s Futile Fight For Republican Reform

Dear David Frum, start a new party, sincerely Reality. To take a page from Trump, how about some 2nd Amendment options? I think your party needs to be taken out back and shot. There used to be a counterpart to liberal excesses. Back in the day, I would even talk about the sane Republicans like George Will, Andrew Sullivan, David…


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