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Is Satire Getting A Flat Tire In the Wake Of Fake?

I recently had the honor and privilege of interviewing my jerk face friend, Mick Zano. We met over a beer in downtown Flagstaff to discuss fake news, satire, and what Zano calls the State of the Onion. We had our fair share of battles in the lead up to the election, as he was a little more Bernie and I was totally with her. Post the election, we both fear for our country’s future at the hands of this mad man. Though it pains me to admit it, the Zanster has made some good points over the beers. Whether you call it fake, satire, spoof, or per the website ‘pseudo journalistic’, the Discord continues to be a fun and informative read. But he’s still a jerk face and he made me say that under duress!

Seattle Based Amazon Denies Plan To Replace Whole Foods Employees With Brobots

Seattle, WA—Amazon announced plans to acquire the Whole Foods grocery chain for a cost of nearly 14-billion dollars. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is already on the defensive about the move and is attempting to quell mounting fears. “Amazon is not going to dispense of shoplifters in Robocop fashion and we are certainly not going to replace workers with hipster dronebots,” said Bezos. “I admit our initial wave of food deliveries have not worked with our existing system, because it was designed for non-perishables. And, although our drone fleet will likely increase breakage slightly, it is projected to significantly reduce instances of E. coli and botulism. I realize there is also concerns our employees will lose benefits, but I can assure you our workers will enjoy constant software upgrades and periodic lubrication breaks. I would also like to dispel the rumor that we will be shifting to a virtual shopping system by the fall. Oh, and we are not changing the name the chain to …just yet.”

A Nervous Mueller Seen Ushered Into A Limousine By Trump Security Team

Washington, DC—Special Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, the man assigned to investigate President Trump’s possible obstruction of justice, was last seen reluctantly entering a limousine outside of the downtown DC Hooters on 7th Street. Eye-witnesses claim several of Trump’s security detail surrounded Mueller, while mindlessly chanting “make a America great again” over and over again. One passerby claims Mr. Mueller was shoved into the backseat before the car sped off toward the Hooters in nearby Mantua.

Divisive Ass-Clown With Super Majority Urges Unity

Tweet Tower—In a series of poignant presidential tweets, the leader of the free world called for calm today in the grim wake of his own mounting incompetence. President Ass-Clown Hitler is now demanding unity and warned his people he will have unity “one way or the other!” President Trump told the press today, “If we don’t all rally behind my agenda, which is the best agenda, the bad guys win. That’s right. The Rosie O’Donnell, tree hugging libtards will get their way. Then they will say Trump was wrong. I’m not wrong. Everyone just needs to let my agenda work for them, and by the them I mean their boss’s boss’s boss. All those who continue to oppose me and who refuse to focus on my agenda will be sent to a place that will teach them why they’re wrong. I will call these new places ‘lack of concentration camps’.”

Fraternity Convinced Fall Hazing Itinerary Strikes “Right Balance Between Humiliation and Liability”

Faber College, PA—Skip “Skeeter” Mcyentire of Beta Alpha Lambda (BAL) is ready to take hazing to a more humiliating level with the addition of some built-in safeguards designed to protect his fraternity from any litigation. “All our activities come complete with waivers now, drawn up by our pre-law adviser and regular keg signer, Ted “Blotto” Freihoffer. “He’s been in pre-law for almost twelve semesters and is arrested almost every weekend, so he has definitely learned a lot about the ins and outs of our legal system.”

Wait-Times At VA Centers Only To Discover “There’s No Funding Available” Cut In Half

Phoenix, AZ—President Trump was all smiles today upon hearing the news our veterans will no longer be forced to wait around VA centers for days, weeks or even months only to find out no services are available. Biff Lang of the Phoenix Regional Veterans No-Benefits Office said, “It’s really simple now. There’s no funding, so there’s no sense hanging around the lobby or outside the building anymore. In fact, now it comes with a loitering charge, which is helpful for our thriving local private prison industry. More importantly it’s win-win for our veterans, who have earned a nice introduction to our penal system and three square meals a day …well, uh, two meals now that they are private facilities. They’re calling it a BYO3, bring your own third meal.”

Drebin Gets The Nod To Head FBI

Tweet Tower—Lieutenant Frank Drebin of Police Squad will become the 8th director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Press Secretary Sean Spicer made the announcement today from behind some bushes. Drebin has served over 20 years on Police Squad and, speaking of bushes, he received a special commendation of valor by a man playing George H.W. Bush in the movie the Naked Gun 21/2 : The Smell Of Fear.

Trump’s FBI Director Search Narrowed To Six Fictional Characters

Tweet Tower—The White House has issued a list of possible replacements for FBI Director James Comey. The list includes six fictional characters: Inspector Clouseau, Inspector Gadget, Dick Tracy, Columbo, Lt. Frank Drebin of Police Squad, and the Smoking Man from the X-Files. When asked about the obvious snubbing of Charlie Chan, Donald Trump said, “I want my cabinet to be diverse, but not that diverse. Yikes. Besides he employs more of his kids than I do. I haven’t ruled out Jackie Chan, though, so this isn’t an Asian thing.”

Operation Enduring Stupidity And The Republican Death Wish

The rightwing aversion to truth is worsening and it’s spreading like a T-Virus at a Trump rally. Resident Drivel? The Foxeteers continue to shun the implications of any data, studies, or facts that contradict their ailing ideology. Valid data is fake science and valid points are fake news. Whereas conspiracy theories are abound on the left as well, liberal angst is still generally grounded in pacifism, intellectualism, sustainability and survival (PISS).

This Day In Future History: Trump Denies Obstruction Of Justice Claims After Ordering Mueller’s Execution

Tweet Tower—The Trump camp is downplaying the sudden trial and execution of former FBI-Director Robert Mueller, which occurred while the president and his family were dining at his Mar-A-Lago resort yesterday. The president refused to speak on the matter, but he did mention that the meal was wonderful and for dessert they had “the best cheesecake!” Ever since Mueller’s appointment as the special counsel for the investigation into Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, the president has been ramping up his complaints with the former FBI Director. “He was a douche,” said Trump. “So my lawyers suggested we employ a couple of my old friends from Atlantic City, Mr. Tiny and Mr. Knuckles.”