Today, The Atlantic Finally Caught Up To Me! Kidding

It’s exciting to write article after article, pay a subscription to several prominent political publications, and then wait patiently for months, years, or even decades to finally see your own original ancient cognitions in actual print! What great fun! All hail our intelligentsia! I kid the smart people. In an Atlantic article this week, republican commentator Peter Wehner reminded us how he nailed the Trump personality disorder diagnoses back in 2016, yet he’s still botching the bigger picture. He said, “Trump never found a way to escape the antisocial demons that haunt him. But here’s what turned a personal tragedy into a national calamity: He imprinted his moral pathologies, his will-to-power ethic, on the Republican Party.” Wow. This is like pondering that chicken or the egg question and then ordering the waffles. Imprinting? Really? That chapter usually ends for humans around age two, so how about dimprinting? Wait, I guess that does make sense for the GOP. And don’t bring Nietzsche into this; were he alive today he’d thrash you with his giant mustache. First off, I diagnosed the republican party with a personality disorder as a collective, ages ago. Second, I predicted a sociopathic choice would emerge on the republican ticket, because circe 2016 only braindead Gordon-Gekko types need apply. For the last time, Trump did not fall out of right field. This was a steady downward trend, like The Discord site stats. Also, from a psych perspective, one does not easily overcome one’s ‘antisocial demons’. Some can charm their way through any role, which is usually more dangerous, but personality disorders are the hardest fix over in the psych department. A President Desantis may introduce us all to a more effective Axis-II package. Can’t wait. The republican party is like a psych class I never wanted to take. Is it too late to major in full-contact anthropology? 

Even in 2016, Wehner felt the GOP was the party of law and order and values. Here’s the heart of his error:

“Lawmakers, candidates, and those in the right-wing media ecosystem celebrate and imitate Trump’s nihilism, cynicism, and cruelty. What was once considered a bug is now a feature.” He concludes, “What was once considered a bug is now a feature. This is the result of individuals’ and institutions’ accommodation of one moral transgression after another after another.”

A bug? Sure, I’ve compared Trump to a cockroach, but …well, speaking of which, you know how when you see one cockroach there are typically hundreds hiding nearby? Yeah, it’s like that.

Do the names Sean Hannity, Bill Orielly, or Tucker Carlson mean anything to you, sir? Was Trump an accelerant? Yes, but Mr. Wehner is implying things were normal, pre-Trump. So many people, even on the left, are buying this garbage. We need an accurate assessment of the republican party …you know, mine. Fox & Friends poisoned the well for any meaningful discourse many moons ago.  Even my blogvesary, a fiercely intelligent guy, is only focused on the conspiracy-of-the-week and has little time for anything else. What fascinates me is what doesn’t register as significant to him Hint: namely, anything significant. The likelihood of Trump selling our nuclear secrets to the highest bidder pales in comparison to those three emails deemed classified in Hillary’s spam folder. Magnitude and risk assessment are not part of the republican lexicon. And I don’t want to belittle GOP-types, but lexicon means vocabulary. Sorry. 

This week Fox spent a lot of time calling Biden’s ‘semi-fascist’ comment “Disastrous.” Hmmm. Joe Biden is the most moderate Democrat in the country, so the rest of us want him to stuff the ‘semi’ part right up your Fox hole. And, whereas socialism has never lead to communism for any western country, I think we all know where semi-fascism leads. 

Wehner is suffering from projection, namely, projecting a false belief that his side has some savvy people mixed in there. I have been blogging for twenty years and I see little evidence of this. A handful is not a major political party, it’s a circle jerk [sorry, I was thinking handful, couldn’t get past that. Let’s regroup].

Take Two:

Wehner rang the bell for all “reasonable republicans” to take back their party, but, when you turn on the lights at last call, the place looks like the cast of Hee Haw dry humping an AK-47.

Take Three: [I got this!]

*&^* *$%^ing !@ Asshats!!!!

Take Four:

Let’s regroup with a bit of a laurel leaf’; I fell into the same trap Wehner did, in reverse. I projected brains onto Democrats, which turned out to be a huge error, perhaps my biggest.

Meanwhile, here’s some of Nikki Haley’s response to Biden’s speech:

“It was one of the most unbelievable things I’ve seen in a long time. He looked like he was in the depths of hell,” Haley said during an interview with Fox News on Friday. “He’s got military officers behind him, which I hate that they even had to sit behind him as he was talking about how half the country are basically domestic terrorists.”

Hey, if the jackboot fits, fraulein… I have been saying this shit for long time, not because I am into name calling, but I have been appalled with the actions and inactions of your political party for-fucking-ever. In fact, it is not name calling, I have always called it as I sees it. Am I happy I consider one of my best friends a republican sympathizer? Not remotely.

In his speech, Biden said, “MAGA promotes authoritarian leaders and fans the flames of political violence,” which is only echoing what the intelligence community is saying about those ‘boys’ they’re all so ‘proud of.’

Let me get this straight, Nikki Haley, you would rather a guy begging for military parade? Who refers to them as ‘my Generals?’ Knowing all we know now, who on Earth would want to take a bullet for Donald J. Trump? If facts meant anything to you, you’d realize Mata Hari has nothing on this schlub. After the raid details came out, I immediately messaged my blogvesary, “I bet he already sold that shit.” He called my comment ‘speculation.’ For one, I was kidding, we said bye-bye to our secrets the moment that man strolled into the WH. Two, speculation? Is there anything not speculation from rightwingers?

Again, I wrote this article in response to Peter Wehner’s article, but today, as I go to post, David Corn nailed it. After reading his piece, a lowlight reel of the GOP, I thought, republicans must be the lovechild of Joe McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene, because you need that foundation of vindictive, conspiratorial nonsense while maintaining that head-injury-level of intelligence. Corn has always gotten the severity of our plight; he’s one of the few.

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Mick Zano

Mick Zano

Mick Zano is the Head Comedy Writer and co-founder of The Daily Discord. He is the Captain of team Search Truth Quest and is currently part of the Witness Protection Program. He is being strongly advised to stop talking any further about this, right now, and would like to add that he is in no way affiliated with the Gambinonali crime family.