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The Ghost Dog Of Historic Brewing Company: Part 2

Will the ghost dog, Copper, ecto-piddle on team Search Truth Quest’s fire hydrant prop thingie?   (Visited 115 times, 1 visits today)


The First Rule of Pizza Club Is Don’t Talk About Pizza Club

Bald Tony

Las Vegas, NV—Just a few short weeks ago, the Cosmopolitan opened on the Las Vegas Strip, and, of course, the Discord was there to cover it. Of all the neat and wonderful things to discover and enjoy in this newest Strip casino, the biggest surprise turned out to be the pizza place. I have been sworn not to tell anyone where it is. It has no name. Seriously…think of it as the world’s first speakcheesy. No, they’re not allowed to use that line.

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Search Truth Quest: EP 1 PT 4:
Speed Powder

Search Truth Quest: EP 1 PT 4: Speed Powder


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