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S.T.Q. EP 2: the Ghosts of Oatman

S.T.Q. EP 2: The Ghosts of Oatman

The Ghost Dog Of Historic Brewing Company: Part III

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The Heart Attack Grill Charged with Assisted Suicide: No Charge, Cash Only

The Heart Attack Grill Charged with Assisted Suicide: No Charge Cash Only
Bald Tony

With the spring breakers getting on my nerves, and the International Meeting of Procrastinators (IMP) postponed yet again, late March seemed as good a time as any to take a break from transporting strangers around in a Las Vegas taxi. So, I drove two of my friends to Phoenix for WrestleMania 26, or WrestleMania XXVI as it was known in Roman times. Even though I’m a much bigger fan of old school pro-wrestling than today’s version, WM is still a damn fun event.  Besides, I’ve lived in Las Vegas almost 14 years and had yet to make it to Phoenix. It only seems fair I should spend some money there, since so many Phoenicians tip me on a daily basis.


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