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The Brewery Trap: “Let’s Get a Little One”

Mick Zano

Flagstaff, AZ— We stepped right into it—right into a Hefescheiss as it’s called in Deutschland. Clearly the powers that be wanted us to stay. For the record, it was the only time I had ever gone to Mother Road Brewery for Purposes Other Than Ale (POTA). Hey, wasn’t POTA just struck down by the Supreme Court?

Paranormal Entities Sue Discord Over Rights Infringements

Alex Bone

From the old sofa in Tony Ballz’s Basement—As our three loyal fans can attest, The Daily Discord’s Search Truth Quest team continues to unravel the truth behind many hauntings and cryptid sightings across the southwest. Just last month we discovered that nothing paranormal whatsoever was occurring over at Hops on Birch pub. We shut this case after dedicating dozens of man hours, night after night, staking the place out. We left no Stone IPA unturned.  

Ghost Dog Of Historic Brewing: Part 1

Sorry, we have to play this bit again as we never actually did release the final episode. I know, I know …we sacked that guy. Are you really surprised? No, you’re not. (Visited 94 times, 1 visits today)


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