Dems Team Up With Those Futurama People To Head Jar-Technology Research For Ginsberg Immortality Project

Portlandia, WA—Liberals are scrambling to find an answer for the steadily right-shifting SCROTUM (Supreme Court: Republican Old-white Trumpian Ultra Morons). Liberals can’t stand having their SCROTUMs shift in that direction, so a team of top liberal researchers contacted the Simpsons/Futurama people with a plan. Together they have assembled the best team of medical, cryogenic and animational-engineers in an attempt to keep liberal Supreme Court judges on the payroll until a proper president can be installed in the Oval Office.

When asked about the need to involve animation people for this endeavor, project head Dr. Hedley Larson said, “That’s Headly. Look, it’s simple, animators are the visionaries here, I mean, what’s in that water? Who knows what is sustaining those heads in those jars for all those Futurama seasons. We see bubbles sometimes, depending on the episode, but that’s our only clue. Since Trump became president this dimensional plane of existence is clearly more animated, hell, it’s completely Looney Tunes, so who better to navigate this cartoon jungle than cartoonists?”

Donald Trump is aware of this covert program and told the press today:


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