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Hi, I’m Mick Zano, I had a strange experience once, it was called my childhood. Now with my friends I hunt ghosts, cryptids and other stuff to increase visits to my blog. And this is our Search for the Truth…in Quest form

Search Truth Quest EP1: Chud Vendetta





Haunted Colorado or Rocky Mountain High-Ya-Yay

Haunted Colorado or Rocky Mountain High-Ya-Yay
Mick Zano

Telluride, CO—The first segment of this epic four part Haunted Colorado series begins in one of the coolest towns in the country. And, at an elevation of nearly 9,000 feet, Telluride is so cool there’s still residual snowpack…in July. The town is named after the mineral Tellurium, which was used to enhance the hull-plating during one of the Enterprise’s missions threw a particularly hazardous region of space known as The Expanse. Or, maybe it’s named after that Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy character. Ok, I don’t really know, but I have posited two plausible theories so lay the hell off.



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