Six Reasons Trumpcare Will Fail Bigly: Or You Never Did Get That Colonoscopy It Just Feels Like It

Pains me to admit it, but I was wrong about this President! Donald Trump has shown a steady, unswerving leadership not seen in our political landscape for a long, long time. Fine, I agreed to a lobotomy while I still have health insurance, or as I’m quoted on my discharge summary, “Go big, or go pancakes!” The nurse…


Rep. Van Winkle Awakens After 100 Day Impeachment Slumber To Cast ‘No’ Vote

A one hundred day nap ended today, when congressman Jack S. Van Winkle (R-NE) awoke to join the rest of his party in condemning the “sham of an impeachment hearing that’s sullying America’s good name.” The congressman from Nebraska admits he overslept a bit, “I know the votes just ended, but I still want my…


Neuroscientist Behind Deja Vu Breakthrough Nagged By Feeling He Aready Discovered It

 Neuroscientists believe they have discovered the underpinnings of the phenomenon known as déjà vu. This happens when an individual gets the sensation an experience has already occurred. Unfortunately for one scientist, finding the answer has proven anything but rewarding. Dr. Stanley Whittle explains, “Déjà vu has always fascinated me. Not only the strange word and those even stranger…


Bachmann’s Attack Finally Reaches Fabled “Ass Ceiling”

Bachmann’s Attack Finally Reaches Fabled "Ass Ceiling"

Washington, DC—Last April, progressive liberals sent director James Cameron on a deep sea mission to explore the depths of Republican hypocrisy. He failed. Having reached Dick Cheney’s moral compass at 35,000 ft, the director and explorer was forced to resurface. Despite a sea of ridiculous statements over the last decade, no attempts from within the Republican Party has ever been made to reel in these right wing extremists…until now.

Cameron said this week, “I could swear just before I started my ascent I saw two crazy eyes staring up at me from the abyss. Now I know who it was.”

This week Michele “crazy eyes” Bachmann missed one too many Risperdal consta injections and started an all out attack on Hillary Clinton’s Muslim aide, Huma Abedine. Despite her very Jewish husband, or evidence of any kind, Bachmann claims she has clear ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bachmann told reporters, “I don’t understand, I’ve never needed any evidence before?” The Minnesota Congresswoman has no idea why all of a sudden facts matter. “I never got that memo! Don’t you people watch Fox?”

In Bachmann’s defense, navigating the bubble of non-reality called Fox News for so long can actually change brain structure itself. Problems can occur if and when someone attempts to venture back to Earth. During Fox interviews, she would always arrive tablu rasa—in an almost Zen-like state of ideological drivel. When she handed her crayon-scribbled psycho-babble over to one of the show’s producers, they simply recreated it to the best of their ability using some type of computer program, possibly PhotoShop.

Bachmann added, “Besides, Obama’s killing all the really bad Muslims and my McCarthy-esque bigotry and hatred needs to be directed somewhere, bitches.”

OK, in all fairness to the Congresswoman, we added the word ‘bitches’ but it was clearly implied.

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Sanders To Equally Distribute Campaign Contributions To Other Candidates

 Madison, WI—The self-proclaimed socialist, Bernie Sanders (I-Vt), is rocking the campaign trail. Over the course of the last three months he has raised an estimated 15-million dollars. The current Vermont Senator made a bold statement in Wisconsin today, “I am not having any of it…well, more accurately, I’m only going to have some of it.”…

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Scientist To Clone Just Enough Dinosaur Meat To Put In Taco

Taos, NM—Paleoproctologist, Dr. Sterling Hogbein, of the Hogbein Institute and Lube is back in the news today. The controversial scholar has announced his intention to create a facility off the coast of South America for the purpose of cloning dinosaur tissue. Dr. Hogbein told the press he plans to “bring taco Tuesday up a notch.” Critics of the…


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