Heroin Addicts Protest Military’s Plan to Eradicate Opium in Afghanistan

Heroin Addicts Protest Military’s Plan to Eradicate Opium in Afghanistan

Washington, DC—Heroin addicts everywhere are protesting the Obama Administration’s decision to interrupt the flow of opium production across Afghanistan.

“Farmers everywhere should be able to grow whatever herbs, vegetables, or Oxycotton trees they see fit,” said Rush Limbaugh.

Chip “Chipper” Smith had this to say, “This will have unintended consequences for small businessmen across America.  Soon I’ll have to pay for government run healthcare and there’s not an ER within fifty-miles that will even let me the fuck in. Talk about the audacity of dope!

Several dozen people arrived outside the White House to protest the military’s focus on curtailing Afghani opium production.  Most of their signs were not upright, however, and the group seemed rather lethargic.

One unidentified man holding a sign reading ‘Vicodin for Victory’ had this to say, “I think there should be…………………I think there.  They better not stop the opium production because…”  Upon waking, the man added, “I don’t think there should be…….”

The non-violent, some seemingly non-breathing, protestors plan to assemble again at this same spot tomorrow, right after the methadone clinic closes but before the pubs open—a time known to local heroin addicts as the Tweaklight Zone.

Entire Focus Group Thinks Romney Won Last Debates

Entire Focus Group Thinks Romney Won Last Debates

Washington, DC—Fox News’s Minister of Meme Management, Dr. Frank Luntz, has officially laid the coveted Goebbels’ Egg today. Dr. Luntz, an integral part of the Republican bubble of non-reality, is best known for his ability to harness every American’s inherent stupidity.

“We vote 80% on emotion and 20% on intellect and that last number is just too high,” warned Luntz.

This pollster of pollsters, this inventor of the unfocused group, this “it’s not what you say, but what they hear” steaming pile of propaganda is thrilled with recent developments. “It’s remarkable,” said Luntz, “I have hatched an entire group of Americans who think Romney, despite his poor performances, actually won the last two debates. This is beyond my wildest expectations. Nearly half the country doesn’t even think Romney lost a single exchange…even last night when several times he said the President’s policies haven’t worked and then paraphrased the President’s policies…even the one before that when the moderator corrected Romney in real time and told him to ‘sit the F back down, bitch.’”

For years Karl Rove has used Dr. Luntz and his minions to foment this alternate universe and their hard work has finally paid off.

When asked who he thought actually won the last two debates, Dr. Luntz said, “This is not about opinions. This is not even about the proliferation of bullshit. This IS bullshit! Plato’s bullshit! The archetypal steamy mound of emotional metaphors. Your brains, your thoughts, your views are all mine. Mine! Mwahahaha!”

Karl Rove was unavailable for comment. He was rushed to the hospital earlier today with an erection that has lasted for more than four hours.

Factoid Evolution: Republican Crap Is Our King

Let’s take a look at how republicans continue to handle the scandal, so to speak while weaponizing ignorance. If we’re going to survive we need to crack this GOP code, because they’re on some serious crack. A rightwing conspiracy typically starts with a totally baseless origin myth. After several inquiries, these tend to morph into…

Bachmann’s Attack Finally Reaches Fabled “Ass Ceiling”

Bachmann’s Attack Finally Reaches Fabled "Ass Ceiling"

Washington, DC—Last April, progressive liberals sent director James Cameron on a deep sea mission to explore the depths of Republican hypocrisy. He failed. Having reached Dick Cheney’s moral compass at 35,000 ft, the director and explorer was forced to resurface. Despite a sea of ridiculous statements over the last decade, no attempts from within the Republican Party has ever been made to reel in these right wing extremists…until now.

Cameron said this week, “I could swear just before I started my ascent I saw two crazy eyes staring up at me from the abyss. Now I know who it was.”

This week Michele “crazy eyes” Bachmann missed one too many Risperdal consta injections and started an all out attack on Hillary Clinton’s Muslim aide, Huma Abedine. Despite her very Jewish husband, or evidence of any kind, Bachmann claims she has clear ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Bachmann told reporters, “I don’t understand, I’ve never needed any evidence before?” The Minnesota Congresswoman has no idea why all of a sudden facts matter. “I never got that memo! Don’t you people watch Fox?”

In Bachmann’s defense, navigating the bubble of non-reality called Fox News for so long can actually change brain structure itself. Problems can occur if and when someone attempts to venture back to Earth. During Fox interviews, she would always arrive tablu rasa—in an almost Zen-like state of ideological drivel. When she handed her crayon-scribbled psycho-babble over to one of the show’s producers, they simply recreated it to the best of their ability using some type of computer program, possibly PhotoShop.

Bachmann added, “Besides, Obama’s killing all the really bad Muslims and my McCarthy-esque bigotry and hatred needs to be directed somewhere, bitches.”

OK, in all fairness to the Congresswoman, we added the word ‘bitches’ but it was clearly implied.

Obamakazi: Is the ACA a Suicide Mission?

Mick Zano

I am not all that concerned about Obamacare’s impact on other insurance companies—who suck, by the way—or of rampant socialism, or death panels, or Fox’s next paranoid-based theme of the week (FNPBTW). It’s those unintended consequences that concern me. Obama’s failure could well fan the flames of a dying political party. So to help, this site is now a portal for the ACA. Please click below to enroll at…Shit! We crashed!

Clerical Error Leads To Man Named Harvey Receiving All $15B Of Hurricane Relief Bill

South Houston, TX—All of the latest federal relief funds designed to get Houston back on its feet arrived in check form to the RV park address of one Harvey Ford of South Houston. The Trump Administration is downplaying the mistake and delegated blame to an under-under-secretary, currently under some Congressman. Upon receiving the check, Mr. Ford…

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