A Fired Tom Price Charters Government Jet To Move Family Back To Georgia

Washington—Soon after Tom Price was fired for his questionable use of a government airplane, the former director of Health and Human Services is back in the news today. This time he apparently charted a government plane to lug his family and his personal belongings from DC back to his home in Roswell, Georgia. Many pundits are calling the move ‘ballsy’, while others are employing terms more associated with the shaft of the male genitalia.

Donald Trump tweeted, “As long as he gets his sorry ass back to Dixie, I don’t care how he gets there. At least he is ending his tenor in the same way that he ended his tenor. Consistency is consistency is consistency. #GeorgiaOnMyMind.

A swarm of reporters cornered Mr. Price as he was set to take off from Dulles International Airport. Price told the press, “I still get some privileges, I’m technically still on the clock until Monday. Now, before you all get the hell off this plane, can two of you help with a couch?”


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