In Show Of Good Faith DNC Offers Trump All Expense Paid Vaca To Certain Dominican Republic Resort

Punta Cana, DR—The Democratic National Committee has offered what is being called a “good faith gesture” to the president and his senior staffers today. The DNC purchased an all expense paid week of “sun and fun in the Dominican Republic” for the Trump crime family. In the wake of recent events on the ill-fated island, many conservative pundits are crying foul. For some the timing, which comes at the heels of a series of mysterious deaths of several guests at the very same resort, is not a coincidence. The head of the DNC Tom Perez is denying any wrongdoing: “As a fiscally responsible party, we liberals are always motivated to find the best exotic deals, even if such savings are associated with a known death trap *cough*, I mean Caribbean paradise.”

“The Good Soldier” Will Always Be Our Undoing And Mueller Is No Exception

Sometimes I still think highly of our top military brass and our MIB-spook-types. Despite my disgust with our industrial military complex in general—with its egregious abuses to our environment and its abysmal failure to allocate their Dr. Evil gazillions responsibly—certainly some military luminaries demand our respect. In the end, however, it’s those “good soldiers” who tend to betray us. I’m talking about those folks who insist on staying in their lane while Rome burns. Former Defense Secretary, General Mattis, rightly stepped down in protest over Trump’s dangerous inconsistencies with troop involvement/levels in Syria. General Petraeus remains one of the leading military intelligence minds of our time and, back in the day, General Wesley Clark broke ranks, or broke something by leaking Dubya’s master plan to topple seven regimes in the Middle East—all for the purpose of planting magic democracy beans, you know, the ones he no doubt purchased from an as yet undisclosed bean dealer with ties to the Saudi Royals. However, these military bright spots seem to be the exception, not the rule. In the end these institutions simply do not prepare our military personnel, or our intelligence officers for the insidiousness of today’s body politic. They will sell out their country under the pretense of some misguided sense of duty and for that we should damn them along with the rest of the Republican shit show.

Dawn’s Early Light? Warren Calls Flag To Find Out What It’s Wearing

Warrensville—With bad intent I, Mick Zano, have posted a blatantly sexist post for the purpose of angering my last few Discord fans. I am doing this in the hopes of further time to pursue my true purpose: to use Google Earth to climb Mt. Everest! I have already set up my virtual basecamp at 17,600 ft. on the south side of the living room. I believe I have enough Coke and Twinkies to make this historic satellite-image journey.

Giant Pigeon Wanted For Questioning After Latest Farage Assault

Turdingham, ENG—In a much desired break from the recent rash of milkshake attacks plaguing malty-old-England, Scotland Yard is seeking any information regarding the whereabouts of a large pigeon. The bloated bird is believed to have assaulted Brexit-great Nigel Farage last week with what many are calling an avian Moloturd cocktail. The pigeon, a known proponent of the UK’s remaining in the EU, normally frequents Trafalgar square, Big Ben’s ledge, or that statue of Queen Elizabeth that looks like she’s wearing a toilet seat around her head. On the day in question, however, this pigeon acted like a pigeon …um, possessed by a much nastier pigeon.

Burning Japanese? In Culinary Gaffe Trump Orders 100-Year-Old Egg McMuffin

Tokyo, Japan—The state visit to Japan was going relatively smoothly this week until President Trump attempted to order a 100-year-old Egg McMuffin at dinner. His unusual request was met with some confused stares by the servers and wait staff. After several awkward moments the president tried to clarify his request, “It’s like a really old breakfast hamberder.” The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, finally explained the Century Egg is actually a Chinese delicacy and has no connection to the U.S. fast food franchise whatsoever. Melania then joked, “Your Chinese Egg McMuffin will be cold, Donald, by the time it gets to America, what with the trade wars, tariffs and all.”

Trump Brazenly Explains His Saudi Business Dealings

Tweet Tower—In what many are calling a brutally honest assessment, president Trump laid out the details of his latest business dealings with the Saudi royal family. The president has successfully bypassed congress to finalize an eight-billion dollar deal that will allow Saudi Arabia to get more smart bombs, drones, missiles and weapons for the purpose of helping Al Qaeda and other Sunni terrorist groups as well as aid in the final stages of the genocide of the Yemeni people, or “win win” as the president put it.

Xanax Trees Are Popping Up In Break Rooms Across Corporate America

Stress is a growing workplace problem these days and, with opioids getting such a a bad rap lately, why not treat your employees to some anxiety-reducing magic? Why get a candy bar on break, when you can get a Xannie bar! Benzodiazepines are wonderful at helping workers cope with their boss, their coworkers, and provides them the piece of mind to not worry about not meeting important deadlines. Executives are excited that coworkers are getting along better and instances of grievances and complaints are dropping along with their blood pressure.

Science Discovers Republican Who Can Read And Process Information

Grand Rapids, MI—Republican congressman Justin Amash (R-MI) has not only read the Mueller report in its entirety, stunning in and of itself, but he has concluded the president has engaged in impeachable offenses. The news has both Democrats and the scientific community scratching their heads. Since his public declaration on Monday, congressman Amash is awash with requests to have his brain studied by science, preferably post-mortem. The discovery has many political scientists and neuro-beurocratologists begging the question, how could someone who can process information still be a registered republican? It’s like Catch-22, only worse. Yeah, it’s like a Catch-23.

The Last Days Of Pompeo?

Two key GOP factions have emerged in recent years, the greedy part and the eager-to-blow-shit-up part. Both sides seem determined to lead our country to ruin. It’s like Death Race 2000 only there are no points for running people over. In fact, there are no points to it at all. As things escalate with Tehran, many believe our president represents the best chance to keep the warmongers within his own administration in check. Whereas there’s some truth to that statement, it’s not horribly comforting. There’s a difference between a firewall and a dumpster fire. It’s kind of like having the eight year old watch the four year old …except neither of them are that old.

Should The U.S. Adopt A Parliamentary Style Of Government?

If America was ever contemplating a major overhaul to its system of government, now would be that time. Think about it, the Brits have the likes of Nigel Farage. I just like saying Nigel Farage. How are we supposed to compete with a system of government that comes complete with names like that? We.Can’t. Our founding fathers couldn’t have possibly seen this coming, but here we are Nigel Farageless and contemplating adopting a new system of government. In fact, I am suggesting we adopt the identical system of government to the one we abandoned over two centuries ago to start our own fledgling experiment in democracy. Overall our government has functioned reasonably well over that time, but today our system has been hijacked—more specifically, it has been hijacked by stupid people. My assessment of our democracy? We need something decidedly more stupid-people-proof, and we need the likes of Nigel Farage, or at least a system of government capable of producing people with names equally as fabulous.

Trudeau Deploys Canadian Mounties To Meet American Healthcareavans

The Frozen North—Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has announced his decision to deploy Mounties to the border on the news that droves of Americans are flooding northward in an attempt to better meet their healthcare needs. Trudeau had a stern message for his southern neighbors today, “I have authorized the redeployment of 17,000 Canadian Mounties to our southern border. I’m sending the horses later as there was a bit of a mix up. But sorry America, Canada is full, so kindly piss off. Go fix your own healthcare system and don’t over-strain ours. Of course we have coverage for strains and you probably don’t, but whose fault is that? I’d suggest you get your head scanned, but that’s probably not covered either. Turn your heads around now and cough, because the only medical care you’re going to get at the Canadian border is a free prostate exam!”

Kim Jong Un Claims Naming Missiles Seattle, L.A., and San Fran “A Coincidence”

Pyongyang, NK—Kim Jong Un is downplaying both the launching of three long distance rockets this week and the decision to name each of them after west coast U.S. cities. The Supreme Leader of North Korea told the press today, “These are cities I would like to visit, to reign down a sea of fire and radioactivity, or maybe go on a bar crawl. I will let you know. Look, it’s better than my first nicknames: Trump, Pence and Kellyanne. Only need one missile for that.”

Ahhh, Thus The The Delay In Releasing The Royal Baby Pictures

London, ENG—Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, have welcomed their new baby ….something or other. The latest arrival joins the royal family seventh in line to the throne, well, that was until moments ago. British Intelligence is reporting that the other six individuals ahead of baby Squidward’s claim to the throne are all currently missing and presumed devoured. Thus far the Queen is downplaying the disappearances and what appears to be the baby’s profound precognetic abilities, which those close to the Queen say has already, “Ruined Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and the next seven Wimbledons.”

Discord Prematurely Endorses Fictional Biden/Harris Ticket

I haven’t mentioned my Democratic dream ticket yet here on The Discord, primarily because I.Don’t.Have.One. After hearing my first Obama speech in 2007, I immediately got that fabled Mathewsuian “thrill up my leg,” and then I hoped he’d pick Joe as VP, because, hell, I have another leg, dammit! And, thankfully, he did—a decision Obama later called “among his best.” Granted, this election is thus far devoid of any leg thrills, but there’s one key mission in 2020: what is the best ticket to beat Herr Ass-clown? And I’m not talking about beating our president in a leather-clad-Stormy-Daniels-with-a-rolled-up-newspaper kind of way. I would, but I can’t comment on a bending investigation. I wonder if Trump’s ass is like Silly Putty and, after the hooker spanks him with a newspaper, you can still read Hannity’s talking points? Inquiring minds want to …buy the Enquirer! Wow. That Stormy image will stick in your brain forever, so I’m already sorry about this article. Can I call a Muellerigan? Back to the general election in 2020 …which is hindsight² …which is not something I’m apparently capable of today. Image still there… burning putty image…

[Winslow: Strong work, Zano, we’re already out of ellipses. I’ve ordered more.]

In-Bed, Barr, And Beyond The Rule Of Law

I sat through the whole “hearing” yesterday and no surprise, it was surprisingly horrible. History is going to look back to that day, not as the beginning of the end of Trump, but as the beginning of the end of our republic. But forget about all of Barr’s predictable lies for a moment and our republic’s pending demise, what Strzok me during this partisan senator banter is how the two political realities are now fully realized and complete. It reminds me of the Tulpa from Tibetan mysticism, except those are created by communal thought-forms and the Republican variety has little to do with thinking. So let’s call them the reverse, Apluts. Since half our country has concentrated so hard on the same things they’ve willed to life their own partisan scandal monsters. These Aplut entities now have a life of their own and can function independently, which is more than I can say for our president. If my hypothesis is correct, maybe the next time we look under that pizza parlor, aka the front for a child sex ring operation with links to the Clintons, it will actually have a basement. This week’s proceedings would have been better suited for a Hannity segment than the senate chambers. It’s one thing to be wrong all the time because you can only get Levin or Savage in your trailer, but these exchanges occurred in the heart of our democratic institutions. Good thing no one lit a match in that place. Guy Fartes Day? That would be a great holiday, eh, we could celebrate the exploding of Capitol Hill each year by eating bean burritos and warm cola. Somehow fitting.

Trump Awards Attorney General William Barr The Medal Of Freedom

Tweet Tower—In a surprise ceremony, President Trump presented Attorney General William Barr the Medal of Freedom for his uncommon valor in the face of a barrage of unpleasant facts during yesterday’s Senate hearing. The president told the press today, “He’s a great American and if I’m going to be free, he’s going to be free #FreeToo. Next week I’m getting him a Medal of Honor, a Pulitzer, an Oscar, and an Olympic gold medal, maybe for curling because no one will miss one of those. Our new AG is also getting some free coupons to stay at Trump Tower Pyongyang. Ooops, scratch that. And best of all, we use a punch card thing now for all pre-pardons, so like your tenth crime is on us, or, in this case, for us. I punched the whole card! See what you could have gotten, Mr. Refusalcusal?! Play ball next time, Mr. Magoo!!”

Is Erisology Our Save-The-Debate Card?

John Nerst, a self-described Nerstian, created a potential new field of study he calls Erisology. He named this budding discipline after Eris, the Greek goddess of Discord, so he had me from “hello!” Nerst hopes to spotlight the misconceptions surrounding today’s debates as well as the perspectives, assumptions, and worldviews currently hindering our daily discourse. Biases are certainly bogging us down a bita recent example? After a 22-month investigation, the Mueller report changed about ten people’s minds across America. Most of us remain either in the full exoneration, or hang ’em from the nearest tree camp. In the interests of bipartisanship, why can’t we do both? Authentic exchanges are exceedingly rare these days, just check out that last sentence. Nerst is proposing some rules of engagement with the hopes of saving the debate and perhaps limit the impact of our increased polarization. On that note, I asked Mr. Nerst to debate me at the next Let’s Hang Trump From The Nearest Tree Meetup Group, but he has yet to FB message me.