Stolen History: A Return To The More Classical QAnon

Stolen History is a 3-part series available on Youtube for no cover charge. This compelling documentary initially focuses on a hodgepodge of conspiracy theories: missing history, the existence of giants, the Akashic record, and morphic resonance, just to name a few. The series then shifts to western civilization’s impetus and determination to trample our myths, traditions, and spiritual heritage. These are all fascinating subjects, but the overarching premise here is how recent history was mysteriously and systematically obliterated. This isn’t a new theme, how moguls conspired to pull spirituality and history up by its roots in an effort to shift the world’s attention to technological advancements in the hopes of creating a more consumer-driven society. Ironically, this movement kicked into gear when they first started making gears, at the onset of the industrial revolution. Yes, this marks the triumphant return of the Hapsburgs, the Fed, the Free Masons, the robber barons, and everything else on the Illuminati buffet. Still, this is the best series of its kind. It does paint a dismal view of recent human activity and the collective brainfart called modernity. Another piece of the puzzle is how ancient buildings were systematically demolished to make way for the series of World Fairs that started in the early 1800s. In preparation for these events, designed to introduce the globe to our gadget-filled future, each city leveled key historic structures, often accruing huge monetary loses for their efforts. They go country by country, building by building, covering this odd behavior that does paint a baffling picture. I was also taken aback by how much the British colonization acted to crystalize the caste system in India. I always wondered how people with such a rich spiritual history got so caught up in this caste business. How do you go from the Upanishads to the untouchables? From unity consciousness to Ukraine unconsciousness, from Mahatma Gandhi to Narendra Modi, from Maharishi to Mumbai-queasy, from Vedic to pathetic, from Brahman to …I’m being told to stop.

This documentary posits that our ancient past was much more sophisticated and interconnected than our history books suggest and that there’s a related coverup involved. We certainly have enough information to start rewriting prehistory. The discovery of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey (some  7K pre-Giza) should have been the icing on the Hancockian “world with amnesia” cake. This series is not actually implying there’s some lost pre-BettyCrockery neolithic period, although they do conflate all the related references. Rather, they are suggesting a more recent whitewashing of history, one that occurred not at the end of the last ice age but only a scant few centuries ago.

Stolen History then mourns the death of the mythic mindset—a noble cause, for sure. At the onset of the industrial age, western civilization did send spiritual values packing in short order. Noting this trend, Nietzsche challenged mankind to create something better from our cratered collective heritage, but the closest thing to any superman these days is invading Kiev right now, rather badly. Untermensch?

Still, it is very odd how the ‘influencers’ of the last couple of centuries so successfully marginalized the majority of our intellects, worldviews, philosophers and gurus. There’s a straight line from the Council of Nicaea, to Alexander the Great, to Kanye West. Okay, perhaps not, but I do I think Tom Robbins had it right; the most interesting historical tidbits are probably tucked away somewhere in the Vatican basement. After this industrial onslaught, the powers that be graciously left us philosophers like August Compte and, uh, did I mention August Compte? Oh, and they did leave us some psychological-minded folks like Watson, Skinner, and Pavlov. The gaps were quickly filled by flocks of lawyer types, CFOs, and soulless economists like Ayn Rand, who coincidentally have salivated at the opening bell of the New York stock exchange ever since.

[My ‘Atlas Buggered’ joke removed by the editor.]

This march toward today’s materialistic meat-puppets is a fascinating one. You cannot deny that the vast majority of our traditions, teachings, and arcane truths slipped out of the collective syllabi, almost overnight. Who let the Dawkins and Harrises of the world wrestle the microphone out of our hand? Sure, we need a functional baloney detector, but why give the job to Mr. Oscar and Mr. Mayer? I’m just ‘Sagen.

I don’t believe a cabal of truly powerful people directing traffic is necessary for the larger narrative. We’ve all been moving steadily dystopianward, whether nudged, directed or driven there is almost a moot point. Human nature is human nature. The closest ‘proof’ provided in this series is some disgruntled Free Masons pointing to harsh initiation memberships and a belief that the very top of the pyramid is satanic in nature. Whether Free Masons are linked to all these other illuminati-types or Lucifer himself remains unclear, but most of the antics of the last century can be explained by good old-fashioned greed and the desire for power. A good chunk of our own nation’s evils is covered in Chomsky’s book Profit Over People (written lovingly with hugs and Kissingers).

Still, some coordinated effort to filch resources from humanity by our top dogs seems a reasonable premise. Our country’s inability to muster more than baby steps away from fossil fuels since the Carter Administration should be all the proof we require. Modernity and post-modernity are utter shitshows from a species-survival perspective. But does Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Brother require some League of Extraordinary Assholes to accomplish such feats? Where this series errs is in its raking up of these factoids, truths, and half-truths to create this Legion, one reminiscent of CHAOS, COBRA, or the HAND. Where’s Agent 99, GI Joe, or Daredevil when you need them?

Although not mentioned, Orwell was a key proponent of this ongoing historical revisionism. The inspiration for his 1984 came from what he personally witnessed ever day as a journalist. He was extrapolating on how such common practices might be institutionalized and weaponized further in the future. You have but to watch Fox News for ten minutes to see how this works. Bad news for their side is ignored, until a false explanation can be developed to account for the unexpected. The mainstream media has now followed suit, although to a lesser degree. I have covered this extensively here on The Discord. I have also pointed out how the robber baron era is a model for today’s GOP.  There is only one political party that would display unwavering support for the JP Morgans of the world. Breaking up unions, right to work states, tax breaks for the oligarchs, and citizenizing corporations is what they do. Disparity-R-Us? Why are the mogul-worshipping champions of the industrialized military complex—aka, those regulation gutting, resource rapping ‘nation builders’—still so bloody popular in 2022? I’ll keep posing this question until someone provides a reasonable explanation.

The typical response from the conspiracy theorist camp is how both sides are pitted against each other as part of the grand ploy, but if every other election cycle our citizens cast their vote for Robberbaronsville, how will we ever rise above this sociopathic mindset? If we keep voting Sauron-Voldemort 2024, how do we ever uncover this scheme? It’s a meaningless theory when we’re all complicit. For example, the GOP has a monopoly on suicidal tendencies on a species level …ironically, by supporting monopolies. This group believes everything is still hunky-dory just the way it is, when nothing could be farther from the truth. Thus my eternal question: if some collection of puppet masters are making us eternally play the game of good cop, bad cop, who the fuck keeps voting for bad cop? That’s a deplorable *cough* I mean, that’s a rhetorical question.

Let’s use Springfield as a metaphor. If the main premise of Stolen History is correct, and the illuminati-types have orchestrated everything, then:

The Illuminati = Mr. Burns

The GOP = Smithers

Everyone else = Homer Simpson

This is probably why I am down in Moe’s Tavern, right now, scratching my head. One non-animated example is this, amidst the aftermath of Bush’s Great Recession, Obama brought Wall Street reform to the table. He saved Detroit, yet he couldn’t implement even basic rules to ensure we wouldn’t be in the same boat a year later. This was my canary in the coal mine moment. Kidding, that happened decades earlier.

Is this all happening on the micro or the macro level? Regardless, the Drakes and Duponts of the world are going to be the Drakes and Duponts of the world. They poisoned our kids long ago and if given the chance they will happily do so again. Oh, I am being told Trump already gave them the green light. Hey, at least he did something green, right?  Did someone hold a gun to Trump’s head? Did every liberal leader just ignore the danger, knowing they could be killed by these shifty puppet masters? Did only Kennedy pay the price? I have never ruled out some globalist elite conspiracy, but, again, it doesn’t fully explain our current political situation and the pervasive societal complicitness involved.

On some level an orchestrated effort is occurring as well, but is it a dozen international board rooms, or a hundred? Is it really just one table like this documentary implies? I believe our steady diet of consumerism with an emphasis on short-term unsustainable gains is all you really need for this scheissgeist to take hold. There is a danger in raking all of these truths, half-truths, and factoids into some giant conspiratory web. That’s what’s happening today at a frightening level, especially on the right side of the political equation. The Age of Information has been subsumed by the Age of QAnon.

This is not just about backwater social media threads, our 45th president was clearly poisoned by these themes, as explained by one of his own National Security Advisors:

Trump Cared More About a “Spaghetti Bowl of Conspiracy Theories” Than Ukraine – Mother Jones

I prefer Paul Levy’s Wetiko model to explain what I have come to call today’s Scheissgiest. Levy expands on this notion of a society with a type of brain virus. When Native Americans first met the colonial settlers, they immediately thought, holy shit, these people operate entirely with their heads, not their hearts. The Cree, in particular, took that theory a step further by believing they were infected by something called the Wetiko.

In this view, we are all complicit. We are all the problem. We are all collectively moving mankind step-by-step toward ruin. Ours is a world blinded by hatred, greed, and ignorance with the western countries, in particular, seem to be at the mercy of this cognitive condition. And from this perspective, we are all sitting around this fabled board meeting with a nice, comfortable 401K quorum. If one really looks at those PowerPoint slides during those executive leadership meetings …there be monsters. If half the country’s agenda looks identical to the robber barons’ level of consciousness, no conspiracy is required.

On a final note, there is an old notion that goes back to Adolf Bastian and Wilhelm Wundt that a nation is not solely a political animal, but that there’s a collective spirituality, an inherent “rootedness” within a culture. I think Eliade, Jung, and Campbell would agree with this sentiment. In this example, Germany’s fear of outsiders morphed into antisemitism, fascism, and eventually spawned unbelievable horrors during WWII. And yet, this docuseries points to a pre-WWI Germany as the ones not willing to play ball with the new world order and the whole smoggy urban package that comes with it. These volks were the holdouts, who wouldn’t get on the wagen. From this perspective, they are the ones who said ‘no’ to the Wetiko and for that they needed to be conquered. It’s interesting to view those two monumental world wars through this lens, a lens that might explain why some philosophers and leaders stayed so silent during the Nazis ascent to power. Prior to the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand, it came down to the defenders of some arcane truths verses the mechanistic monsters lurching into gear. I just thought of Jack Handy right now, because my references are old and reside much closer to our SNL origin myths.

Whether a societal collapse comes by a thousand greedy cuts, a collective brain disease, or by one Templar named Edward Scissorhands, the results will be the same. I think it’s poignant that, through DNA retrieval, scientists are weighing the aspects of resurrecting the dodo bird. Those flightless birds may do better this round, and I for one can’t wait to see them ruffle some feathers at the next board meeting.





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Mick Zano

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