A Doddering Biden Accidentally Reveals Executive Branch Puppets To Alien Overlords

Washington, DC—Vice President Joe Biden spilled the beans earlier today on a galactic scale. UFOlogists have waited a long time for the government’s full extraterrestrial disclosure. What happened today was both validating and terrifying for UFO enthusiasts across the globe. A reporter from The Daily Discord asked the Vice President, “If our system of checks and balances do fail under Trump, is there any stopping him?” Biden responded, “Look, if Trump screws up bad enough I have no doubt that the Galacian High Council will intervene, with ray guns and shit.”

The Vice President then coughed and tried to field another question. When the second reporter asked him to elaborate on his first response, specifically regarding the existence of aliens, Biden said, “Of course aliens exist. That was a big part of the 2016 election. We are going to build that wall and keep those little green bastards out. I mean brown people.”

When asked if the wall will be paid by tax payer’s dollars, Biden responded, “Mexicans have said they will not be building the wall, but Mr. Trump has already figured out a way to supplement some of the work force needed for the job.  He is threatening an executive order to have Barack and I on ‘wall duty’ for the next four to eight years. It will be good exercise, well, until the Galactians lay waste to our civilization.”

FBI agent Fox Mulder added, “Not only is the truth out there, it’s waaaay the fuck out there.”

Full Galacian story below:

Invasion Update: Alien Civilization Shifts from ‘Wait & See’ Mode to ‘Extermination’ Phase


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