Disparity, What’s Your Policy? E Deplorable Unum: Out Of The Tax Plan Rides The One Percent

The U.S. just received one of the worst disparity of wealth scores among developed countries by the World Economic Forum, and this dismal achievement occurred before the pending carnage of Trump’s new tax plan. Luckily Republicans can’t discern if any country, or if any thing is even developed [Roy Moore joke removed by the editor]. Today our nation’s disparity trails even Russia’s …you know, the country at least partly responsible for our current State of the Union. From Russia with Lube? St. Petersbugger? Katherine the Make America Great Again? [Roy Moore’s horse joke removed by the editor].

Sorry, it’s a condition, please continue…

But, hey, Putin is cracking down even more on the free press in mother Russia, so let’s at least be thankful that’s not happening *cough* here. So how do Republicans support a group determined to only widen our equality gap? Today, our Republican friends are coming for my job (mostly Medicaid funded), my insurance (employee funded, which if I keep it is going up under the new tax plan), and my retirement benefits (by pushing back the collection age and lowering overall earnings). And, just last week, through the magic of ending Obama’s net neutrality, they’re gutting my hobby interest to boot (hint: you’re reading it now).

These are real things that I must face, today, not the absolute pile of Foxal matter my blogvesary complains about. Sorry, but I’m failing to see how businesses having the right to discriminate against homosexuals Trump’s all this shit. What aren’t you people getting? Oh, right, messages across the neuronal synaptic cleft. Like all Republicans, they believe they are the free thinkers in the room—ones who just coincidentally happen to believe all Fox News talking points, every time, despite their relative shelf-life which equals any given unpasteurized dairy product.

It’s the same thing I said when George W. Bush sent me that check for 250 bucks, circa 2008. Thanks, asshole! W’s kind act occurred while he was putting two failed wars on the old credit card. This act was actually my cue to predict disaster by the end of his administration. Trump’s administration will end similarly. My family may or may not receive a few bucks in taxes in 2018 and by the end of Trump’s tenor our collective financial worth will be gutted. Winning! How many warnings will go unheeded?

Tax Plan Summary:

The tax cuts for the middle class will be erased by everything else rising and the value of the dollar plummeting like a stone.

Better yet, it’s all going to all happen amidst a Trump-created constitutional crisis.

Waldman believes the tax cuts will cost the Republicans dearly in 2018:

“The elimination of the deduction for state and local taxes, the targeting of graduate students and people with high medical expenses, not to mention the elimination of the ACA’s individual mandate, which will lead to millions more uninsured and higher premiums—are starting to sink in. And that’s before Republicans start trying to slash the safety net, which is their next priority.”

Waldman believes Republicans will pay for their ill conceived plans, which is silly. They are always rewarded dearly for being wrong. If 2018 midterms are good for the libs it will have little to do with the failed or failing tax plan, because: 1. How the tax plan impacts anyone won’t really be evident yet, 2. It might actually help the economy in the short term, and: 3. Even down the road, when it’s very clear who benefited, the Hannitys of the world will spin it and Republicans will buy it (See: history of the 21st century).

If you are making over a million dollars a year, Trump was a good move, albeit a disgusting one. But if you’re not pulling in that kind of bitcoin you’ve been duped …again. You can count on one thing in the 21st century: Republicans can always immediately cut to the chase and come to the wrong conclusion. If we could harness their stupidity we could terraform Mars by Memorial Day.




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