China: 130-Million-Year-Old Dinosaur Eggs Sold As 130-Million-Year-Old Egg Dish

Dim Sum restaurant owner Li Sun not only helped discover a clatch of old dinosaur eggs at a construction site near his home, but he’s serving them as a million-year-old egg special that includes shredded pork and rice congee. The #12 on his menu is a favorite among the culinary adventurous. Sun admits the eggs are “a little hard”, but otherwise they are a popular novelty item. Sun admits some of his customers have chipped their teeth during the ingestion process, but overall the feedback has been positive. “There is a dentist right next door,” said Sun. “That’s a small price to pay to say you ate a dinosaur. So the only thing to fear is, well, you should also avoid the #14. It’s a little chewy and we’re not really sure why.”

Sun told The Discord there was one dine & dash attempt with the precious commodities. “The eggs are oviraptor fossils,” said Sun, “which means ‘egg thief’, so I yelled ‘stop egg thief of egg of egg thief!’ This is not something you get to yell everyday.”

Experts from the Dayu County Museum are questioning this dish on the grounds that there is no actual curing process. “At this point these are simply minerals,” said curator Dr. Chang, “These ‘eggs’ have made the transition to rocks many many millions of years ago. But, having said that, the shredded pork is a bold paring. I like mine oviraptor easy.”

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