Why is The Donald Trump-Towering Over All His Opponents?

untitledIf you know so much, Mr. Zano, then why is Trump remaining so popular? It seems all of your little cartoons haven’t made a dent in old Orange Helmet. I have not been a fan of Trump. In fact, I have not spoken a word in support of his run for the Presidency. I see Trump as simply a more efficient version of President Barack Obama and, if our president were any more efficient, he’d be a dictator. Amen, for those ‘liberal’ portions of incompetence and inefficiency.

There are two main reasons why Trump is popular:
1) He knows how to exploit his celebrity status.

2) People are fed up with this suffocating atmosphere of political correctness.

Did you hear the phrase ‘politically correct’ is going to be banned? Trump has no fear of offending people. And, on some level, it is refreshing for the everyday American to hear him rant like a crazy relative at the holiday meal. Thanksgiving dimmer? For too long conflicting opinions have been stifled. There is still such a thing as the first Amendment, Zano.

I know The Daily Discord has been making fun of the ‘stupidity’ of the Trump supporters. I know you generally dance around that word, Zano, yet you have been making the case, post after post, that today’s republican party is losing IQ points each news cycle. [Winslow: I came right out and said it] Maybe there’s a point there, but do you know who is even dumber than our Trump supporters? The growing population of people who truly believe that the Qur’an was revealed to Muhammad from the angel Gabriel. Or, how that notion has preserved in its entirety until our present day. I don’t hear The Daily Discord making fun of the ignorance of these people. Why do they get a pass, when Christians obviously don’t? And take down that Christ’s manger cartoon, immediately! None of the Three Wise Men brought the gift of bestiality! Oh, but you can leave up Virgin Contracts VD: Hailed As Immaculate Infection, but only because that one was mine.
I don’t believe for a second that Muslims should be banned from coming into this country, but I do believe no one should be allowed to enter this country unless they can prove their respect, understanding, and loyalty to our Constitution.
[Sharia Law & Order joke removed by the editor]
Oh, but then we’d have to deport our current President, wouldn’t we? Think of all the red tape …besides, who would have him? Maybe he can split the rent in with Snowden in Putingrad.

[Anchor-Baracky joke removed by the editor]

The average American feels an existential threat against our nation—a real possibility that our Constitutional Republic may die and, when they see signs of this impending doom, they hear very strange responses from of our leaders. We are worried about our Constitutional rights, while they perseverate on climate change and gun control. If only people believed that our President was as irate with militant Islam as he is with conservative Christians—of whom an orchestrated effort is currently being conducted to eradicate. You know, those backward people still clinging to their guns and their Bibles? If Obama would make the folks here at home feel like they are at home, then this Donald Trump phenomenon would deflate, like a football in the hands of Tom Brady. What? Too soon?

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