Institutional Inhibitors to National Development (Besides the Discord)

  1. Quantified Social Praise – I don’t care about your grades, just keep learning from everybody and everything. The world is filled with stupid straight-A bureaucrats and Magna Cum Lessas.  You may know them better as our CEOs and our government officials. 
  2. Bottle Feeding – a tit is always better than plastic unless the plastic supports the betterment of the tit.
  3. Anti-Evolutional Academic Sequencing (AEAS) – Have sex with them if you must, but don’t force our kids to judge their social identity on academics.  Especially if the child is not developmentally prepared for success.  And, for god’s sake, use a condom. 
  4. Homework – I just spent all day listening to your boring textbook crap, I filled out your worksheets, and helped you justify your state mandates. Now you’re gonna impose upon my free time? Show me the study, otherwise…teacher, leave them kids alone.  And, for god’s sake, use a condom.
  5. Cell Phones – cell phones are directly linked to brain cancer but, on the bright side, at least there’s no proven a link between brain cancer and developmental disruptions…right?  CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?!
  6. Failed Abortions – well, abortion technologies promise to bolster success rates.  Shall I pop the champagne, dear?
  7. Electronic Entertainment – distractions from a meaningful life dulled into neurological and unimaginative mush (besides the Discord).   Let’s go down to the corner pub and talk on our cell phones, play on our laptops, while watching The Simpsons.  I’m talking to YOU, Zano!
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Pokey McDooris

Pokey McDooris

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