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My Last Feature On The Futility Of Arguing With A Republican Sparked A Dynamic Debate *Sigh*

Of course my recent post Study Finds Debating Table Lamp More Engaging Than Average Republican triggered a spirited debate. Ahhh, irony, it’s what’s for Discord. It was a much better debate than the lead up to the presidential election. Not that that’s saying much. My friend and blogvesary, Pokey McDooris, is all up in arms about this “salacious and unverified” dossier as it relates to the Russia probe, but what if it’s accurate? Is it really such a stretch that Mr. “Grab ’em by the pussy” could be salacious in private? Any port in a Stormy? And, if it remains unverified, don’t we just need a urine sample?

This Day In Future History: President Rubio Pressured Into Exhuming Hillary’s Body For 29th Benghazi Hearing

Washington—President Marco Rubio has flip-flopped on his decision to allow the Senate Intelligence Committee to pursue yet another Benghazi hearing. The president told the press today, “With new evidence tweeted to me from Donald Trump Jr. *cough* from prison, there are still a number of unanswered questions about the Benghazi embassy attack.” After some initial reservations, the president is now ordering the exhumation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from her current resting place at Memory Gardens Cemetery in Arkansas. Clinton’s final wish was to be buried right alongside Vince Foster, a friend and colleague who died under mysterious circumstances, so “they could save time by only having to dig one hole for their next bullshit investigation.”

Putin Is “As Surprised As Anyone” Majority Of Americans Elected Him As Write-In Candidate


Moscow—Russian President, and now U.S. President, Vladimir Putin is denying any wrongdoing in the outcome of the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday. The final tally shows him defeating both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump by a landslide. As a write-in candidate, Putin topped 75 million votes in Newark, New Jersey alone. After CNN called the election moments after polls opened, Putin had this to say, “Even though I am not technically registered in any of the 50 states, that I now rule over, we will leave the final decision up to the Supreme Court that I just appointed, last night. Sorry, I flunked out of electoral college.”

Trump’s A Disgrace, Pokey, Your Party Is A Disgrace & Your Political Prospects Are Winding Down Like A Couch Potato At A Narcolepsy Convention

constitutionzanonMLWe do need a counterbalance to liberal excesses, but who’s that going to be exactly? How did you end up on the wrong side of this thing, Pokey? Do you no longer have access to information, or can you no longer process it effectively? Here’s my summary of your last post: you have 1862 and back through history down to a science, so just start embracing post 1862 science. You returned to a time when Roscoe was still chasing you, me, and Dave Pa all around Hazzard County. How are Republican types still laboring with the misapprehension that they have a point about anything? Start there, Pokey, and the world will be your oyster. Granted it will be an oyster with Hep C, but an oyster nevertheless.

Dr. Strained Hugs or How I Learned to Stop Hillarying and Love “The Don”

pokeyMLHow can I, a limited government constitutionalist, support Donald Trump? Especially when at times he seems akin to an unlimited government Mussolinist? Fair question. Lets first recall my political philosophy and contrast that with the political philosophy of Progressivism. As Zano would say, don’t worry, with jokes! Let’s start with my view that the Constitution is a simple document with a simple message, namely, all individuals are granted certain rights and those individuals set up limited government to protect those rights. Thus the Bill of Rights (for individuals) begins the Constitution, and the 10th Amendment clarifies how powers not specifically granted to the federal government shall fall to the state government, local government, and individuals. There is a beautiful simplicity in this constitutional philosophy. But progressives don’t dig simplicity, do they? Libs are constantly telling us how complicated the issues are, and therefore we simple folk must relinquish our simple rights to the evolved expert elites in order to solve the very complicated issues of our day.

WikiLeaks Update: Minus The Internet A Desperate Assange Resorts To Finger-Puppets

assangefinger-puppetsssAssange Man Cave Manor—Julian Assange, best known for playing Eric Snowden in the after-school special Whistleblower, is totally cut off from the outside world. Desperate, he has resorted to finger puppets to relay the evils of all things Hillary. Incidentally, that is the title of episode 2 of the after-school special Whistleblower.

Assange admits finger puppets were not his first idea. “Initially I wanted to go with a charade-like version of the board game Clue. I wanted people to guess the next WikiDump. You know, like Clinton Staffer at the Trump rally with the lead pipe, or Former President on the tarmac with the Attorney General. I just wrestled with the logistics and eventually felt the whole thing was somewhat demeaning to my cause. Then it hit me, finger puppets!”

Zano & Limbaugh Activate, Form Of Agreement

Limbaugh had me riveted today while putting along in my rental car. The Rushinator finally proved a worthy copilot. Mark this day on your calendars, folks (10/20/16), the day after the third and final debacle …er, debate. I agreed with him on an entire segment! Don’t get too excited, Republicans, as Mayan, Greek and Norse mythology connect this event to the coming acropolis (especially Greek). Trump overachieved and Hillary brought the card board version of herself. A tie goes to the Trumpster and it was either a win for him, or a tie. Liberal anchors were stating how she creamed him and yet the dissonance was palpable. Obama, Biden, Warren, or Bernie (anyone with a liberal pulse) could have buried Trump alive under the weight of his own bullshit. Admittedly, conservative crapola does fling at dizzying speeds these days, so how does anyone tackle that one turd amidst Mr. Trump’s bullshit barrage? Why am I pissed? Trump should have suffered for his lies and he didn’t. Citizen Kaine was even worse in the VP debate. I haven’t been less excited about a ticket since Nevada passed that ‘hands free’ law. How are traveling ventriloquists supposed to practice on the road now, Vegas?! Didn’t think of that, did you! A vast number of Dems would have had a better debate performance than Madam Hesitant. For each and every exchange Obama would have crucified Trump, and he’s not even Roman.

Trump Releases Images Of SNL’s McKinnon As Proof Hillary Has Body Double


Trump Tower—The Trump campaign released several images today suggesting Hillary Clinton is increasingly using a body double during many of her public appearances while stomping on the campaign trail. “This is obviously an imposter,” said Trump. “The woman in these images looks much younger. Much younger. I would actually bang that one. It’s not even close. Not even close. This shows that Hillary is low energy. She’s still sick in bed and can’t even find a good makeup person to create a wrinkled old bag like herself. It’s sad. It’s sad.”