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Trump’s Interview Questions To Supreme Court Nominees Leaked!

Tweet Tower—The White House is reeling today after some of the key interview questions the president is asking each potential supreme court nominee was leaked to the press. This occurred only hours after the president announced he had narrowed the field of prospective replacements for retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy to four. The first question President Trump asked of each finalist was: Do you believe a sitting president can be indicted? And the follow up question: What if he’s standing?

UnPresidented? Trump To Use Temp Agency To Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

Tweet Tower—Only hours after the announcement of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s pending retirement, President Trump tweeted his intention to fill the Supreme Court vacancy in a timely manner. He later announced that he’d be using his friends at Speedy Temp to hire a competent and professional Supreme Court Justice “minus all of the usual red tape.” Moments ago the president signed an executive order that skips the whole “nomination/congressional approval thing,” which he hopes will make the transition for Supreme Court Justice Larry faster and smoother.

UnPresidented? Obama Using Temp Agency To Fill Supreme Court Vacancy


Washington—President Barack Obama is using his executive authority to appoint a temporary Supreme Court Justice to the bench. The President is not interested in having a long vacancy for this critical position. Critics claim utilizing such temp agencies for the highest court in the land would be inappropriate. Republicans are calling the move “dumb” and “stupid.” They would like to expand on those criticism once Thesaurus.com is back up and running.  Obama responded, “We admit this is less than ideal, but our Human Resource Department is really struggling to fill key positions of late. The judges are all covered under Obamacare, which is actually part of the problem. It really only covers on-the-job accidents that occur while legislating like, for instances, hitting your hands with the gavel, or tripping on your robes while approaching the bench. Oh, and those death panels are also covered for judges, depending on who is president at the time.”