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NK Defector Admits: “All Of Our Microphones Lead To Same Karaoke Machine”

Pyongyang, NK—A recent North Korean defector, Ji Sung, suggested all of his country’s microphones are hooked up to “the same crappy-assed karaoke machine.” The defector was able to successfully cross the DMZ between North and South Koreas last month and met yesterday with a prominent Seoul journalist. During the interview Sung said, “After each press conference Kim Jong Un dimmed the lights and then sung either Neil Diamond’s Sweet Caroline or Queen’s Fat Bottomed Girls. And, wow, our glorious leader is a lousy singer. But we all had to clap and raise our lighters, under pain of death. I won’t miss that shit.”

North Korean Atomic Plume Linked To Un’s Introduction To Mexican Food


Pyongyang, DPRK—The supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea announced today the successful detonation of an H-Bomb, the first such thermonuclear detonation in the country’s history. The U.S. Air Force immediately deployed a WC-135 Constant Phoenix aircraft as a radiation “sniffer” plane to test the properties of the radiation cloud created by the blast. The sniffer plane returned 90 minutes later holding its radar dome. Results of the analysis of the plume concluded it was comprised primarily of methane and Tapatio Salsa Picante, a popular Mexican hot sauce.