10 Comparisons To Help Folks Shift From ‘Spygate’ To The Cresting Constitutional Crisis (KKK)

Do you have a confused friend perseverating on Fox News-esque distractions instead of the news? Since I do, let’s call this an intervention post. I’m trying to help my friend and blogvesary shift his focus from the actions of the Feds, who rightly identified a brewing executive constitutional crisis, toward those who are perpetuating this pending disaster. My friend remains fixated on some perceived intelligence community wrongdoing in an effort to avoid this slow moving republic ending/coup/con/circus/collapse. We’re not going to do this with facts, as Republicans are immune, so let’s try some handy dandy comparisons to drive this important point home:

10. If this were middle-Earth you’d be ignoring the presence of the dark riders in the Shire only to focus on the lousy dinner special at the Green Dragon. In my friend’s defense, it’s true, the dinner special—something called ‘low tide chicken’—is tanking on middle-Yelp.

9. If this were the Star Wars universe you’d be ignoring the rise of the Empire only to complain about the Galactic Senate’s unwillingness to address Wookie-bargame unsportswookilike conduct (WBUC). This is an easy fix, Pokey! Let the Wookie win.

8. If this were the early 1930s Germany, instead of paying attention to the new short-mustached leader of the Socialist Workers’ Party, you’d be complaining about President Hindenburg’s lax casual Freitag policies.

7. If you were Hunter S. Thompson’s doctor your fear and loathing would stem from his moderately high cholesterol levels.

6. If this were the Walking Dead, any season, instead of acknowledging the growing zombie menace, you’d be hyper-focused on Daryl’s annoying tendency to a put a vest on over his sleeveless shirt. You have a rare point, so kudos.

5. If this were Gotham City, you’d be ignoring the new flamboyant gangs roaming the streets in favor of your crusade to end alternate street parking. In your defense, I’m with you on that. The Park Knight?

4. If this were Hogwarts, you’d be ignoring the rise of You-Know-Who in favor of You-Blow-Who? Conservative student wizards would be ignoring the reappearance of  Voldemort only to question if Dumbledore, a known homosorcerer, should be teaching wizardry to children.

[B.J. Rowling, Giving Headmaster, and Trans-transmutation jokes removed by the editor]

3. I refuse to adhere to mathematical top ten norms. Fine, I only have eight today …well, if you count this one.


[Winslow: Then you’re getting only 70% of your pay this week, Zano.]



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Mick Zano

Mick Zano

Mick Zano is the Head Comedy Writer and co-founder of The Daily Discord. He is the Captain of team Search Truth Quest and is currently part of the Witness Protection Program. He is being strongly advised to stop talking any further about this, right now, and would like to add that he is in no way affiliated with the Gambinonali crime family. 

  8 comments for “10 Comparisons To Help Folks Shift From ‘Spygate’ To The Cresting Constitutional Crisis (KKK)

  1. pokey
    September 12, 2018 at 7:14 PM

    The Constitutional Crisis–
    1) Neoconservatism–United States global dominated empire project as best expressed by the destruction of Iraq.
    2) Neoliberalism–transnational globalism as best expressed by the destruction of Libya.

    Neoliberals and Neoconservatives pretend to oppose each other politically, but behind the scenes they work together, compromising our Republic and our liberties to advance their own power. See Skull and Boner brothers John Kerry and George Bush putting on a charade of competing campaigns in 2008. See how Obama in 2012 highlight the many “atrocities” committed by the Bush administration, only to team up with Bush at the politicized John funeral of John McCain in the name of bipartisanship to condemn their mutual enemy–Donald Trump.

    No politician has ever been so hated by both the neoconservatives AND the neoliberals.

    The cure to the crisis–constitutional Republicanism. Can the American people use this unprecedented opportunity of a “free agent” President like Donal Trump to win back some of the core principles of our Republic that had, over the past hundred years, been incrementally stolen by the Tyrannical Powers of Centralized Control; or will the neocons and the neolibs be able to use their entrenched bureaucratic powers to destroy Trump and regain their iron grip?

  2. pokey
    September 12, 2018 at 7:16 PM

    And by the way–the KKK came directly from the Democratic Party–just sayin’

  3. Pierce Winslow
    Pierce Winslow
    September 13, 2018 at 10:38 AM

    Couple of things:

    The Republicans are the ones that hijacked a SCOTUS appointment by refusing to hold hearings because “Obama was a lame duck president.” I read that portion of the Constitution; that’s not how it works. I even wrote a bit about it here http://www.dailydiscord.com/?p=6258.

    It was the Republicans that, right after Obama was elected, stated that their mission for the next four years was to ensure that Obama was a one-term president. Then after he was elected again,. the Republicans stated that their mission was to ensure that Obama accomplished nothing.

    The football players were making a social statement, not a political one. It was Donald Trump sticking his nose into something that the POTUS has no business getting involved in that politicized it.

    You’re right, Obama should have brought a large portion of the W administration up on war crime charges, as per international law.

    You’re also right, no politician has ever been so hated by both the neoconservatives AND the neoliberals. Maybe it’s because Trump is about as anti-American as you can get. He kisses the asses of tyrannical dictators like Putin and Un, and totally dis’s NATO. We used to be the good guys, and now we’re turning to the dark side (and just as our reputation was recovering from the W debacle). “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.”

    And as for the politicization of McCain’s funeral, it was the McCain family that excluded Trump. And it was Meghan McCain that made the big political statement.

    You’re talking about the American people, through Trump, regaining control from the tyrannical grip of the conservatives and liberals. That’s ludicrous. Examine the pattern. Trump is discrediting the press and inserting himself as the sole source for reliable information. He is labeling the press as an enemy of the people and the state, thus allowing himself to lie constantly with impunity (FAKE NEWS!). He is using this to undermine the rule of law allowing him to get away with numerous violations of ethical and legal restraints typically applied to the POTUS. Usurping the rule of law and due process could allow him to seize control of the government entirely. Justice’s against investigating and prosecuting a sitting president would make that real easy wouldn’t it? You seem to think Trump taking over is a good thing. You’re talking about an obvious racist, sexist moron with no conscience and no clue. This is a guy who, when he was nominated, had 3500, that’s THREE THOUSDAND FIVE HUNDRED lawsuits against him. He is known to have given bribes to cover up illegal activity of he as his family. Last summer “Mr. Hire American” submitted a request to the Department of Labor to hire 61 foreign workers at Mar-A-Lago. He just recently submitted another request for 28 more. It’s obvious that everything he says is a front. Ironically, the people pledging their undying love no matter what are the ones he’s screwing the most. Now that’s a tyrannical iron grip.

    • pokey
      September 13, 2018 at 3:21 PM

      You make some good points.

  4. pokey
    September 14, 2018 at 8:26 PM

    Pierce, I agree with many of the particular criticisms of Trump and Republicans that you expressed. Your criticisms have inspire me to clarify my position:

    My growing support for Donald Trump comes in the context of a current scandal in which adversaries of Trump used their high-ranking positions of power within the DOJ, FBI, and CIA to repeatedly leak classified information that spread a false narrative damaging to Trump.

    Yes, it’s true that during the Obama years, Republicans in Congress obstructed the agenda of the Obama White House. But that’s Congress–that’s democratically elected representatives and senators who will be judged by their constituents. That’s democracy–a sometimes “dirty” business.

    But it’s very different when unelelcted members of the IRS, DOJ, FBI, or CIA use their position to help or harm people for personal or political reasons. This is not democracy. This is a kind of corruption that must to be punished, in the ballot boxes and in the courtrooms, if we are to preserve the hope that justice can be achieved in our nation.

    We now know for a fact that members of Obama’s DOJ, like Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie who worked for Fusion GPS, worked (colluded if you will) with John Brennan, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strozok, Lisa Page, and many others for political purposes.

    Yes, I have big problems with Trump using the phrase “enemy of the state,” because of it’s Soviet connotations, but I understand why Trump uses the term. So much of the media helped to create and promote this fake news narrative of Trump-Russia collusion, a narrative we now know was fabricated by the high-ranking federal investigations and intelligence agents. At the same time, these “fake news” people ignored, and still ignore, the now proven facts released in the IG reports, FISA applications, and the corresponding text messages with their obvious implications–a clear picture of coordinated operatives within the FBI, CIA, and Obama DOJ to fabricate and disseminate the Russia Collusion Hoax by leaking classified information to the media. A “media leak strategy” as Strzok and Page referred to it.

    Just this week Bob Woodward, after the release of his investigative book very critical of Trump’s White House, was interviewed and asked if he had “found anything that looked like espionage or collusion,” and Woodward responded, “I did not. Of course I looked for it, looked for it hard.”

    Fake News was quick to report Woodward’s reports of an “unmanageable White House and unpredictable President,” but did they report the “looked hard but found no evidence of espionage or collusion” quote?

    This week, Lindsey Gram, close friend of John McCain, and often adversary and critic of Trump, said “It is increasingly clear it was the Obama Administration who politicized the DOJ/FBI, not the Trump Administration.”

    Politics is to be battled in town hall debates and online chatrooms, in campaigns and the elections of representatives and the enactment of legislation. Politics becomes corrupt when it oozes into the courtroom, into federal agencies, investigative apparatus, and mainstream news media. But the modern Democratic Party seems quite comfortable fighting their political battles through operatives in the IRS, FBI, or CIA, so long as it serves their political goals.

    This kind of corruption is far beyond any congressional obstruction or executive overreach. The more I see “fake news” continuing to push the now debunk Trump-Russia Collusion narrative, while ignoring the steady stream of newly released facts now proving the “Deep State” coordinated corruptions, the more strongly am I emboldened in my convictions to convince anybody who cares anything about justice to politically punish anybody who would encourage, support, or ignore the federal abuses found within the FBI, DOJ, and CIA. It is within this context that I am emboldened in my support , my proud support, of President Trump–in spite of his many personal and political flaws.

    • Mick Zano
      September 17, 2018 at 1:55 PM

      Hey, both of you, these can be submitted as articles. Help a Zano out.

      • pokey
        September 17, 2018 at 2:00 PM

        Psst, Zano. I have enough trouble remembering my own email address. This IS HOW I submit articles.

  5. Pierce Winslow
    Pierce Winslow
    September 27, 2018 at 11:29 AM

    Mine was only supposed to be a couple of things, as stated in the first line of the comment. It kinda took on a life of its own. But back to the topic at hand…

    Poke, the mandate of the special counsel investigation is to “investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 election, as well as any potential involvement by the Trump campaign, and anything else derived therefrom.” It is not an investigation into Trump-Russian collusion unless it is derived from the main investigation into Russian meddling. For Donald Trump to interfere in such an investigation is, at least, unpatriotic and, at most, obstruction of justice. If collusion is found, then that’s its own thing. For Trump to denounce the investigation itself as being pointless and having “found nothing” is bogus, as shown by the list of indictments already filed.

    The Trump part of the investigation started with the FBI intercepting conversations between Russian operatives and Trump administration officials through the routine monitoring of Russian communications. This dossier that everyone is so obsessed with didn’t even show up until after the investigation was already underway, and was just one piece of evidence used to obtain the FISA warrant. A piece of evidence that was corroborated by other, more substantial evidence.

    I don’t buy your “Deep State” theory. Two FBI agents that are banging in the hall closet having electronic pillow-talk about “stopping Trump” doesn’t qualify as evidence of that, especially when there is no evidence that they took any inappropriate action whatsoever. And if the FBI & DOJ were colluding to bring down Trump, they really did a shitty job of it. In fact, Comey probably got Trump elected with his pre-election statements.You want Deep State shit? Look at the Bush-Cheney “let’s invade Iraq” bit.

    As for your buying into the whole “Fake News” thing, you asked “did they report the ‘looked hard but found no evidence of espionage or collusion’ quote?”. Yes, yes they did. I heard it on the ABC morning news while I was putting on my socks.

    Look, it’s not going to take collusion and a Deep State to take down Trump. Just look at this publicly known history. All it should take is a standard background check to out him, but I’m sure that an in-depth investigation will provide enough to have him shot, assuming that the Party of Trump (or his bogus SCOTUS appointments) don’t let him off.

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