See, Republicans Do Compromise! We Have Our First Compromised President

It’s nice to see the president get a break from this whole Russia collusion thing, so he can collude with Russia. President Donald J Trump alone in a room with a former KGB agent? What a disgrace. Maybe we will find out the truth about today’s summit someday …from the Kremlin. But, hey, at least Trump’s latest tweet barrage made me laugh. One day soon these tweets will be translated as: Why didn’t Obama stop my collusion? It happened under his watch?! Thanks Obama, I thought this was America! #SomeCollusion. Watching the last 72-hours of the Mueller machinations vs our counter-reality has reached Theater of the Bizarre levels of absurdity. Hippogroan? Oh, and this morning I caught five minutes of Neil Cavuto on Fox. Wow, talk about starting your day off far right… I am soooo done with this shit, and you should be too.

This morning Neil Cavuto interviewed Dubya’s Attorney General, Michael Mukasey. Whereas it was nice to see Fox go five minutes without citing the Peter Strozk text, it was an astoundingly low moment in U.S. media history. Kidding, it’s typical. Par for the coarseness? Instead of covering recent events, Mukasey and Cavuto discussed how Mueller’s decision to indict 12 Russian intelligence officers was “beyond the scope of Mueller’s mandate.” So *cough* the investigation into Russia’s meddling into our election should not involve investigating Russia’s meddling into our election? Really? Is your distraction machine finally going off the rails on a crazy train? Oh, and Bush’s minions should ostracized, not interviewed.

Then this dynamic duo pointed out how: ‘there’s not a shred of evidence of Trump colluded with Russia.’ Hmmm. The actual news within Mueller’s latest actions involves a person (with constant access to senior Trump officials), who may well have colluded with Russia. Stop lying. We know that both team Trump and Russia attempted collusion. Did they pull it off is the only remaining question, aka, my first collusion joke (8/17):

Then Cavuto and Mukasey focused on the inconvenient timing of the release of this information, because of the pending Helsinki meeting between Putin and Trump.

Let me boil this down for you traitors who call yourselves patriots: our election was hacked by the Russians! If President Trump has knowingly done nothing to protect the integrity of our next election then I am calling for his immediate impeachment. That’s the takeaway, not the garbage you’ve been spewing since 9/11.

And Joe Biden claims Mitch McConnell stopped the public release of possible Russian interference during the lead up to the 2016 election, so who are you going to believe in these trying times, a Republican or a Democrat? The fact you have to think about that question means you are not an informed citizen, but rather complicit with the catastrophic decision to elect a despot.

Two days ago I watched a good chunk of the Stzrok hearings, live, just as I did Hillary’s Benghazi testimony back in the day. Why are these people the only folks dragged in front of the inquisitors? How upside down has reality become that every real scandal gets a pass while we endlessly perseverate on crapola? Watergate aside, all the most consequential scandals of our time never even had their day in court. By pleading the fifth, Scooter Libby (now pardoned by Trump) stopped any investigation into Cheney and Bush. The ‘Mute Marine’ Oliver North stopped any investigation into Iran Contra. Torture as well as the bevvy of lies that led up to the invasion of Iraq were essentially pardoned by President Barack Obama. Never again! These people should hang in the public square, and yet somehow none of them are even hauled before congress. Really?

How did we get here? Republican gerrymandering? Blatant liberal ineptitude? Regardless, here’s my summary of the last 20 years of congressional investigations:

Senator L.Luthor (R-Al): Aquaman, you are suspected of calling fish away from prominent commercial fishing areas for the purpose of, as you say, ‘saving the world from evil.’ What about the fishermen who went home empty handed that day? Did they have any say in your reckless and unilateral actions?

Congressman B. Manta (R-NE): Batman, you hung a man off a seven story building to get information that led to the foiling of Liam Neeson’s plot to poison Gotham City’s water supply. Are you even aware that the man you hung off that building is in therapy now? Today he can’t hold down a job with either Penguin or Joker’s gang. You didn’t think about that before your brazen actions, did you Batman? Calling the next witness, Commissioner Jim Gordon. What did he know and when did he turn on the bat signal?

When is the Legion of fucking Doom going to be brought in for questioning? Most Republicans couldn’t go on the record for 11 minutes, let alone 11 hours. Because their neurons go to 11? Vinyl Tap? What kind of a world do we live in that these known criminals are never held accountable? For his war crimes and a fear of being arrested on the tarmac, our 43rd president can’t even visit other parts of the western world. And Trump’s London protests are just the beginning of his end. So the Hague would have a field day with our Republican criminals, but it doesn’t raise to the level of questioning by our congress?

Are we heading for a Trump subpoena? No. The Republicans will change the rules. A sitting president can no longer be held accountable, and that person can stay in power as long as deemed necessary. And the ‘freedom people’ will not see the inherent contradictions with our founding fathers’ vision. Why? Because.They.Are.Idiots. The Dems are also complicit in this sad police-state of affairs. They are finally realizing the score, but it’s waaaay too late. Civility got us nowhere. I have been talking about this shit for decades until I am blue in the polling booth. In the immortal words of the inventor Archytas of Tarentum, screw this! If global warming gets any worse Canada will start to look more hospitable. Trudeau dat.


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