So Don’t Be Sad, As For Crisis, Conflict & Collapse, 2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad

Catastrophes are looming, so the rightwing distraction machine shifts into overdrive. What exactly are they trying to hide? Drumpf’s first trimester will bring a constitutional crisis, an unnecessary war, and/or an economic collapse (two for three, or your security back!). Dubya started with an unnecessary war that resulted in a constitutional crisis. Then, during Bush’s second trimester, he triggered the worst global event since the series finale of Glee. You might not remember the constitutional crisis part, because Obama was complicit in the torture scandal cover up. Make no mistake, the emergence of Pompeo and Haspel into positions of power highlights this blatant failure to clean up Dodge. Thanks, Obama, I thought this was America! I almost miss that… It looks like Trump will start with a constitutional crisis followed by an unnecessary war. He’s planning to save the economic cherry on his shit sundae for last. But it’s going to be a great depression! The best depression! #ApocolypseDOW?

The end of the Iran Deal marks a clear shift toward war. This was an unnecessary reality regardless of who assumed power on the right. What’s also inevitable under Republicans was the funneling all of our country’s wealth to twelve people, skyrocketing deficits, and the resulting economic collapse. Trump was handed a strong economy, as most Republican presidents are, and gutting environmental regs will certainly help for a time.

So why the collapse talk, Zano?

My dystopic predictions stem from a thinner economic ice than most realize. With neither side of the aisle addressing Wall Street greed, our economy will soon be poised for another downfall. This is particularly true with a wildly incompetent president who could start a trade war, or a real one, after only 140 characters #BlusterFuck?

Our nation has been dancing along the Fiscal Cliffs of Insanity for a very long time. Under Democratic leadership we tend to cling to the edge and with Republicans, well, I hope you brought your golden parachutes. Any Republican prez would bring at least two of the three catastrophes mentioned, because these are baked into their DNA. Cytosine, Bat-guanonine? As for the looming constitutional crisis, for this area The Donald brings his own special individualistic pizzazz.

Might we end up with more than one constitutional crisis, Zano?

Geeh, I hope not …I didn’t predict that, but, yes, it’s very possible. Here’s the best opportunities for some republic-bending mischief:

The Firing of Everybody Attempting to Bring Trump to Justice:

Trump has already fired three people investigating his shenanigans and the best is yet to come. This last part will play out like Nixon meets The Jerk. Saturday Night Live Massacre? And how are our Republican friends dealing with this new disastrous course?

“Hey kids, while the republic collapses let’s get into the inner workings of our intelligence community’s procedures and deeds!”

—John Q. Republican

P.S. But as for that time the CIA shot Kennedy, meh.

Great idea, huh? My blogversary and others are essentially saying, even though Russia interfered with our election and at least five Trumpanzees met with Russian intelligence on the lead up to the election, uh, let’s stick with Benghazi.

To put the Republican FBI-wrongdoing/counter-narrative into perspective, well, it would be like standing up in court and saying, “Mr. Judge, you failed to disclose campaign donations to the prosecuting attorney’s second cousin who ran for City Council last year on Mars, and there’s a clear discrepancy in a public statement between you and the florist on 4th St. Hmmm. To save their ass-clown candidate, there are no depths to which conservatives won’t stoop. They are willing to break the rule of law over their collective knee in the name of freedom. Collective Incoherence?

The Russia Probe Reveals Serious Wrongdoings, but Congress Ignores Their Constitutional Duty:

This is the most likely scenario, and if Republicans hang onto their super majority in November, our Criminal-in-Chief may well finish his term. After Mueller’s report is released, conservatives will call the findings partisan and continue to question the investigation’s origins. Confusion GPS? The Republican counter-argument will not stand the test of time as nothing they cover ever does.

“Same as it ever was.”

—David Byrne

Trump Passes His Latest Brainfart (I will only Speak to a Certified Press):

For those too busy making up irrelevant timelines, Trump is floating the idea of only answering questions from a Trump Approved Press (TAPs). Talk about a drunk vetting party… Meanwhile, this fool hasn’t given a meaningful press conference ever, or a relevant interview since Lester Holt.

The right is trying to normalize this crapola and to some degree they’ve already succeeded. If this actually passes unnoticed, keep in mind that our president equates negative press to fake news. Sorry Mr. President …that’s my job. What’s trashing the 1st Amendment among friends?

The Weight of Trump’s Massive Corruption Breaks the Fabric of Our Institutions.

There is a huge difference between a career politician with a few questionable patches and a business man who built his entire empire on sleaze. I can hear my blogversary shout. Where’s the evidence?! Some will be revealed as part of Mueller’s report, as for a good overview-article of Trump’s corrupt baseline try The Atlantic’s There Is Only One Trump Scandal.

The foreign policy blunders of George W. Bush placed our weaknesses on the world stage for all to see. Sure we can pull off just about anything militarily, but we can’t occupy and stabilize the region. Today, I wouldn’t put Trump’s crew in charge of settling a ruckus at the town tavern, let alone another regime change in the Middle East. Trying to tamp down a faction of the Muslim world brought us to the brink of financial ruin last time. Assad and Putin understand this, even if Ass-Clown doesn’t. Trump is an isolationist, but three historic tweets later and who the F knows? The unraveling of the Iran Deal is a horrific development. The US is staggering toward escalation and our enemies smell blood in the swamp.

Might we end up with more than one unnecessary war, Zano?

Yes, with John Bolton on deck and his willingness to push a more neocon agenda, we have Iran regime change and North Korea as well (at least post the ass-clown summit). Yay team America! After Trump, there will be no more argument: we are no longer the good guys. Try a draft for the war in Iran. I dare you, president Ass-clown Hitler. We have met the enemy and we are them. First Vietnam, then Iraq… if we add one more strike we’re out. The only way to beat the U.S is through a series of unforced errors. For a review of unforced errors, please review the Republican platform.


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  10 comments for “So Don’t Be Sad, As For Crisis, Conflict & Collapse, 2 Out Of 3 Ain’t Bad

  1. pokey
    May 23, 2018 at 8:32 AM

    One Trump scandal–“the corruption of the American government by the president and his associates, who are using their official power for personal and financial gain rather than the welfare of the American people.” OK, perhaps you have a point. Then focus on these particulars issues and win in the primaries and then defeat Trump in 2020.

    Why all the emphasis on Russia Collusion? “Probe reveals wrongdoing.” For example?

    This article has changed from yesterday, hasn’t it? What about the claim that the FBI brought news of Trump/Russia collusion to Obama? You’re starting to realize the ridiculousness of that claim. First it was the Dossier, until we found out it was DNC paid for opposition research. Then it was Popodopoloposps, until we realize this was only hearsay of hearsay reported by the Big Clinton Foundation doner, Downer. Now, the tell us the surveillance started long ago by altruistic non-biased FBI agents who reported their suspicions to President Obama, but tried not let the reasons for their investigation become known because they didn’t want to appear partisan.

    Can we be real here? Here’s what happened. President Obama worked with the FBI to surveil Trump’s presidency and look for dirt on him, so that he could ensure that his corrupt oversight to Hillary investigation would be buried for all eternity. No smoking guns were found, but no worries, at the time of the election all pundits knew that Hillary would win. Listen to Comey in his own words–“I was sure Clinton would win the election when I reopened email inquiry,” but they still created an “Insurance policy” of circumstantial evidence suggesting the “Trump/Russia collusion narrative to invalidate the election in the “unlikely” event that Trump did win.

    if it happened otherwise, the burden of proof is on the prosecution. the FBI has the information and can clearly show us when, why, how, and where to surveillance began. Why don’t they? Why have they been misleading Congress? Why are they refusing to hand over emails and text messages that will show us clearly what occurred?

    Maybe Trump is corrupt. Maybe he’s bad for America and the world. Maybe Maybe Maybe–But one thing is now for sure–The FBI coordinated with the Obama State department to surveil Trump’s campaign for political reasons, and all Americans should demand that the full force of the law be applied to all those guilt of such abuse of power.

    • Mick Zano
      May 23, 2018 at 2:34 PM

      I agree with you on this much. We need to win on election day(s). Impeachment proceedings tend to help the party being impeached. But every day this man is in office, or any republican for that matter, there’s a hell of a price to pay. Yes we can “get real”, spoof and fake news sites strive for this each and every news cycle. Thank you for honing in on the one real Comey issue. He negatively impacted the general election for Trump, wrongly. So you’re saying Obama broke the law by spying on Trump and then never released the damning evidence? There’s so much precedent for him to do dumb, illegal things. Oh wait, that’s your guys. Papadopowhatsas talked some smack, it was reported, he failed the audition, he was eventually wired for the Feds. Then the evidence starts to mount faster than a rabbit with priapism. You keep saying the dossier started it, which is patently false. It likely played a role in the FISA extension, because the Feds realize it’s credible (coming soon). Just now, we find that the Ukraine paid Michael Cohen to meet with Trump. If quid pro quo is found, and that’s NOT a very big if, a full annulment would be in order. You don’t have to know what’s going on, just wait for the shoe to drop, or shoes. Even you can’t miss them. They’re big and red and they squeak when stepped on.

      If there is any wrongdoing on the spook side, and there may be, it was probably made legal by republican goons via the Patriot Act. Otherwise you’re saying you’re allowed to listen to everyone, except when they’re trying to collude with Russia? is that what you’re saying?

      • pokey
        May 23, 2018 at 3:26 PM

        When, how, why, and where did the surveillance begin. We can speculate all day; the FBI knows, so give us the hardcore evidence that justified surveilling the Trump campaign.

        You’re saying that Obama didn’t use his influence on the Hillary investigation?
        You’re saying the DNC didn’t rig their primaries?
        You’re saying the DNC didn’t infiltrate the Trump rallies and instigate violence?

        Of course Obama was involved with the surveillance on Trump’s campaign. If they had “damning evidence” they would have released it. They weren’t concerned because by October, all the experts, like Comey, were “sure Hillary would win the election.” Still and “insurance policy” just in case.

        FBI can settle this at any time.

        • Mick Zano
          May 24, 2018 at 11:01 AM

          yes, you can speculate all day and, as it turns out, you do. While the major points of history are missed. I have conceded–not conceded–I think an investigation into what Hillary did to Bernie is warranted, everything else, thus far, seems warrantless [wiretapping joke removed by the editor]. I hope you’re right and there’s an insurance policy, because a president compromised both in his mental capacities and to foreign oligarchs is a dangerous thing. As we will soon find out. And I hope the FBI doesn’t give them shit today. If a president can derail his own investigation it’s yet another instance of unchartered waters.

          • pokey
            May 24, 2018 at 1:21 PM

            So why doesn’t the FBI investigate what Hillary did to Bernie? (maybe the high-ranking FBI is politically biased)

            Why doesn’t the FBI investigate the DNC infiltrating Trump rallies to instigate violence? We do know for a fact this was a coordinated effort from the high ranking DNC members; right? (maybe the high-ranking FBI is politically biased)

            Why doesn’t the FBI investigate Hillary’s email scandal? Oh wait; they did, and the Inspector General report found that the FBI had been politically biased and corrupted in its investigation. (Did you read the Inspector General report?)

            If Hillary and DNC are so corrupt as to commit the two electoral crimes (with smoking guns) stated above; why do you think the “surveillance crimes” are so far fetched. The FBI could investigate–oh wait, that’s right. High ranking members of the FBI were involved with the alleged surveillance crimes. If the investigators are called upon to investigate themselves, then we really are in uncharted waters.

            Did you read the Inspector General report on McCabe?

            • Mick Zano
              May 25, 2018 at 3:04 PM

              They should investigate the Hillary thing, I would like to know what happened. I’ve said that… 7 times now. If there are some deep state shenanigans the Trump state will outnumber the scandals 10 to 1 and the unleashed horrors on mankind about 1000 to 1. This is why the rightwing media is designed to distract. There’s a lot going on they don’t know about and it’s apparently working.

              • pokey
                May 27, 2018 at 8:32 PM

                Unfortunately partisan “Deep State Shananagins” involving the 2016 election would disqualify those involved with the Shananagins from investigating Trump. First purge the FBI and CIA from all Deep State Shananaginers, then we’ll talk about investigating Trump. Until McCabe, Comey, Strozk, Lynch, and anyone else involved is served their justice, we can’t trust them to enforce justice on others (especially their political adversaries.

                • Mick Zano
                  May 28, 2018 at 1:10 PM

                  That’s reckless. Holy crap. It’s the craziest thing you’ve ever said. If I was a batting a prognostic zero here at the ‘Cord, I would like to think I would think before agreeing to dismantle our republic. Even if everything you say is true, partisan and nefarious motives, what does that have to do with Mueller’s Russia probe? None of the allegations reach him. The need to investigate Russian interference and anyone colluding is logical and sound, whether you can see it or not. You haven’t made the case for dismantling our intelligence communities, only for adding some psychotropics to your med regiment.

                  • pokey
                    May 30, 2018 at 8:26 AM

                    1) it’s impossible to separate the politicization of FBI and CIA from the Special counsel
                    2) That being said, keeping the Special Counsel going at this point (unless they can destroy Trump) only makes him politically stronger; however, it’s harmful to our nation to allow the Special Counsel’s unfettered power to investigate anyone associated with Trump for any reason.
                    3) Among independents and moderates, Trump is more popular than ever. The great appeal of Donald Trump is his ability to survive massive institutional attacks–and stand stronger than ever afterwards. The Republican party attacked him; the Democrats with the media digging up ten year old “grab em by the pussy” dirt attacked him; We now learn that the Obama State department with the FBI and CIA and major media have been attacking him with the Special Counsel as their last option short of shooting him. Americans are sympathetic to a strong individual who defeats institutional tyranny. See One Flew Over the Cukoos Nest–Trump is McMurphy and Hillary is Big Nurse Ratchet. The Swamp is the Combine. Unless you are among the lobotomized, how can root against McMurphy?

                    So go ahead keep ignoring policy issues while going “all in” with “the Probe.” Sure it’s politically biased, harmful to our nation, and harmful to those individuals who are investigated–but it will only bring about a solidified Republican Congress in the midterms and a more powerful Trump as the end product.

                    P.S. I don’t necessarily believe that an all-powerful Trump is a good thing.

                    • Mick Zano
                      May 30, 2018 at 10:18 AM

                      1.) Delusion
                      2.) Rhetoric harmful to public discourse.
                      3.) I’m ignoring nothing. I have had to listen to the Delusional Personality disorder that is the GOP circus for decades now, I have just found 90% of their rantings to be a coordinated distraction. [retraction: take out the word coordinated as it’s in the same sentence as GOP.] The original mandate was Russia interference anything nefarious regarding Russia and anyone, including Trumpanzees, and any related crime. Unfortunately Mueller is ignoring money laundering as it pertains to Russia, at least if his line of inquiry is any indication.

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