Mission to Be Accomplished for Real

The Librarian

In accordance with his campaign promise in 2008, President Obama has announced that he is withdrawing all American troops from Iraq by the end of this year, an amazing feat. I would expect the whole country to give him a standing ovation – were I delusional.

Most of those interviewed by news organizations have expressed satisfaction with the plan put in place after deliberations with the Iraqi government, and President Obama’s insistence on protection for our soldiers. Note, a troop is a collective noun, it is not one soldier. Ergo, when the word troop is used, it means a group, an organized group, of soldiers. 

What amuses me to the point of vomiting are those who question if the government of Iraq is “ready” to assume control of their country. What is wrong with you?!?!? Being Republicans?!?!?

Let us not forget how we got to Iraq. A not too bright rich guy with political ties, who had deserted the National Guard, and was in the throes of a combination of extended adolescence and premature senile dementia, claimed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction they were planning to unleash on the United States. Unfortunately, as president, he had the key to the arsenal of US weaponry and, as the Commander-in-Chief of the military, troops of honorable US soldiers which he used to invade a sovereign nation, knowing full well that the invasion was based on a lie. I would guess that to him the golden moment of his presidency was wearing military gear, landing on a battleship, and chortling, “Mission Accomplished.” To me, he looked like Alfred E. Neuman. I know I am not the only person who saw the resemblance. I have seen a digital picture of Alfred morphing back and forth into Bush.

Sunday morning on Face the Nation, Michele Bachmann criticized President Obama’s decision not to leave a small force in Iraq due to Iraq’s refusal to give them immunity from prosecution in Iraqi courts. She claimed that the United States is “being kicked out by the very people that we liberated.” She also decried “leaving zero troops [or did she mean soldiers?] behind.” Hello! Where have you been? We did not liberate Iraq, we invaded that nation at the cost of 4,400 American lives, as well as more money than I can even comprehend. Ms. Bachmann demonstrated clearly that she lacks even one characteristic that would be an asset in a President.

One nation is not entitled to invade another because it doesn’t like the other nation’s politics, religion, friends, neighbors, or alliances. An honorable political figure does not alter/ignore/manufacture reports to justify egregious actions. The United States is a nation in a world of nations with equal rights. It doesn’t have the right to be the supreme ruler of the world. If it did, it would have the obligation to be the supreme benefactor of that world.

I have a long-standing desire to be the Queen of the World. I am certain that I could do a great job and that the world would be a better place if I were. But I know that I do not have the right to impose common sense, fair play, fair trade, cooperation, benevolence, and compassion on others. I believe that every person should have their needs met and some extras. I firmly believe that personal space ends before it contacts another person’s nose. I believe the same goes for nations. We are all residents of one frail planet. If we don’t cooperate and be nice, we will all cease to exist. It’s as simple as that. Welcome our soldiers home and be sure to let them know that their sacrifice is appreciated.

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