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Zano & Limbaugh Activate, Form Of Agreement

Limbaugh had me riveted today while putting along in my rental car. The Rushinator finally proved a worthy copilot. Mark this day on your calendars, folks (10/20/16), the day after the third and final debacle …er, debate. I agreed with him on an entire segment! Don’t get too excited, Republicans, as Mayan, Greek and Norse mythology connect this event to the coming acropolis (especially Greek). Trump overachieved and Hillary brought the card board version of herself. A tie goes to the Trumpster and it was either a win for him, or a tie. Liberal anchors were stating how she creamed him and yet the dissonance was palpable. Obama, Biden, Warren, or Bernie (anyone with a liberal pulse) could have buried Trump alive under the weight of his own bullshit. Admittedly, conservative crapola does fling at dizzying speeds these days, so how does anyone tackle that one turd amidst Mr. Trump’s bullshit barrage? Why am I pissed? Trump should have suffered for his lies and he didn’t. Citizen Kaine was even worse in the VP debate. I haven’t been less excited about a ticket since Nevada passed that ‘hands free’ law. How are traveling ventriloquists supposed to practice on the road now, Vegas?! Didn’t think of that, did you! A vast number of Dems would have had a better debate performance than Madam Hesitant. For each and every exchange Obama would have crucified Trump, and he’s not even Roman.

Trump Releases Images Of SNL’s McKinnon As Proof Hillary Has Body Double


Trump Tower—The Trump campaign released several images today suggesting Hillary Clinton is increasingly using a body double during many of her public appearances while stomping on the campaign trail. “This is obviously an imposter,” said Trump. “The woman in these images looks much younger. Much younger. I would actually bang that one. It’s not even close. Not even close. This shows that Hillary is low energy. She’s still sick in bed and can’t even find a good makeup person to create a wrinkled old bag like herself. It’s sad. It’s sad.”

Dems Have To Be Swiftboated But Republicans Can Now Self-Swiftboat


Trump Tower—The Trump campaign could not be happier as they attempt to spin their bad week into something decidedly more positive. Donald Trump explains, “During the John Kerry presidential run in, uh, back several years ago, Republicans had to find a number of people to lie about his war record. They made up a bunch of shit that helped get Bush elected. It worked, it worked. Now I don’t have to wait around just to get caught off guard. I’m out in front on this one. I just swiftboated myself with my own mouth. And why not? I don’t need people swiftboating for me, like Kerry. Weak, it was weak. I don’t outsource that shit. I took the initiative and pulled this off with numero uno, all while stepping in numero deuco. That’s called multi-tasking. I guess you can say I swiftly self-shitboated myself. Yeah, take that Trumped-up trickle down, bitch.”

Fact Checkers Requesting Debate Be Extended Through Wednesday


CNN’s Moon Base—The first presidential debate is scheduled for tomorrow night on CNN. The fact-checkers for this much anticipated event are now concerned the 90-minutes allotted will prove “woefully inadequate for the task at hand.” The head of the commission of Presidential Debates, Janet Brown, is requesting 72-hours debate extension, complete with scheduled naps and bathroom breaks. The moderator of the debate, CNN’s Lester Holt, explains, “Since Donald Trump is a pathological liar this complicates our job tremendously. Sure most politicians lie, but if everything coming out of one of the debater’s mouths is utter nonsense, we’re going to need a lot more time to fact-check in real time. Otherwise Trump could win the debate without even mistakenly saying something accurate.”

Bill Maher is on record as stating, “Leave Real Time out of this, please.”

For Final Prep Clinton Takes On Mrs. Mackenzie’s Debate Class

LOS ANGELES - MAY 30: Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, read to children at the Krieger Center, a preschool on the grounds of The University California Los Angeles, (UCLA) on May 30, 2007 in Los Angeles, California. The mayor announced his support and endorsement for Senator Clinton in her bid for the Democratic nomination for president. (Photo by J. Emilio Flores/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Antonio Villaraigosa;Hillary Clinton

Springfield, OHFourth grade teacher at Roosevelt Elementary School, Janice Mackenzie, invited Hillary Clinton to a scheduled class debate. Mrs. Mackenzie told the Discord today, “This is the perfect year. The kids are really obnoxious and seem almost feral. I think it’s the perfect environment to prepare Secretary Clinton for Monday night’s debate. I asked my class to study Donald Trump’s debate-style, or lack thereof, and I even promised extra points for any relevant disparaging remarks regarding Rosie O’Donnell.”

First Clinton/Trump Debate To Take Place In Dante’s Fourth Circle Of Hell


The Fourth Circle of Hell—Many are questioning the devil’s decision to host the first presidential debate. What’s even more disturbing for some is Lucifer’s choice to hold the event in the fourth circle. Dante’s Hell has a total of nine circles, and four bathrooms, but recent national polling indicates the majority of Americans feel the debate should be held in a much lower circle.