Comprehensive Immigration Reform For Demies

trumptoonAs our nation’s orthodox consciousness becomes corroded by Progressivism, words lose their meaning. Most Republicans are also falling into this senselessness. One perfect example is immigration reform. Democrats tell us that our immigration is “broken,” and therefore we need “comprehensive immigration reform.” On the surface, there’s some truth in that. Look Zano, I don’t disagree with your view of the state of our politics, my concern is in our ability to meaningfully engage on issues of concern. You are to “meaningful political discourse” as The Ghetto Shaman is to spiritual enlightenment. Bloghisattva?

In order to proceed with a meaningful dialogue, with the ultimate hope for a solution, we must answer this one simple question: what caused the breaking of our immigration system in the first place? I’ve never heard a Democrat (including you) ask or answer that question. I will give you my answer and, please, tell me where I’m wrong. Our immigration system is broken because our government, businesses, and social services have made it relatively easy and profitable for people to come to this country illegally, while simultaneously making it relatively difficult and costly for people to come to this country legally. I point this out to Progressives and their eyes glaze over. This isn’t a difficult concept is it?

If we don’t agree on this point, we cannot proceed any further. If you disagree with my version of events, then please explain the root cause of our broken immigration system. For the time being, I’m going to assume that I am correct, so I will then present my comprehensive immigration reform policy.

The solution to this problem involves making it costly and difficult for people to come here illegally, while simultaneously making it easy and profitable for people to come here legally. As far as I see it, it’s that simple. The problem is our politicians, bankers, and lobbyists don’t want simple problems with simple solutions.

No need for a wall. Just cut off all social reinforcement for those who are here illegally—no jobs, no medicine, no education, no welfare, no food stamps. Then redistribute those funds to pay for grants to legal immigrants—free English, job training, American Constitution and law, and a fast track to citizenship. Inflict massive fines on people and corporations who hire those who come to this country illegally, and redistribute their wealth to pay for job placement services for those who have earned, or are earning, legal citizenship.

Simple right? Or tell me where I’m wrong, but don’t feed me words that have no meaning. I have come to view the world of politics as “competing conspiracies.” The two main ones at work being:
1) Covert militaristic imperialism.
2) Community organized anarchy.
*The words “Islamic Jihadism” should gain dishonorable mention.
Most people see one conspiracy and then cling to the other as a defense, but each of these conspiracies lead to oppression. Each conspiracy perpetuates itself by causing blindness in those who adhere to the beliefs. Sean Hannity is a perfect example of a man blinded by covert militaristic imperialism. He speaks much truth on the subjects of his talking points, but light is brought to a blind spot say on covert CIA funding to overthrow democratic South American leaders. He gets angry and over-controlling of the conversation. I’d say Mick Zano and the rest of the liberal blogosphere is now indoctrinated into the conspiracy of “community organized anarchy.”
Only Orthodoxy can salvage common sense and save us from oppressive absurdity. Meanwhile, liberals are great at pointing out the tyranny of the covert militaristic imperialists, but try bringing up the root cause of our broken immigration system, or the principled definition of marriage, or the Constitutional status of an unborn child, or ask a Democrat the principled reason (tax or a fine) for the individual [health care] mandate. In these cases they avoid the question or talk a whirlwind of complexity that sounds nuanced and meaningful, but after careful analysis is an elaborate dodge. You, Zano, are that liberal artful dodger. Avoidant Progressivism Disorder?
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