Zano’s Journal: “There Are So Many Deserving Of Retribution And So Little Time”

If you want to know what happens when a society shifts rightward just turn on Alan Moore’s alternate timeline Watchmen and have someone punch you in the nuts. Then when someone asks Who Watches the Watchmen? you can say, “I do”, in a really high squeaky voice. Shortly after joining congress, Alexandria Oscia-Cortez channeled some Rorschach: “I am not locked in here with YOU! You’re locked in here with MEEE!!” Life mimics art and, according to Moore, art is knowing when you don’t need to be a hero anymore. On that note I’ve been wrestling with the prospect of throwing in the WordPress towel, or at least shifting The Discord’s focus to my other hobby interest, Australian rules cross stitch.

Politics in America rivals Arkham Asylum’s worst day. I’ve predicted many things, some decades in advance, but what’s the point? Who on either side of the aisle can follow the narrative for five minutes, let alone five years anymore? A certain Nicholson quote comes to mind. Alexandria Oscia-Cortez is a woman full of hopes, dreams and a breathtaking naivety. Do I hope she shanks the right people and dumps some hot grease in the face of injustice? Yes. Do I think it’s more likely she’ll just become a clarion call for the right-wing media in their mindless quest to elect their next republic-ending deplorable? Yes. Do any of you understand this or even care to? Sure, her unabashed liberalism is endearing, but her lack of a firm grasp on today’s issues is frightening. Despite this fact, three of four Dems would support this babe-in-the-woods for president. I predicted long ago the backlash to Republican ignorance would create a disturbingly similar liberal version. Tonight, a comedian from NY died on stage at the South-side Tavern. Somebody knows why …somebody knows.

Rorschach is an uncompromising moral crusader, a loose conservative cannon, but otherwise the Watchmen are solid …well, solid-ish. Fine, the leather-clad chick seems okay. Rorschach (R-NY) wouldn’t approve of Trump, or anything about his lifestyle, at least if I’m reading my inkblots correctly. One of The Watchmen, Ozymandias, frames Dr. Manhattan for an explosion that set the world off the course of mutual destruction and toward a united front against this new ‘supposed’ enemy. Essentially he did a horrible thing for the greater good. Rorschach, on the other hand, only cares about the truth, not the particulars. Ironically today’s conservatives care about neither. Even though I’ve studied the Republican brain since 9/11, I would be remiss to claim I understand their ongoing abdication of all things logical. The less neural activity the more electable and appealing their candidates tend to become. At this rate Table Lamp may be Trump’s 2020 primary challenger. Good luck with that. The GOP has done nothing in the 21st century except harness societal hatred and weaponize stupidity. Their ongoing misappropriation of reasonor the phrase I think captures today’s Scheissgeist, “the veneration of ignorance”will be our country’s undoing. Hell, it already has.

As predicted our nation’s polarization has reached new and critical levels. People aren’t getting contracts, deals, or jobs over their political affiliations. Companies are sending messages to their customers to kindly ‘fuck off’ if they voted wrong. Texas put up billboards encouraging liberals to keep driving. Don’t stop. We don’t your business or your kind here. We are also becoming a self-gerrymandering species, moving into like-minded social media sites and like-minded communities. Make America Gated Again? Who the hell wants to live behind enemy lines? It’s no coincidence I live in the most liberal town in Arizona and when I am in Texas, I’m trying to get through the cognitive wasteland to reach my like-minded friends in Austin. Even our films are now fraught with political messaging. Sure this has always been a thing, but its never been so pervasive or targeted to those so young. I Can Vote with my Eyes Shut. Horton Trolls A Jew?

Alexandria Oscaia Cortez represents the liberal’s willingness to meet our Republican friends halfway …toward incompetence. The Covington coverage was a disgrace this week, on both sides. I predicted MSNBC would sink to near Fox-like levels and it’s happening. There are no good people on either side of the table. Make no mistake, this is not a “pox on both your houses” moment, it’s a “pox on one of your houses and an exploding suppository for the other” moment.

Aquaman and Infinity Wars are available now on Netflix and both pose dystopic near future decisions. Presented with a tough choice, Aquaman decides to go against his own estranged people and defend mankind. The Atlantians want to wipe out the land lubbers for destroying the oceans and ultimately the planet’s sustainability. The Atlantians obviously have a point. Who does one support in this Bikini Bottom v Asphalt Jungle Drudge match? Infinity Wars also had a clear message: resources are running out, and the “bad guy” wants a reset to half the population of the galaxy. He wants to do this quickly, mercifully, and with the snap of his finger to make life more sustainable throughout the cosmos. Each major government in the world is planning for both population problems and the effects of climate change, even though the “debate” still rages in the trenches. The Christians believe that, as resources run out, they will be raptured when the shit hits the fan. Meanwhile, they demand ongoing tax breaks for their organizations to defend their indefensible actions and self-destructive, unscientific positions. Snap of the finger…

It’s going to be a great culling! The BEST culling!! #LookUpWordCulling


Side with the Atlantians and clean up Dodge (the city, not the truck), frame Dr. Manhattan and kill a few thousand to save billions, or snap your finger and make the Republican level of consciousness go bye-bye. Tell them it’s the rapture and they’ll line up like happy hour at Jonestown.

[No punch line joke removed by the editor]

These are horrible choices, but on some days watching Republicans destroy what’s left of this planet while sitting by, idly, seems like the shittiest choice. My blogvesary and I were sort of on the same political page twenty years ago and, now, his big question is: “when will an unemployed woman face a harsher penalty for her mishandling of a handful of classified emails?” and mine is “when is eco-terrorism justifiable?” See the difference? One is a key question regarding our species’ survival and the other is a planted distraction. My questions over the years will prove integral and at the heart of our downfall, and my friend’s will always slant more toward the conspiracy theory side of bullshit. Whereas I don’t think I’ve ever barked up the wrong tree, my friend resides permanently in WaytheFoff Forest (a few miles up Shits Creek from Paranoiaville). Do I know if the Mueller Report will be enough to remove this ass-clown of a president? No. But keep in mind, every aspect of this creep’s life is being scrutinized and exposed and each glance is triggering deeper investigations. So if I were a betting man… well, I wouldn’t bet on the only guy I’ve ever heard of being deemed too untrustworthy to build a casino on the Las Vegas strip.

If you find something of value within conservative thought, I will show you a delusion. At the end of the day, which we’re close to, I side with anyone and everyone who has identified the inherent danger in our midst, namely, the GOP and their deplorable minions. They go, or we all do, and they’re not going anywhere. And despite three of their last five last presidents landing in the bottom ten, ranking-wise, they are showing zero signs of the ability to gain insight. Sure my view is a dystopian, eschatological, nausea-inducing shit sandwich, but so is my other hobby, Australian rules cross stitch. Or, as another Watchmen once said, “Once you realize what a joke everything is, being the comedian is the only thing that makes sense.”






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  12 comments for “Zano’s Journal: “There Are So Many Deserving Of Retribution And So Little Time”

  1. pokey
    January 29, 2019 at 9:00 AM

    Zano, it sounds like you’re losing your sense of humor–political correctness will do that to a man.

    I have a more developed serious piece that would make a good response. I will share that with you at a later time. Now I will just offer some comments to specific statements you made in order to demonstrate the central contradiction in your thesis.

    “society shifts rightward”? What?!!!! What evidence do you have the our society is shifting right? Only ten years ago this society passed the largest, most far reaching federal legislation in our history. Is that the evidence of a society shifting right that you’re talking about? Perhaps the evidence lies in the fact that 44% of citizens, and even a large percentage of illegal immigrants, receive tax-funded federal assistance? Is that the evidence of a society shifting right? Maybe it’s when our society judged it unconstitutional to make laws that defined marriage as being between one man and one woman. That’s the evidence of a right shifting society. A society whose tax-funded public education system now teaches elementary students that a person with a penis is not necessarily a male. Or a society that makes it legal for a woman to kill her child the very second before birth.

    Oh yeah, you bring up Alexandria Oscaia Cortez–her widespread popularity is evidence of a society shifting rightward? Cortez is a total creation of the Left. She was educated in economics at an elite Left Wing university. She was promoted and honored by Left Wing cultural heroes like Michael Moore and elected in a Left Wing district in a Left Wing state, and she enjoys mass popular approval. The fact is that her “unabashed liberalism” which you find “endearing” is the obvious CAUSE of her “lack (of) a firm grasp on today’s issues.” that you find so “frightening.” How is it possible that an Alexandria Oscaia Cortez could enjoy such success in a “society shifting rightward”?

    I will avoid addressing the way you continue to misrepresent my perspective on the FBI bias as related to Clinton, and simply say that maybe it is this tendency of people to create such straw-man characterizations of the other side that is at the heart of our nation’s polarization (that you blame on Republicans).

    I agree with your observation that “every aspect of Trump’s life is being scrutinized and exposed,” but you see the fact that federal investigators are scrutinizing and exposing every aspect of person’s life as being a good thing, simply because they will probably find some dirt that will allow you to claim righteousness on you prediction. I call this investigative tyranny–when investigators rather than examining and exposing a particular crime to find real evidence of particular people who committed the crime, instead start by examining and exposing particular people until they find a particular crime to justify their investigation. That’s Gestapo tactics. That’s Soviet Union shit. And again, I ask you–is the fact that our society has promoted and justified such scrutiny and exposition of a Republican President evidence of a society shifting rightward?

    P.S. that’s a rhetorical question

    • Mick Zano
      January 29, 2019 at 11:14 PM

      IF society shifts …IF. You have to watch the qualifiers, otherwise most of your comment doesn’t make any sense, ha, ha. Yes, we’ve shifted leftward, but too slowly to save ourselves. Most of the delay involves voter suppression, propaganda, gerrymandering and our lovely electoral college. Tonight… tonight we find out there was another secret meeting between Trump and Putin that no one has a transcript for. Our only hope for our secrets is the person relaying them to our enemies has the vocabulary of a third grader and the understanding of a door stop, aka a republican.

      • pokey
        January 30, 2019 at 8:18 AM

        Ok, I get it. Is it possible (because this is what an objective interpretation of the evidence shows) that the society’s shift to the Left (moral relativism, normalizing pornography, identity politics, entitlement dependency, etc.) has led to society’s greatest problems (fatherless children, addiction, victimization).

        Trump’s election is a reaction (admittedly sometimes an irrational reaction) against the destructive effects of our society’s shift to the Left.

      • pokey
        January 30, 2019 at 8:34 AM

        The Left ‘s strategy to to continue their shift and attain socialist tyranny
        1) encourage people to enter the country illegally
        2) grant tax funded benefits (pander) to people who have entered the country illegally and enact regulations and bureaucratic obstacles to police and border patrol that impedes their ability to enforce our border laws.
        3) create a pathway to citizenship for those people who have entered the nation illegally
        4) do away with the electoral college in order to strengthen the vote of those people who have come to the nation illegally.

        Welcome to Venezuelaville.

        • Mick Zano
          January 30, 2019 at 12:03 PM

          If you like guns, don’t hand uzis to the criminally insane. If you don’t like immigrants, have your president stop hiring them (and overall crossings are way down, so be thankful). If you want immigration reform, don’t go with a wall-only plan which 90% of experts discredit. You want to keep the electoral college, don’t use it to elect the two dumbest people to ever serve. If you like capitalism, don’t support vulture capitalism. If you like checks and balance, don’t elect a walking clown with a personality disorder to the oval office.

          Not welcome to Venezuela, once liberalized, welcome to every other free industrialized nation in the world. We rank close to last in all things relevant in 2019 as a direct result of republican policies. Oh, and as for your other comment about our culture: if you want to legislate morality, stop sucking at it. Republican = indictable = Jesus? If you want to learn equations, first learn the score.

          • pokey
            February 1, 2019 at 8:33 AM

            “a wall-only plan”–This is how the Left lies. You and I know that this characterization is the near direct opposite of reality. You know that Trump’s position is not “wall-only.” His position is essentially “almost anything” so long as there is a wall. And Pelosi’s position is “no wall’ at all regardless of anything else that’s included.

            On legislating morality–my “conservativism” demands that I work to conserve the orthodox principles upon which our nation was founded–particularly the claim that “all men (people) are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. Dems often accuse their adversaries of “legislating morality.” For example, when Stephen Douglas debated Lincoln, he would say (and I paraphrase): “Abe, I realize that you don’t like slavery. Truth be told, I also find the practice distasteful. Fine, then you and I are free to choose not to own slaves. But who are we to legislate morality that denies others the right to own slaves if they CHOOSE.”

            Yes, Dems were pro-choose on the issue of slavery. And why shouldn’t they be? Through the great majority of history, intelligent people never questioned the legitimacy of the practice. It was only as Judeo-Christian values gained influence, particularly their assertion that all human being were made in the image and likeness of God, that practices like slavery and infanticide were brought into intellectual question. Prior to that, other people (slaves and children) were judged by their usefulness to their masters and parents, but as people increasingly viewed all people (even slaves and babies) as having inherent rights from God, the practices became increasingly questioned, condemned, and outlawed. In other words morality was legislated.

            But the Left does not accept the assertion that “every person is endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights,” so why wouldn’t support the right for a person to choose slavery as the Dems, on principle, did in fact do.

            Our nation’s first Civil War was fought largely over one’s right to choose slavery. It’s likely that our nation’s second Civil War will be largely fought over one’s right to choose infanticide.

            • Mick Zano
              February 1, 2019 at 11:59 AM

              well said, i get your moral relativism schtick and always have, especially when millenials speak, but rehashing the party platform switch around the time of the Civil War is pointless, but I agree that going back to 1862 is your best chance of winning an argument, ha, ha. I am working on an immigration article! We don’t disagree on this as much as you think, but the two parties won’t ever agree on this one, or at least not until a democratic president is back in office. our parties are equally wrong in their no-compromise stance on immigration reform, but this also ties into my theory that cooler heads will no longer prevail. This is political warfare. I don’t want to give an inch to batch of senseless, reckless warmongers with an uncanny ability to screw everything up. I like to reiterate this point when you have a well thought out response: my attacks on the right are not about culture or even ideology in a way, it’s the score. Whatever premise is supposedly driving the GOP, you can think it’s the Bible, but what’s actually driving the GOP is greed, ignorance and hatred. How do you reconcile that? You should have been the first calling for a reform or a new conservative party. you didn’t, I did. And every problem of our time, almost without exception, is driven by their alternate universe approach to our problems. Today, our president sides with Sean Hannity’s world instead of our intelligence community on Iran.

              Your premise remains, republicans are right about God’s endowed inalienable rights, starting with abortion, and then you overlook how the GOP has caused the vast majority of the mischief in the 21st century. I don’t buy that shit. I would pit a secular atheist’s 10 commandments, Christopher Hitchens, over the Bible’s any day. Whereas I do not believe God should be stricken from the process, God is not required for ethics or morality, period.

              • pokey
                February 7, 2019 at 10:04 AM

                Only one side has a “no-compromise” stance. The Left’s “resistance” and “political warfare” is what caused the “no-compromise stance on immigration.

                • Mick Zano
                  February 7, 2019 at 3:19 PM

                  Yes, as i have said before. If one group is wrong an average of 9 out of 10 times in the 21st century, two words come to mind: NEXT PLEASE!

                  • pokey
                    February 7, 2019 at 9:02 PM

                    I’m not responding to what you said before; I’m responding to what you just wrote above–“our parties are equally wrong in their no-compromise approach to immigration reform.” I’m pointing out the falseness of this particular statement in the particular context it was written.

  2. George
    January 29, 2019 at 11:43 AM

    You give up political commentary? Get out of town! If you try to bottle that shit up you’ll either go insane or explode.

    Now, I know how you feel. It’s hard to believe that only three years ago life in the U.S. wasn’t all politics all the time. But this is our mess, and maybe our moment. We have to press on and believe that at the end of all this when can breathe a collective sigh of relief; at least momentarily.

    Hang in there,

    • Mick Zano
      January 29, 2019 at 4:12 PM

      No, that’s why I have to give up political commentary, they’re running me out of town, ha! Thanks George, I appreciate the support. Truly!

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