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Zano’s Journal: “There Are So Many Deserving Of Retribution And So Little Time”

If you want to know what happens when a society shifts rightward just turn on Alan Moore’s alternate timeline Watchmen and have someone punch you in the nuts. Then when someone asks Who Watches the Watchmen? you can say, “I do”, in a really high squeaky voice. Shortly after joining congress, Alexandria Oscia-Cortez channeled some Rorschach: “I am not locked in here with YOU! You’re locked in here with MEEE!!” Life mimics art and, according to Moore, art is knowing when you don’t need to be a hero anymore. On that note I’ve been wrestling with the prospect of throwing in the WordPress towel, or at least shifting The Discord’s focus to my other hobby interest, Australian rules cross stitch. Politics in America rivals Arkham Asylum’s worst day. I’ve predicted many things, some decades in advance, but what’s the point? Who on either side of the aisle can follow the narrative for five minutes, let alone five years anymore? A certain Nicholson quote comes to mind. Alexandria Oscia-Cortez is a woman full of hopes, dreams and a breathtaking naivety. Do I hope she shanks the right people and dumps some hot grease in the face of injustice? Yes. Do I think it’s more likely she’ll just become a clarion call for the right-wing media in their mindless quest to elect their next republic-ending deplorable? Yes. Do any of you understand this or even care to? Sure, her unabashed liberalism is endearing, but her lack of a firm grasp on today’s issues is frightening. Despite this fact, three of four Dems would support this babe-in-the-woods for president. I predicted long ago the backlash to Republican ignorance would create a disturbingly similar liberal version. Tonight, a comedian from NY died on stage at the South-side Tavern. Somebody knows why …somebody knows.