Paul Ryan’s Departure Tribute At Sistine Chapel Questioned

Rome, IT—Many are voicing their concern with the decision to “upgrade” Michelangelo’s work The Creation of Adam, which adorns the ceiling of Rome’s famous Sistine Chapel. The painting now depicts President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in the role of God and Adam. These changes took place shortly after the announcement of Ryan’s pending retirement. Those in Italy who really strive for a balanced budget seem happy with the move, but others are claiming the priceless work has been irreparable defaced.

Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said, “Paul Ryan has done nothing to balance the budget. His career is one of selfishness and greed. What would have been more appropriate is if someone stuck his head on Ayn Rand. I think there’s a nice statue of her in Tennessee. I could get behind Ryan in a dress. On that note, call me, Paul. Oh, and casting Donald Trump in the role of God will likely only exacerbate his rampant narcissism. How did this happen? What did the Pope know and when did he know it?”

The Pope is denying reports that he and several of his Cardinals were spotted lying on their backs in the chapel smoking weed shortly before the controversial changes to the painting took place.

President Donald Trump said, “The painting is now really great, really great. I think it’s the way Michelob would have wanted it, and the rest of those ninja turtles.”

Donatello was unavailable for comment.


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