Trump Only Agrees To Meet With Special Prosecutor On Twitter Forum

President Trump wants the Mueller’s investigation to wind down as soon as possible, but one potential delay may include the counsel’s request for a direct interview with the president. Mueller’s team wants a sit down face to face meeting, but the president made it clear he only does interviews with Sean Hannity and only when the questions are sent to him way ahead of time. The president is also requesting no more than five questions, with explanatory pictures, as well as periodic statements that he is not actually under investigation and that he’s doing a fine GREAT job as president.

The president’s strict parameters triggered a volley of back and forth negotiations between Trump’s lawyers and Mueller’s team over the details of this historic meeting. Sources claim yesterday President Trump conceded that he was willing to meet with Mr. Mueller on Twitter at a designated time. He also promised the special prosecutor there would be no more than one Rosie O’Donnell joke #FatLoserRosie.

Mueller’s team has not responded to the president’s recent suggestion, but this is actually not ‘unpresidented’ as Bill Clinton insisted one of the Lewinsky hearings to occur at a strip club of his choosing. And in 2016 Hillary Clinton insisted the fifth Benghazi hearing be held while playing Halo, multiplayer, on X-Box 360.

Also Barack Obama requested ….oh, that’s right, President Obama never had a scandal. Snap. Oh, that’s right, he wanted the Fast & Furious inquiry to be held on Snapchat.


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