Man To Dedicate Next Four Years To Correcting Pro-Trump Racist Graffiti

092f8c7e-d43f-49fd-b1eb-a9e673aad9e2-400Cleveland, OH—Trump supporter, Benjamin Meanie, is angry with the quality of the graffiti turning up on the buildings and vehicles in his city. He vows to roam the streets correcting the spelling, grammar, and even the content of any and all pro-Trump vandalism. “I support all the bigotry and hatred, but I still long for a day when our movement is not associated with ignorance. I will review all of the graffiti in my town and beyond, in the hope of eventually creating a single clear message of HATE. How can we ever get anywhere with: Hung All The Neggers! It implies our work is already done. And what exactly is a Negger anyway? We need to get our message honed and focused to laser sharp precision, before laser-targeting the chests of minorities.”

cxlil86ucaaetu9Mr. Meanie told the Discord, in an exclusive interview, “Take this anti-Sematic pro-Trump graffiti (left). No really, take it! It makes me sick. There’s a P in one of the swastikas. What does that even mean? The other swastika is not the symbol of fascism at all, but rather an ancient Hindu symbol for peace. In its original Sanskrit reversing the swastika translates as ‘well being’ and ‘good existence’. So this playground graffiti has more of a yin-yang mixed message. Is that what we’re trying to say, my fellow fascists? Listen up hatemongers, I have a message for you …we can deface better than this! Granted, I am impressed with the spelling for this work, but a little more forethought and an exclamation point could easily have been added. And let’s all just stay away from the phrase ‘sieg heil’. Whenever you want to say ‘sieg heil’, just go with ‘heil Hitler’. Just remember the second vowel is key to pronouncing a German word. Jesus, do I have to teach you people everything? And don’t get me started on Jesus.”

When asked about all the anti-Semitic equations popping up, Mr. Meanie said, “Yes, fair point. If you have no understanding of sociology, culture and mathematics try steering clear of the meaningful equation stuff. Hint: you’re doing it wrong. For example, what is the deal with this image? (below.) This is not an equation, this is a cry for help. Stephen Hawking couldn’t make sense of this shit with help from Albert Einstein. We would need an Egyptologist huffing paint thinner to decipher this crapola. Look, if you can’t make any sense and don’t have your GED yet, just stick to ‘Go Trump’ or ‘Jews Suck’ or something simple and to the point. Leave the higher level of hatred to the pros.”




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