It’s The Constitution, Zano, Not Your Articles Of Degeneration

pokeyMLYou have nerve ridiculing the Republican primary process, Zano. You want to sound like you’re backing Bernie Sanders until he might actually win and then you start back peddling faster than Lance Armstrong in a sharknado. “But I danno if Sanders is electable in the general election.” Boo hoo. This is code for Closeted Hillary Supporter (CHS). Last year, I thought the election would come down to a stale contest between ‘Clinton v Bush.’ The Republicans have at least rejected a return to the past, yet Hillary Clinton remains the Dem darling. How is that progressive? Speaking of Progressive, my  dream ticket is Flo and that guy from those Sonic commercials. Now they could really bring back America…with Freedom fries.

The Democrats have nothing. Read my lips, No New Ideas. Currently it’s the old self-proclaimed socialist versus the old self-proclaimed defender of women, minorities, and the everyday working-class schmoes (EWCS). Sorry, I never got the memo that we stopped those lousy acronym jokes. Yes, I’m unhappy with the Republicans, because they increasingly support Democratic policies. Let me simplify this, Zano. The greatest threat against the Constitution (that document which the President takes an oath to defend) comes from the expansion of Federal power:


Example #1: The Federal government owns more land than the Constitution allows.

Think about this, the Federal Government owns over 500 million acres (and growing) of U.S. land, that is 28% of the nation’s total land surface. They own 84% of Nevada, 69% of Alaska, 57% of Utah, and 53% of Oregon. At the same time that the Federal Government has been expanding its land ownership, our nation’s farmlands (which, last I checked, is where we get our food) have been decreasing by 5 million acres a year. If this keeps up, those fictional cryptids you hunt can roam free, but they’ll be the only ones.


Example #2: Obamacare.

Although the Constitution clearly gives the Federal Government the right to regulate people’s heath, it should be recognized that this is the largest U.S. legislative document ever (I think) with the furthest regulatory reach. It regulates every single citizen’s healthcare and charges them for their ‘non-activity.’ Remember, if non-activity can be taxed, then those Flagstaff Daily Discord contributors are most at risk.


Example #3: Over Regulation and the Federal Debt.

Small businesses, the economic engines of the nation’s economy, are increasingly burdened by crippling regulation. The federal debt is currently unsustainable. Were Dr. Evil the head of the Federal Reserve, he would need to come up with a new word for gazillion.


Example #4: Lack of transparency.

Obama pledged government transparency, but under Obama’s watch, the Federal Government secrecy grew as individual privacy evaporated. Snowden is now an Enemy of the State and most whistle blowers are left virtually unemployable, save for joining disreputable blogs such as this one.


Example #5: Federal Courts legislate progressive social policies.

Namely, abortion and gay marriage. Forty percent (and growing) of American women had a legal right to abortion at the time of Roe vs. Wade, oh but the Federal Court had to act to force all states to legalize the procedure. Same thing with Gay Marriage. Both of these issues could have been settled at the State Legislature (it’s called democracy), but instead the Federal Government chose to divide this nation for their progressive agenda.


The one thing that the federal government has a responsibility to do is to formulate and enforce a principled immigration policy, but instead they choose to politicize the issue. Time and again, we hear about the “broken immigration system” and the “need for comprehensive reform.” What does that mean? Isn’t the immigration system broken because government and business institutions have made it profitable and easy to live here illegally, while they make it costly and difficult to become a legal citizen? If you really want to pass a “comprehensive immigration policy” to “fix the broken system” just reverse this reality. Take away all reinforcements for those who come here illegally; administer massive fines for those who hire illegal immigrants; and then redistribute that wealth to pay for English, Constitutional Law, and job training and placement for those who earn, or are earning, their citizenship.

I haven’t heard the Democratic Party seriously address any of these issues for years. In all fairness, the Republican Party hasn’t done much better, but I still see a glimmer of hope in the integrity of Rubio, the principles of Paul and idealism of Cruz, and even in the audacity of Trump.

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