I Can’t Talk About Politics Rationally Anymore, But At Least There Was A Time I Could

This is no longer a contest between left and right. Our current political conflict has devolved into a fight between a functional democracy and demagogic authoritarianism. This is what happens when half our country can no longer acknowledge reality because they’re too busy ordering extra toppings for their next ‘Pizzagate’. Bonfire of the Hannitys? Our democracy is likely to lose in this wetland Drudge-match. I’m hardly giving the Dems a free pass for this soggy state of our union. Barackish water? For the pending midterms we have the motivated misinformed vs our apathetic and slightly-autistic millennials. Sure the next generation is angry, but will they ever put down their video controllers or iPhones long enough to find a voting booth? Is there a voting app that they can download before then? Hey, let’s get the people at Kaspersky to install it and maybe get some Safe Space voting booths complete with iPhone and USB ports. Even if the libs can muster the ‘testicular fortitude’ to take back one of the chambers of Congress in November, Trump’s court appointees will haunt this nation for decades to come. Kidding, we don’t have decades. Trumpocalypse DOW?

In a healthy democracy having one’s assumptions challenged is a good thing, but this schitznik is anything but. What is the point anymore? Debates have shifted heavily toward the fruitless end of futile. When debates do occur within the Democratic party (aka Bernie v Hillary) they only foster schisms that weaken the Resistance. The pragmatism v progressive battle may well leave the rightwing in charge. Must liberals adopt a groupthink mentality like the right to win elections? Groupthink is prevalent on both sides, but at least Portlandia is sprinkled with some other ingredients. But groupthink works for the right, and very effectively. Every Republican on TV, and in my personal life, all pull from the same handful of faulty talking points. Is mimicking the ‘successes’ of the right the best we can muster? In some ways, MSNBC could start repeating basic responses to the right’s false narrative. This would be helpful, but even their anchors seem unable to counter basic mistruths at times.

How is the Resistance fairing overall? Slate Magazine was on a roll this week. Whereas Jonathon Foiles  acknowledges the futility in fighting Trump’s SCOTUS nominee and recommends a shift toward grassroots efforts. Others are touting obstruction and impeachment tactics, here. Still other journalists are reminding us of the importance of self-care when dealing with the loss of our country’s basic ideals and principles, here. Thanks for joining the party, peeps, but I have been grieving the loss of our democracy here on The Discord for a long time. This monster strapped to the gurney and flailing its tiny hands against our checks and balances didn’t just spring to life amidst the last lighting strike to assume power. Our Republican friends have been devolving for a long time. HP Lovecraft couldn’t dream up a more malevolent presidential entity—an entity for me that can only be thwarted by gin. Gin and Cthonic?

A third Slate article offers a handy dandy guide to keeping facts from going extinct. Setting the bar high, are we? This four step plan involves disseminating actual facts on social media and to friends, regularly (aka, when Trump says, “Without ICE Americans couldn’t safely leave their houses”, counter this lie with the fact that immigrants statistically perpetrate less crimes than average Americans). Um, this is what I’ve been doing for 15+ years and for what? Republicans are losing an IQ point per news cycle and all the liberal ‘splainen in the world won’t change that. These days insights are not in. The last time I added two comments to an existing FB thread (circa 2011), both triggered long hate-filled rants. I haven’t chimed in since. For both instances I simply interjected with the aforementioned and endangered ‘Fact’:

Here’s the two points I mistakenly added to a comment thread:

1. Day for day Obama has taken less vacation time than George W. Bush at the same time in office.

2. Here’s an actual Congressional Budget Office link that shows the costs/expenditures associated with the 2008 collapse.

This is one of the more civil of the eighty some-odd responses:

“Oh… well that’s settled. If the congressional budget office says it’s so… I’d be more likely to believe the credibility in a report from the National Enquirer.”

Finally, I am in agreement with a Republican. They would believe the National Enquirer over numbers provided by the CBO. It’s like the old adage: why be informed when you can be affirmed. If they don’t like the numbers, they ignore them. So just remind them of the facts, eh? Why didn’t I think of that? We are in a late stage democracy and our only chance is to pry the young people away from their X-Boxes long enough to give a shit about their futures. We are ripe for fascism in this age of the inexplicable vs the indifferent.

When Republicans try to talk to me now, I can’t focus. I just swell with anger. None of them have shown any insight, at least in my adult lifetime, so when they try to explain to me “how the real world works” it’s infuriating. Debating a Republican is a waste of time (I always like to add, my friend Pokey excluded).

Today the right will never let the left lead and now this rampant obstructionism runs both ways, as predicted. The current political environment stifles insight while propping up poop on a pedestal. This “veneration of ignorance” will not sustain a superpower for much longer. Kicking the Sarah Sanders’ of the world out of every public place in America isn’t going to change that fact, only voting will. The Resistance needs to be more subtle. Next time just spit in her food. Kidding! I wonder how many of those employees, the ones who insisted Sanders leave the premises, will even vote in November? Eradication without representation?

I have zero respect for the GOP, but the Trump supporter will never admit, or even understand their part in our pending demise. I don’t know how they could get any less insightful, and yet that’s what I’m predicting. The last hint of any meaningful libertarianism died with Justice Kennedy and the opposition party would rather sit on the couch and let it all burn to the ground. Goodnight and good luck.


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  16 comments for “I Can’t Talk About Politics Rationally Anymore, But At Least There Was A Time I Could

  1. Pokey
    July 6, 2018 at 12:45 PM

    I don’t care if immigrant perpetuate statistically less crimes than average Americans–immigrants ARE average Americans. I care that ILLEGAL immigrants perpetuate statistically MORE crimes than average Americans. Regardless, we the people demand that the government seal off the border and deny tax-payer benefits to any person (man, woman, or child) who would dare cross our border illegally. Then lopen the door to many more LEGAL immigrants–those law abiding average Americans who contribute greatly to our civilization every day.

  2. Pokey
    July 6, 2018 at 1:03 PM

    I just saw Bill Maher and Ben Shapiro spar and I thought of you. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

  3. George
    July 6, 2018 at 6:06 PM

    Sad. And I don’t mean that in a Trumpian way, more of a “stop the world – I want to get off!” kind of way.

    • Mick Zano
      July 6, 2018 at 10:24 PM

      I keep flirting with not following the news anymore, but it’s like rubbernecking delays when you pass an accident, you can’t help looking.

      • pokey
        July 8, 2018 at 10:06 AM

        Back to my first point: this is how the Left lies–by meshing the issues of Illegal Immigration with legal immigration. Then they can suggest that the Right is “anti-immigrant”/ racist on account of their demands to seal the border.

      • Pokey
        July 8, 2018 at 1:26 PM

        I don’t blame you. This week in the news it was revealed that the latest IG report hid the fact on page 203 that a DOJ diplomat of public affairs supervisor traveling with Loretta Lynch told the internal DOJ investigators that Clinton’s Secret Services detail contacted Lynch’s Security detail ahead of time to arrange the “tarmac” meeting in advance. Thus it was a lie to say it was an “accidental” meeting. You’ve been repeating the Democratic mantra all along–telling me it was an “accidental” meeting to talk about grandchildren. So we can now agree that the Clinton’s and the Lynch’s lied to us all in order to cover up the truth of the DOJ collusion in the Clinton investigation? This “conspiracy theory” has now achieved your “standard of proof” to be considered a “scandal,” right? Though I’m sure you won’t acknowledge it’s relevancy. You’ve never acknowledged (that I recall) a scandal relevant unless it has advanced your politics.

        • Mick Zano
          July 8, 2018 at 7:08 PM

          Wait? You don’t blame me? You always have the anvil set up on the cliff and you lure me right into the same box canyon. But you’re forgetting your role, Wile E as it may be. If you’re right about everything this time, Hillary becomes what? …more unemployed? Oh, and I think you forgot that the rope is still attached to your ankle. Oops. Your ilk will always have the next shiny object to bat at, but, even if it’s true, does that mean the 24/7 atrocities of the GOP are somehow vindicated? Does that mean we’re safe from a fascist, brainless toddler-in-chief? Do you really think you have the only valid scoop in the country, as regurgitated by morons, or is it more likely that this is just the next hyper-focused detail distraction?

          • Mick Zano
            July 8, 2018 at 7:53 PM

            Again, I tried to look into this for some reason and are you referencing ChicksOnRight, The Blaze, or Weaselzippers? That’s what I found… Hmmm. Yeah, as predicted no one is going to listen to the Fox who cried wolf. Someday that will come to bite us in the ass, but, again, i’m guessing that’s probably not today. Zenwrongness is a powerful thing, isn’t it? My limited understanding of this situation, from the beginning, was how Bill Clinton heard they would be in the same place at the same time and tried to arrange a meeting. Ten minutes, ten hours, I have no idea of the particulars, but what’s really sad is how I am going to understand every last detail soon enough …details that will ultimately have little or nothing to do with the end of our republic.

            • Pokey
              July 9, 2018 at 5:36 PM

              No, from the beginning the Clinton’s had been reporting–June 29, 2016 cbs news online, emily schuler. First paragraph “…in what both sides say was an unplanned encounter.” “An aide to Bill Clinton contacted CBS News that the meeting wasn’t planned in advance. President Clinton saw the attorney general on the tarmac and wanted to say ‘hello,’ so he boarded the plane.”

              When interviewed Bill Clinton said “I didn’t know she was there until somebody told me she was there. And we looked out the window and it was really close…and I…I did not have sex with that woman.”

              Look at page 203 of the Inspector General’s report: ‘The OPA Supervisor said that former President CLinton’s secret service detail had contacted Lynch’s FBI security detail to let them that the former President wanted to meet with Lynch.”

              “Lynch said that she was very surprised that he wanted to meet with her because they did not have a social relationship, and she was also surprised to see him right there in the doorway.”

              • Mick Zano
                July 10, 2018 at 12:10 PM

                Yeah, that’s the way it was first reported, because it held up planes. He knew how long before the meeting, minutes, hours? This is exactly how it was reported. So they planned to have a tarmac delay that pissed off commuters? Hmmm. Great plan. He found out at some point before that they we’re going to be in the same place, so he asked to meet with her. Now look at the other side all those happenstance meeting with oligarchs and spies in foreign cities and strange private islands. Well, republicans have always been better at this. But we’re learning!

          • pokey
            July 9, 2018 at 6:46 PM

            Do you think I enjoy researching these subjects to such absurd detail? I didn’t need to dig so deep to know that the Obama State department colluded with the investigators to rig the Clinton investigation. But you have been characterizing such allegations as “right wing conspiracy hoax distractions that are never proven to be true.” Proof requires details–so I searched and found the details that prove that Obama, Clinton, McCabe, Lynch and company lied and covered up key facts that can no longer be dismissed as “far right wing conspiracy theory.” So Zano just claims that all these tedious details are all irrelevant.

            Zano, it’s proven for anyone willing to honestly look–The Obama State department colluded with the higher ups in the FBI to rig the Hillary investigation. That’s a slam dunk. Until your side can own up to that which is so obvious to any objective observer, you have no credibility in you resistance to Trump.

            Which brings me to the other case where the evidence is mounting, but not yet beyond the burden of proof–the same conspiracy that existed between the Obama State department and FBI also created the Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax. We’ll see, but so far, there is no hard evidence for “Trump made a deal with Russia that helped him win the election” conspiracy theory. Maybe it’s there; and if it is, Trump’s got to go; but if it isn’t, then my assessment is probably true–Obama State department and FBI fabricated the Trump/Russia Hoax. We’ll soon see. But if I’m correct, hypothetically, would that change anything in your political perspective?

            If I were a betting man…

            • Mick Zano
              July 10, 2018 at 12:02 PM

              My credibility, what little I have stems from assessing a situation accurately. I am not saying you are wrong on the scandal of the moment, I never do. They’re all so intriguing, arent’ they? what I am saying is that you are ilk are always ultimately proven wrong (excluding the more-to-come present). That’s the heart of my zenwrongness theory. One day you will be right, so what? The damage is done. You keep missing the main point, if old man is yelling at cloud, not all of us want to keep interviewing every cloud in the sky. It doesn’t mean there’s not an evil alien spacecraft behind one of them. We’re just a little weary of all the bullshit.

              Thought I would add this, per the Washington Post today: “The president made 98 factual claims at a Montana rally. We found that 76 percent were false, misleading or unsupported by evidence.” Today, one rally beats entire administrations. But, hey that old man is still yelling at that cloud. Let’s interview that darker cloud. It’s not from around here.

              • pokey
                July 11, 2018 at 12:25 PM

                Proven wrong? What have I been proven wrong about?

                And back to my very first comment–isn’t it a “lie” to purposefully clump the categories of “illegal immigrants” with “legal immigrant Americans”? Because that is what you did to prove Trump a liar.

                • Mick Zano
                  July 12, 2018 at 1:32 PM

                  I just wrote an article stressing how everything republicans focus on (prior to the current distraction at hand, aka from 2017 back to beginning of time) has been garbage. Of the last 15 “major” republican scandals, some didn’t merit further investigation, some were debunked by bipartisan committees, and the ones that did get their day in court failed to turn up a single indictment, or even any wrongdoing (exception Hillary email). we can’t look at what you’re going on about today, while ignoring the fact that none of it, thus far, has proven to be relevant. You will stay focused on this issue until the Sean Hannitys of the world suggest you look elsewhere. I listened to a chunk of the Strozk interview today. One take away, if republicans try to undermine an active FBI investigation, one of the Yuugest! in recent history, they should be penalized to the full extent of the law. But why have proof when you can have perceptions? There are no unbiased voices anymore, Poke. My comments mirror his. There are Hillary haters, Trump haters and some, like Strozk, who hate both. Where did it impact his job? Eventually this will fall into one of the three aforementioned republican scandal buckets. But fear not, you’ll be going on about something else by then.

                  And why hasn’t Bigfoot testified on Benghazi? What is sasquatch hiding?

                  • pokey
                    July 13, 2018 at 3:50 PM

                    It simply comes down to this–Did Donald Trump make a deal with Russia to influence the election against Clinton? If so–then publicaly hang Trump. If not then inflict severe legal consequences upon the Dems and FBI ‘”appearance” of bias, corruption, and conflicts of interest. It really does come down to an either/or in this situation.

                    • Mick Zano
                      July 14, 2018 at 12:40 PM

                      I think it’s either I’m right or you’re wrong. The burden of proof must be a terrible thing for those of us just making shit up. What I find amusing is how I called it, again, by predicting Fox & Friends would be defending Trump until the day he’s:

                      “Swinging on the gallows pole.”
                      -Led Zeppelin

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