A Mikky-Twoshits Rebuttal

The Crank

Oh, where to begin… Great, you watched Fox Business Channel.  Small steps, Mick, small steps.  We don’t want a relapse.  But you were surprised that a business channel is focusing solely on how well the markets are doing. Uh, Mick, it’s a BUSINESS CHANNEL, just what exactly were you expecting? (sigh) I do not typically turn to the Green Planet Channel (GPC) for all the latest strip mining techniques.

Massachusetts WAS a referendum, not so much for Republicans, but against Obama and the current carnival freak show that is the Congress. The election was won on three specific ideas: the current health care bill is an abortion, endless spending of money we don’t have is wrong (unless, of course, Heir Beck is right about “agendas”), and we the peoples Don Juan no stinking Mirandizing of people we are at war with. So it’s simple, actually. If you believe, as Obamarama states, that it was anger toward Bush, you are more delusional than even I thought. You and Hannity are the only two humans left that still have Bush on the brain (And no, I aint goin there…).  I hope the two of you will be happy together. 

Please stop calling the Tea Party Obscene names. It makes you look like the typical Lib that has no arguments left, and has resorted to name calling. I know you ain’t one of those, so just stop—unless you have tea bagging on the brain (which, of course is what it is…if you follow). There are people that can take care of that for you as well, many of which are probably your test subjects-er-I-mean patients (Island of Dr. Zano joke omitted by Winslow).

As far as budget cutting, here is some news for you, and you’ll soon find out it’s true and then you’ll have to eat your lunch all by yourself (wasn’t THAT an Eagle’s song?). We are broke. Right now they are even laying off Police and Firemen in Phoenix.  Whereas this may be good for the crime spree barn burners that you call parties, I think the rest of us would rather fund them than not.  Unfortunately, this is where we are. Making the sales tax near 10% is like funding childcare through a tax on cigarettes (which they actually tried doing). The money gets less and less, not more and more, as people quit smoking, or in this case purchasing, and can have immediate effects on job creation. Increasing any taxes during a recession is an economics 101 no-no, but you were never too good with money, so you wouldn’t have known that. I feel bad for the mentally ill children, but not so much if my house burns down. Speaking of Eagles, in the words of the immortal Don Henley, “I’d like to find your inner child and kick its little ass.”  Well, it always worked for my mother. It made me the man (twitch-twitch-blink-blink) that I am today.

As for your Obama quarterback analogy, if a relief quarterback is brought into a game and upon his first toss, throws the friggin ball into the hands of the opposition, he is now responsible for any loss. Period. Obama took the ball and tossed it right into China’s hands. If he had just stood there and dropped the thing, it would have been better. Not fixing the economy is better than making it much worse. When you tell the small business owners that you don’t give a rats ass about the economy, that you want to increase costs of doing business with Crap & Trade and Healthcare, and that you don’t see a problem with taking money out of the system by deficit spending—all the while businesses can’t get the credit you’ve wasted—they have the unfortunate response of firing people.

I remember you telling me that the Campaign Finance Reform law was the worst thing since wet Wonderbread, and now that it has been repealed, it was the greatest? Very flippish and floppish, sir. Make-uppa-you-mind. It’s really about the Constitution. You know, the thing that Bush trashed, which you libs are now using as an excuse for more trashing that makes his big league trashing just so much junior varsity play.

Apparently, that ten minutes in the can, should have been much longer.  Despite all of this, my offer still stands to bail you out of jail, any time—unless you pull another Philadelphia.  That was just wrong.

The Crank

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