Rebutt! The End is Nigh!

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Please let me preface the following article by stating that I may not be writing this whilst in the best of moods. The Crank’s humble domicile has experienced a water issue of biblical proportions. I am writing this after three days of industrial wind machines 24-hrs a day, cats locked up in solitary, bitching constantly as they tend to do, a spouse asking “when will it be over?” as incessantly as a kid on a car trip asking “are we there yet?” So forgive me in advance.

After spending way too much time reading internet news sites while waiting for the economy to recover before I die, I have recently started to view these sites in a new way.  I believe it is something everyone should do. I now read only the title of an article, and then go directly to the comments.

It sure is an eye-opening look into the psyche of America. The un-educated, the badly educated, the well educated, all sitting at a computer somewhere, not doing any work. Many people all calling each other names, like Zano, or making lame arguments for things they cannot really defend, again, like Zano.

My next question is this: what is Zano? Uneducated? No, the only people on Earth that can attend school for 20+ years and still not have a fucking clue as to the real world are Islamists. They attend Madrassas and learn to hate. One plus one? Anyone? Anyone? Yes, that’s right little Achmed, one plus one is kill the Jews! What happened in 1492? Anyone? Yes, that was the year Death to America started. How does one make a Falafel? Yes, you ask your wife to make you one, or you beat her to death, and then ask your daughter to do it. In Catholic school, we at least learned the three Rs along with our hatred.

Although it took some seven years for that four year degree, Zano did in fact, well…attend, for lack of a better term, college. Is he badly educated? Maybe so, but I doubt that the backwoods of Pennsyltucky is the bastion of communist/progressive thought. No. he in fact is somewhat well educated. What then, you may ask, went wrong?

It’s a question that I ask about many who write the comments on articles online. What went wrong? I can tell you exactly what went wrong. We have all gone deeef. AH SAY, AH SAY WE’VE ALL GONE DEEF! It must be that. How else can so many supposedly well educated people scream at each other all day and fail to successfully make even the most basic of arguments? Speech should be free, but bullshit talking points should be a felony. In which case, of course, most of you assholes would be in jail, and I wouldn’t have to listen to talking points any more.

I was ‘taught’ by my educators in elementary and junior high school that we should never ever stop learning. We should always be ready to change our thinking when presented with a reason to do so. If I wasn’t able to do this, I would still have an Italian Afro, platform shoes and drive an Iroc-Z. And that, my friends, was in grade school. I think I was taught things in high school, but that was the late 60s and early 70s. That 70’s Life? Actually, I don’t recall much of the 70s, but I was told I had a great time…

I feel that everyone has stopped learning. Stopped listening. Stopped realizing that everyone’s ideas must be respected, no matter how they differ from yours. Zano stopped listening to me when he was just a ten. I guess belching “I’ve got you now Luke Skywalker” at the local Burger King on the way back from seeing Star Wars lost its thrill. It was a great belch. Got an ovation from those nearby…well, those ‘too nearby’ didn’t all make it, but I digest…er, digress.

On one hand, we have someone in office that has no clue as to governing. Golf? Yeah sure. That other thing? Not so much. On the other hand we have Max Mittroom, flipper extraordinaire. And his hair is perfect. Hello Loosah, I’d like you to meet Loosah. But the way the comments read out you would think if you didn’t pray at the altar of one or the other, you were doomed to Prelimbic Mutiodness. Endless drivel by ill-informed or the terminally non-informed. If that is the way it is, that is what we will get from the campaigns, hate and lies.

And, that is what we deserve. We talk bullshit, we get bullshit.

Obamabots, Libtards, Rethuglicans, Democraps, and in Zanos case, Patriotards. The list goes on. If you have ever used one of these words in a comment, I want you to go, right now, in front of a mirror. I want you to turn you back to the mirror, and look over your shoulder and slightly down at said mirror. You, my friends, are looking at your brain on politics.

I remember pictures of Reagan and Tipp O’Neill, sitting in a back room at the capitol, smoking brandy and drinking cigars, er…wait, well you get the idea. Johnson and Kennedy did the same. Clinton did it big time. I also remember some great legislation coming out of those meetings, meetings where the President, Speaker of the House and the Leader of the Senate actually sat down and got shit done, amazing as it seems. It’s called In Committee. Part of a President’s job is to manage the two houses, to have input in legislation. There has been none of that for over a decade. There may be no one left alive that knows how.

The Senate hasn’t passed a budget in almost four years. That is an unbelievable fact, people. The first time in history a President’s whole term will not produce a budget! The House has sent some 90 pieces of legislation to the Senate, only to have them shelved by Harry Reid. The way a law/bill/budget is SUPPOSED TO come into being is it is written by both Houses, and put to “Committee” to compromise both into one piece of legislation. That is how it’s been for 200-plus years. Harry Reid will not send anything to Committee. Nothing. They both claim the other isn’t compromising, but let’s be clear, no one, I repeat, NO ONE, has ever suggested actually CUTTING ANYTHING. NOTHING. They both talk about reductions in future increased spending. Paul Ryan’s evil dangerous rethuglican budget actually INCREASES spending, just not as much as the Democrats want. Anything else is a lie. Throwing grandma over a cliff is something we all are doing if we don’t have real reform now.

When you say you will “cut” if they “tax” then that’s only a compromise if you actually “cut” anything. Everyone who says that “the other side” is dangerously cutting from anything is LYING to you. They may move funding out of one area into another, just ask Mikko as he sees actual heathcare providers cut and overseers increase. That’s not a cut, but it hurts the same. A true cut lessens spending, not just takes it away from one and gives to another, usually involving a company owned/operated by a lawmaker’s brother-in law, or big campaign donor. 

Our American Bureaucracy is big enough to close useless programs and send that money where it will do the most good. It’s what needs to be done, along with Tax reform, closing corporate loopholes, stopping subsidies and increasing taxes directly and through increasing economic activity by less but SMARTER regulation. There will be no real action as long as the both current parties’ leadership in the House and Senate are still here. No one has the balls to tell the American people the truth. To coin a phrase, you can’t handle the truth.

But somewhere, on some website, some angry asshole sitting at his computer at work, not working, wasting everyone’s time buying into the lies, will be calling someone a derogatory name simply because they believe something differently from them. Take the whole Chick-Fil-A thing. Now I don’t give a rats ass what gays do, or who they do for that matter. None of my business. I also think if the owner of CFA wants to believe in the historical definition of marriage, so be it. I may not agree, but I will not stop his freedom to think that, or speak it. Listen, bullies everywhere, both social and political, please do not make political statements using food. I have an amazingly large “problem” with that.

Bullies all reach a point where people originally on your side turn against them. Bullies, by any name, are not helpful to anyone, especially themselves. They will see this soon enough. Or, they will continue to have verbal diarrhea on websites, only helping to prove my theories.

Like the plumbers say when installing a new septic tank, “Someone has to go in the old one and switch the pipes.” Don your Hazmat suits people. That would be us…the time would be now.

I dare Zano and Win-slow to put this up and not feel the head bobbing smarmy self-important need to add their unneeded and unwanted opinion. This is my opinion, not yours.

Luv ya both


(Space for zano/win-slow opinion here)

Eat at Joe’s

Told ya so.

P.S. Crank’s tip for the day: ADHD is inherited. If you have ADHD, find someone else that has it and procreate. A double dose will make sure your offspring will have the ability to jump between dimensions at-will. They just won’t remember much of what happened.

I did; they do.
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