The Trump Experiment Or Unconsciousness Revisited

In his book, “The Origin of Consciousness”, the late author Julian Jaynes detailed a compelling case for how and why leadership became the driving force in the development of civilization. Our governments, institutions, clergy, and corporations demonstrate and depend on Jaynes’ basic premise that, in essence, “top-down organizational charts” direct the masses toward behaviors and thinking consistent with the advancement and security of humanity. Under normal circumstances, history shows that those who have become good leaders have been bestowed with the intelligence and insight necessary to advance the condition of those who depend on their judgment. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Leaders throughout history have, for good or bad, placed the needs of their cultures, tribes, or plebes at the top of their decision-making operations. Leaders find ways to obtain food and clean water when needed; they determine when crises are present, and when events pose a legitimate risk to the society they oversee; and they protect their wards according to the social principles inherent in their cultures. This phenomenon has worked in every advanced society for 40,000 years or more.

Until now…

We presently have a president and a congress that together seem incapable of understanding the basic importance and supremacy of their positions. Our current leaders are broken people who place self-aggrandizement, profit, and a twisted sense of winning above the real needs of society. We the plebes should not stand for this anti-humanity orientation. A disorganized, ineffective, and self-serving government is destructive to society.

Change is needed.


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