Dr. Kwela Juluka

The Trump Experiment Or Unconsciousness Revisited

In his book, “The Origin of Consciousness”, the late author Julian Jaynes detailed a compelling case for how and why leadership became the driving force in the development of civilization. Our governments, institutions, clergy, and corporations demonstrate and depend on Jaynes’ basic premise that, in essence, “top-down organizational charts” direct the masses toward behaviors and thinking consistent with the advancement and security of humanity. Under normal circumstances, history shows that those who have become good leaders have been bestowed with the intelligence and insight necessary to advance the condition of those who depend on their judgment. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Trump Has Transformed Politics, But Into What?

Stage hands prepare for the South Carolina Republican presidential candidates debate in Myrtle Beach January 16, 2012. REUTERS/Jason Reed (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS) - RTR2WE58

Contrary to considerable negative public opinion, I must assert that Donald J. Trump is perhaps the best thing to happen to America in its entire history. His peculiar qualifications, non-conventional psychological constitution, and remarkable absence of self-control make him a distinctly influential political player. He has single-handedly ripped the shrouds of ambiguity and obfuscation off the face of the Republican Party, revealing in stark clarity the fundamental beliefs of his party.
“Donald is to politics what the Corvair was to automobiles, what lead was to house paint, what unsealed Tylenol was to the pharmaceutical bottle industry.”

Dog Whistle Politics

POL-Elephant%202-2TDog-whistle politics is a term that describes statements made by political candidates and people in elected positions phrased in ways intended to galvanize support from like-mined voters. At the same time such political revenuers try to avoid repulsing voters who are on the fence. “Family values” might be an example of a dog-whistle. Lately a less subtle form of political speech has entered the arena. It reminds me of a historic National Lampoon magazine cover from the 1970s showing a frightened dog with a gun pointed to its head. Of course, that was satire, but today’s GOP’s message is often as overt and offensive. For other examples of dog-whistle politics see anything on The Daily Discord.

Coalition of the Falling: Ebola Fed Ex

Dr. Kwela Juluka

I have taken a turn for the worse after my visit to West Africa.  I have fatigue, headaches, and I’m bleeding out of every orifice in/on my body…and that’s just because I write for the Discord.  Actually, I shook hands with a previously infected doctor who attributed his recovery to his Christian God rather than to medical science.  Color me stunned!  With docs like that, Africa is in for a thrill ride on the exponential Ebola train to Shitsville, which I also believe is a Monkees’ song.

I am requesting that you use your resources to have me parachuted into ISIS territory where – before I lose consciousness and while equipped with several WiFi accessible GoPros – I might generously shake hands with the knife-wielding beheading guy known as “John”.  John might later kneel with his friends in a confined space and in obedience to his supernatural figment, spreading my molecular goodness to others, and on and on and on.  My sacrifice may be better than targeted nuclear strikes in affirming the world’s response of an aversion to slicing throats in the service of a political statement.

I have found that beer may be a cure for the Ebola virus, though I’m still crunching the numbers re: octane vs bleeding, but I do think I have enough time remaining to make the flight and drop to John’s doorstep.  I will forgo my next bar crawl to become part of Obama’s Coalition of the Falling. Please help me make this important meeting with John before I bleed out or get too drunk to take my case to him.  The Rolling Stones tell us “only women bleed”, but I beg to differ. In fact, I’m going through gauze like a dog goes through bones, like an Imam goes through verses, like a chef goes through garnish.  My existential nature demands more of me, and so I bleed on your mercy to help me turn the tide in Iraq – the right way!

Do you remember as a kid when you lit that bag of dog poop on fire and rang that doorbell? Yeah? Ding dong, John. I am that flaming bag of poop.