Mick Zano

Mick Zano

Mick Zano is the Head Comedy Writer and co-founder of The Daily Discord. He is the Captain of team Search Truth Quest and is currently part of the Witness Protection Program. He is being strongly advised to stop talking any further about this, right now, and would like to add that he is in no way affiliated with the Gambinonali crime family.

It’s Hard To Plot A Revolution From A ‘Safe Space’

Dear America, please don’t lure me back to those days when I despised both sides of the political aisle. It should be painfully obvious in 2019 that we have a fairly typical party and a wholly deplorable one. Despite this fact, the Eye of Zano is turning once again toward the Mountains of Blandness. The cognitive dissonance is becoming more pronounced on the left, as predicted …but, hey, at least they can pronounce something. It’s hard to remain optimistic when half of our Democratic hopefuls have no grasp of today’s issues and the other half are too old to articulate them. Congressional hearings are equally as disturbing when republicans remain unsure of the main premise outside of last night’s Hannity segment, and liberals won’t cede their time to the prosecutorial ringers in the room because of their egos. Soundbite over country?

A Spiteful Trump Announces Next G7 Will Be Held At Barstow Motel 6

Tweet Tower—After mounting pressure from everyone everywhere, the president declared his Doral Miami resort would not be hosting next year’s G7 summit. In a presidential tweet The Donald declared the G7 would now be held in a seedy Motel 6 outside of Barstow, California. The White House released a statement that the town of Barstow has “plenty of land, numerous convenience stores, and is hailed as the Gateway To Bakersfield.” Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) claims, “The venue decision was also motivated by digging up dirt on the Bidens, because there’s so much of it already out there.”

Trump Talks Turkey: There Are Good People On Both Sides Of The Genocide

Tweet Tower—President Trump is standing by his decision to continue to talk to world leaders unsupervised. The consequences of a U.S. vacuum in northern Syria came swiftly after a conversation with President Erdogan led to a Turkish incursion into Syria the very next tweet #ToKillaMockingKurd. Even republican politicians seem uncharacteristically critical of the president for these developments, not the least of which involves the potential escape of thousands of ISIS fighters from regional prisons. The president urged his critics today to “go fuck themselves,” before adding: “ISIS has given me good dirt on Hunter and Sleepy Joe, and they promised me a Caliphate Trump Tower! Since Rudy can’t handle these things anymore I’ve hired Springfield’s best lawyer, Lionel Hutz!”

Tweet Tower Unleashes The Nazgûl To Hunt The Last Inspector Generals Of Men

Tweet Tower—As the subpoenas mount, President Trump has declared the Office of the Inspector General itself part of The Deep State, ISIS and possibly The View. The president is now charging the largest body of governmental oversight for passing along potentially “traitorous information.” In an effort to preempt anymore “salacious and unverified” reports from surfacing through normal whistleblower channels, nine Turmpwraiths vaulted from the top of Tweet Tower earlier today, each tasked with devouring one of the nine remaining OIG heads. The safety of each Inspector General is unclear at this hour, but the White House states this act is necessary to pave the way for a better, more robust whistleblower program. In an exclusive CNN Interview Rudy Giuliani said, “What is a Nazgûl? Why would the president unleash them? Of course he unleashed the Nazgûl! There are nine of them just hanging out under the North Portico basement, and he had nine potential OIG troublemakers, so what was he supposed to do? The Nazgûl are going to be the heroes when this is over.”

Former Security Adviser John Bolton Found Enriching Uranium In Basement

Bethesda, MD—The International Kryptonic Energy Agency (IKEA) believes ousted National Security Adviser, John Bolton, is only 12-months from the development of a nuclear weapon. An exclusive McClatchy report has the undeclared uranium processing facility situated in Bolton’s basement between his washing machine and Nordic Track. Bolton maintains his efforts to develop a bomb are for “peaceful purposes only,” and he told the press today during a joint press conference with his Nordic Track that: “My home atomic energy efforts are to power my washing machine as well as my Nordic Track …you know, so I don’t have to.”

Trump Pressured Aladdin’s Genie Over Trump Tower Agrabah Deal

South Agrabah—In another stunning abuse of power, a second released transcript shows President Trump demanding one more wish from Aladdin’s genie. According to the transcript, the president said, “I want another wish! This is treason, because I get a third wish!! I’m signing an executive order for another wish, right now!!! For my next wish, I want Prince Aladdin to grant me permission to build a Trump Tower in Agrabah.” The genie added under oath, “A world leader should be able to count to three. I told him, I said, you have three wishes, Mr. President, and one of them can’t be to wish for more wishes. He proceeded to wish that Biden would make more gaffes on the campaign trail, which was granted …for what it’s worth. He used his second wish to have his last tweet—the one he just hit send on while we were talking together—shifted directly to the WH private server. And for his third wish he wanted that Hillary IT guy to wipe the whole drive clean. He claims that was two parts of the same wish, but I called bleach bot. I mean, bullshit.”

Alien Children Separated From Their Parents At Roswell!

Roswell, NM—The current governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, is under fire for actions taken by her office many decades earlier when a UFO crash landed in the desert northwest of Roswell in 1947. There are also reports hovering around this story that the alien children were kept in cages and received poor medical care, which may be attributed to their reptilian circulatory system and almost machine-like neurophysiology.