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Great Again! Trump Creates Over 2K New Jobs In The Tear Gas And Crowd Control Equipment Industries

Tweet Tower—The President was all smiles today after reviewing some of the latest job report numbers. Since President Trump’s election tear gas manufacturing jobs have nearly tripled and the stock market is showing a solid bump in the demand for Kevlar, a high tensile-strength polymer designed to protect a militarized police-force from the growing hipster menace. The demand for police shields, batons, and other riot control gear has also spiked in a way not seen since the Great Vampire Culling of Jersey City. Donald Trump told the press, “The fake media won’t be covering this, but it’s great news for real American fascists. Great news! I’m not even going to mention how high Tiki Torch sales have skyrocketed in recent weeks, but it’s up bigly.” #Klu-Klux-Cha-Ching

Much Like A Cuff And Ropeless S&M Club, Republican Ignorance Knows No Bounds

Many have asked, why do Republicans consistently vote against their own interests? CNN’s Fareed Zakaria just did a special on Why Trump Won, yet he only made a passing reference to the real culprit, namely, our tailored and targeted media. In 2017 the rightwing ‘Bubble’ can now subsist on little to no factual sustenance whatsoever. It’s like when marine biologists first discovered colonies of sea life leaching off volcanic vents, far away from the light. Thermal rants? Instead of seeking the consensus in a given field of knowledge, our conservative friends seem content to forever find that one rogue professional who supports their crapola. You know, that one dentist in ten who thinks brushing your teeth is bad for oral hygiene. Book that guy on Hannity and then watch the ensuing Breitfart headline: Pro-Cavity Dentist Destroys Lib Dental Hygienist!

The End Of Muppets RESIST? As Military Sweeps Through Sesame Street One Witness Describes Aftermath As “Fur Flurries Blanketing The Skies!”

Sesame Street—Sesame Street is under siege at this hour amidst a sequence of events witnesses are calling “better than that Seagal movie of the same name.” President Trump is apparently directing his recent frustrations toward the home turf of the late great Jim Henson. Soon after the president announced his intentions to defund PBS, a Muppets RESIST movement was born. Since March several of Henson’s creations have been arrested and detained for acts unbecoming of a puppet. Today a military sweep of the Muppet home world has resulted in five arrests, countless citations, and a possible Gonzo movie deal. Shortly before the raid a witness claims the president asked a pedestrian, “Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street? No really, I want to fuck some of those fuzzy little shits up.”

Wait, The Only Thing Thwarting Trump’s Agenda Is A Group Of Congressmen Who Don’t Think It’s Horrible Enough?

We have successfully made the transition from ‘know hope’ to ‘no hope’. In today’s political circus, the Freedom Caucus is now all the rage. Are you kidding me? The only thing standing between El Trumpedente and everything he wants for Christmas is a pack of hyenas? Through the magic of redistricting, we must support the minority of the minority? Who wants to cheer on the frickin’ Freedom Caucus? Then again, they did save Obamacare. The enemy of my enemy is my friend’s enema? I don’t even follow that one. People are concerned about republican in-fighting. Don’t be. When it counts, conservative-types are always united in their wrongness. Republicans do impress me in one sense as they’ve discovered so many distinct, yet shitty factions, views and philosophies. Multinefarious? Diversdefecation? Fine, I’ll work on that one.