Paul Ryan Added To List Of People Trump Will Drone Strike On Day One



Trump Tower—Donald Trump expressed his extreme disgust with the current Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. Trump feels betrayed by the republican establishment and is taking his ire out on one of the latest defectors in a series of vicious Tweets. The latest Tweet threatens to add Mr. Ryan to his growing drone strike list. Mr. Trump was asked about the legality of assassinating an American on American soil without due process, and The Donald replied, “I will import some soil from Mexico and when he’s standing on it, then I’ll give the order. Besides, executive orders mean I can do what I want. It’s right in the Constitution, blessed are the executive orders, or something. All the presidents have used them. Libs tend do good things with them and republicans tend to do bad things and I am running as a republican, so do the math.”

When asked about other names that may already be on the list, Trump just smiled wryly. “That is on a need to drone bases. It’s not a long list. I’m not some monster bent on blowing up all of my political enemies, just most of them. I will tell you this, the number of republicans are quickly catching up to the number of democrats. See, I’m being bipartisan already. An equal opportunity deployer.”

Paul Ryan told the Discord today, “I was trying to focus my efforts on saving the Senate, but now I need to shift that focus to saving my own life. So please, God help me, vote for Hillary Clinton this fall. I’m with (gulp) her. But remember to support your republicans in Congress, folks. It’s every man for himself in November and after the election, if Trump wins, I will be stepping down …to an undisclosed location in South America.”

Trump has already responded to these comments with a Tweet: “Hey Ryan, Martha & the Vandellas already gave me the rights to Nowhere To Run #KeepLookingUp!”



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