Debate is the Death of Conversation: Especially with You!

The Crank

Dear Mick,

I will try, one more time, and then utterly give up and get back to reality television. “But I have a graph, and that makes all your arguments worthless,” and, “Bush was worse, his deficits were more!!”  Well, no. You once said to me that Fox lies, and that you can make up stories, but ya can’t make up facts. That is so right, my bearded little troll. There is a graph for everyone. Facts can be manipulated.  You see, two wrongs do not, in fact, make a right. They make a left. Gotcha! (Cogitate on that one, Mikkie).

It’s all about us silent majority types (OK, not so silent, but that’s another medication). Most of us now have less use for Bush—well, I do mean George, not real bush (small b.), I do still need that—or whatever he did. We do, in fact, LEARN something you might try some day; it’s very underrated. What all the liberal bloggers and “news” media fail to understand is that we see what their way is, and we don’t like it. Not one fucking bit, sir.

I now have personal knowledge of just what happens when you spend lots more than you make. It’s not pretty, Mikko. It doesn’t work, not at all. Ask my wife. Actually don’t ask her, it will only end badly for me if she’s reminded. And a Dodge Ram’s front seat is not big enough for a corpulent person like myself to camp out in (though it does help my chiropractor’s business substantially).  Deficit reduction is economics 101. I was using the failed economics 98 version (you know, the one where you just spend and spend and someone else will eventually pay for it). I didn’t know about the upgrade (D-squared!).

Government only fucks up whatever it touches, like me as a child. It also eats money like I ate Twinkies. What you end up with is only so much chemo-preserved shit piles, just like my Twinkies, which I am told are biodegradable in a few million years or so.  Twinkies, like our deficits it seems, are forever.

Less government is better. Being friendly (not stupid friendly, just friendly) to business is a good way to keep the economy growing. Making the business people afraid to inject money into their business, by making their future unknown as to taxes, health care costs, and carbon surcharges, is stupid unfriendly. These people, by the way, are just the people who hire everyone and pay everyone, so everyone can pay their taxes.  

Basic subjective thinking here, not anything radical at all: When nearly 25% of all workers work for the Government, and only 49% of the citizens pay any taxes at all, well, dem figgers aint addin up. AND, the 5 % of people that pay 90% of the taxes are not the ones you want to be making afraid.  “Although at some point I think you have made enough money” is one of the scarier things Obama has said. The richer they are, the better chances my job will be viable, and I can earn money and pay taxes. You know, unlike now.

When did being successful become evil? It’s what America is all about. Not pie for all, paid for by someone else, but earn your piece of the pie here is what the Statue of Liberty says to all who see her.  It’s what the Tea Party is about. We are not Nazis, we are not psychos, we are not dangerous, and we are not racists. We are just not going to be silent anymore.

Oh yeah, one more thing, Your Mikkiness.  There are, in fact, over sixty-people who appear regularly on the Fox News and Fox Business networks. Try writing about some of the other fifty-seven, you hirsute dork.

And read some of what Europe’s new “Thatcher”, Germany’s Andrea Merkel, has to say about that European Socialism Experiment (ESE).  It officially failed, and everyone knows it (well, just not the French, but who cares about them; they don’t shave or bathe regularly).

John Kerry, you know, Mr. Kiester Island hisself, just came out with a 45-minute speech on how we are all stupid for thinking the way we do. You know, we’re gittin’ tired of hearing it. When you guys run out of argument, it’s all you do. Personal attacks and name calling, geeh that will help me change my mint fer shur. We don’t call you stupid (well I may, but that’s only ‘cause I know you). We don’t go around saying the left is dangerous and un-American…we just don’t want them telling us what to do, is all. The left elitists do seem to get very angry when we stop pretending we worship them. Get used to it; we do outnumber you, after all.

Crank wants out.

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