Umm, We Don’t Do Rebuttals Anymore, Crank

The Crank

Zano, Zano, Zano….I have attempted to avoid your political posts and your political views as they suffer from what one might call, Major Bullshit Disorder recurrent. See, I have a DSM-V too. But, really, Mikko why doth thee blog? Why? There’s so much more productive things you could be doing with your time, like American Idol marathons.

Let’s go through the last dreamland you inserted into the website mainly because there is really no one to stop you:

1. The GOP’s aversion to all green energies and an undying devotion to coal, nuclear and oil

Put money into research, not private companies owned by a fucking brother-in-law. When it becomes economically viable, it will sell well. If you truly want to clean up the environment, you would concentrate your efforts in India and China (cough-cough). Remember, for every coal fired power plant you close here, five open a week in China. Then 500 workers are jobless because of the green meanies. China had to put up a 100-foot long panoramic picture of the skyline for tourists to take pictures, because the skyline is now totally enveloped in smog.

Regulations should be equal to be effective. We and Europe are way ahead of the rest of the world. They need to play catch-up. The planet gets warmer, we get broker, while Greenies get dumber. Let’s make the transmission lines far better conductors, thus allowing you to put your hemp power plants. The problem is not the internal combustion engine, it is the fuel it uses, so find a better fuel. Now. Thus far gasoline is the singular most efficient fuel ever known to man. Though the bullshit in one of your posts could probably power a Belgium or a Liechtenstein for years.

2. Less unions:

When I started in the New York Supermarket business many years ago, Unions were much needed, mainly to keep us lowly workers from being tossed into the garbage crusher when we pissed off the short bosses with the big heels. They eventually morphed into a mob led killer of businesses. If they had stayed in that role of protection and equalization and fairness of pay, they would be prospering today. I wish they had, because we could use that right now, unfortunately, the unions are wholly responsible for their own demise. I said, the unions are wholly responsible for their own demise. Can you hear me now? World competition is a reality (reality: something progressives have no understanding, like the term ‘human nature’). The world gets smaller each day, and protectionism has also never worked, so deal…

3. Right to Work States:

(See # 2)

4. The Patriot Act (2001)

Yeah, well, you got me on that one.

5. The invasion and occupation of the wrong country (2003).

Ok, that’s two.

6. The global economic collapse (2008)

You mean the one that was the direct result of Progressive leaders in the Clinton administration forcing banks to give loans to any warm body that could hold a pen. An X will be fine, Mr. Meth McDetoxing. My neighbors who lost their homes, not because of evil Republicans, but because they had no business buying a five bedroom two-story when a large refrigerator box was all they could afford. You mean the one where Wall Street decided to group together these worthless mortgages and sell them as investments? You mean the one the W, and the world’s oldest legislator (McCain) actually tried to stop when a certain fat toothless legislator (pretty please do not censor) who was supposed to be in charge of watching out for our interests said all is well, nothing to worry about, knowing full well his significant other was in charge of the leading governmental backer of mortgages Come on Mikko, you know this! Is the big Al making appearances in your head while you sleep? Standing REM only?

7. The decrease in the U.S.’s credit rating (Aug 2011)

The decrease had nothing to do with 17 trillion in debt, it was all the fault of the only people in the country worrying about it. Really? That’s your argument? Jeez Bwahaha. When we were downgraded, the ruling body actually stated in its report that the administrations lack of a plan to pay down its debt was why it happened. Please watch something other than MSDNC.

8. Stopping the Fed from reducing the amount of U.S. bonds they purchase each month (Aug 2013)

Now you’re just makin’ shit up! The Fed rules this, the Administration rules the Fed, Wall Street rules all the administrations. Ergo, clusterfuck. More than enough dumb to go around. None of us (lowly citizens) are a big fan of money printing to start with. I am a firm believer in auditing the Fed. Put a little ammonia on a paper towel and inhale (repeat).

9. The government shutdown and subsequent economic collapse (Oct. 2013)

So let’s see. The republicans do something stupid, so that means I, the President, can also do something stupid in return. “I will not negotiate.” He would be the only one ever. Each President who encountered a shutdown negotiated. It’s called compromise, you know, what Democracy is all about? I know that term is absent from the “Cooking with Saul Alinsky” cookbook, but here is how it works. If your side wins all, fully half the country loses all. That would not be a Democratic Republic. Even though you are convinced of your intellectual superiority, in this case it really doesn’t matter. If you disagree, that doesn’t mean you must win. I know it’s hard, but you will learn the term ‘compromise’. Tip and Reagan knew it. Clinton and his fully Republican congress knew it. LBJ and the republicans in his congress knew it. All of those combinations of people were responsible for some of the greatest legislation we know.

The Unaffordable Healthcare act. I think that this putrid piece of legislation will go down under its own weight, no unfunding necessary. Plus, you really can’t ‘unfund’ it. The government’s own GAO office has said that even if it works, in ten years the same 30+million people will still have no healthcare, and we will be trillions more in debt, and the care will suck. You can’t force doctors to go to work when it more profitable for them to play golf.

The “gutting’ of the food stamp program. You mean lessening the increase in their allotment of money by 2% which increased over 40% in the last 5 years? That gutting? I have said before “THERE ARE NO ‘CUTS’ IN ANYTHING. EVER. IT’S ALLWAYS A LESSENING OF THE INCREASE. It’s how Washington rolls.

Fox lies, Foxeteers. Teabaggers. Losing the argument terms Libs use to appear knowledgeable when they have nothing. The main stream media is catching up, and the web is full of stories that may have started with Fox, but now have legs of their own mainly because the media is finally aware it has been bullshitted so much they float in it. They are now realizing shit does in fact stink. It was a CNN interview with Harry Reid in which he stated he cares not for Children with cancer if it means losing a political argument. He even got testy with the interviewer as he was surprised the media would actually ask him a real question.

And finally, Syria. Yes, let’s believe that Russia and the UN will really actually oversee the removal of chemical weapons from Syria. Oh, they will all right, out of Syria, right to Iran, Hamas and Hezbolla, and that Al Qaeda fellow. Like that Journey song, don’t stop believing, Mikko. The world laughs at us, and Israel just had a thermofuckingnuclear case of the runs.

The Republicans are probably going to self-destruct, and that’s probably a good thing, for the outcome will be a third party that can actually win. We may be F-ed, but we still got a few rubbers left in the old vending machine. But, hey, I’m out of quarters…

Looking up from the valley to the real 1%.


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