Top 10 Reasons Democrats Lose Elections To Ass-Clowns

  1. Politicization of the Justice Department. The Dems are ever more eager to use the courts, IRS, DOJ, FBI, and the CIA to defend their interests and attack their political adversaries to serve their political ends. As the evidence of corruption, strategic leaks, lies, and crimes mounts. I’ve heard no Democrat speaking out (and very few news sites reporting) about the political abuses of McCabe, Bruce and Ellies Ohr, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page and others. Many Democrats have come to the defense of these people and their illegal “resistance” to the Trump presidency. Many of us who oppose the Democratic Party realize that justice must not be allowed to be a political issue.
  2. Digging up personal dirt and spreading unflattering rumors. The Democratic Party has become comfortable and eager to dig up (or make up) personal dirt on their political adversaries. I (and others) find the action of recording private conversations and holding them for 11 years before publicly displaying the recording for political purposes much more repugnant than any of the obscene content revealed by the recording. On the week of his confirmation hearing, a woman accuses Kavanaugh of sexual assault 35 years ago. Doesn’t surprise me at all. I expect it from the Democratic Party.
  3. Blatant hypocrisy (See: Merriam-Webster)
  4. The Flippant Dismissal. The Democratic Party is comfortable and eager to accuse their political adversaries of crimes that they then flippantly dismiss. I first noticed this phenomenon with College Democrats who were aghast when poor Anita Hill told the tale of “that monster, Clarence Thomas, who harassed young Hill by talking with her about his Long Dong Silver.” These College Democrats passionately defended Hill. “A woman deserves to be believed!” A few years later, when Bill Clinton was accused of sexual assault, these same Democrats changed their tune. “That fluzy, Paula Whatshername is spreading lies about our wonderful President.” We see the same hypocrisy when it comes to Russia. Not too long ago, Sarah Palin was being ridiculed by the Democratic Party for her “Russia paranoia,” then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was giving Vladimir Putin a “chubby” by pressing his “Russian restart button.” A few years later, President Obama jumped into the action with his pledge to bend over for Putin and become “more flexible” after his last presidential election. During that campaign, I recall President Obama ridiculing Mitt Romney for his 1980s mentality toward the Russian threat. “The Cold War’s over,” mocked Obama to Mitt. All the while Bill Clinton was cashing-in for his inspirational speech in Moscow. Now of course the Democrats condemn Trump for not being hard enough on Putin or acknowledging Russian antics.
  5. No sensible platform. The Democratic Party has become comfortable and eager to promote senseless policies. What exactly do the Democrats stand for? I know they’re against Trump. I know they’re against the Republicans. But I can’t quite pin down a sensible policy they promote. It seems they want to give everybody free stuff—free health care, free education, free food, free housing, and a minimum standard of income. Sounds good, but it also seems they promote sanctuary cities and open borders so that virtually anybody can come into the country without consequence. As a matter of fact, people who illegally come into the country are often given access to all the free goodies that Democrats promise. It all sounds good, but something tells me (reason tells me) that open borders, plus free shit, equals deterioration, misery, and anarchy. Take a hard look at the cities by Democrats, and you’ll get and idea.
  6. Mick Zano is now a registered Democrat.
  7. Zano didn’t do a full 10 last time, which set a really bad president, *cough* precedent.


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