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Placement Of New Del Taco Totally F’s Up Ancient Mayan Ruins

mayanDelTacoMLPeru—Many in the country of Peru are furious with the construction of a Del Taco in the Middle of what many believe is an important Mayan archeological site. The CEO of Del Taco, Paul Murphy, was quick to respond, “Look, the Mayans already ruined the place, right? The operative words here are ‘ruins’ and ‘abandoned’, so placement of our facility at this location should only increase property value.”

The Mayans all but disappeared around 900 AD and lost any legal rights to the land in the 70s. There are many theories surrounding their disappearance, from Ancient Aliens to ancient value menus. As captain of team Search Truth Quest, I am not convinced they’re truly gone. Sure we haven’t seen any Mayans around in well over a thousand years, but the Aztecs were spotted as recently as Scooby Do and the Aztec Tomb.