Not Again! Bill Clinton Follows Attorney General Into Ladies’ Room At Harrah’s

clintonrestroomMLLas Vegas, NVFormer President Bill Clinton is back in the news today after tracking down Attorney General Loretta Lynn at Harrah’s Casino in Vegas. According to witnesses, Lynch tried to duck away by entering the restroom, but Mr. Clinton followed her right in. Both are denying any wrongdoing. According to Lynch, Bill Clinton never mentioned his wife’s investigation, but rather the two talked about the smell, how they both prefer the Fremont area of Vegas, and the disturbing lack of urinals.

Lynch told the Discord today, “This was just Bill being Bill. He didn’t mean any harm. He does this kind of thing all the time. He likes to keep his lawyers busy, not to mention casino security.”

The CEO of Harrah’s added, “He didn’t mean any harm. He does this kind of thing all the time. It’s why we have a sign that says, Mr. President, the men’s room is to the left, asshole! It hasn’t worked. He’s like a Bill in a China shop. We keep giving him free chips for the Luxor, but that hasn’t worked either.”

Only 30 minutes after this impromptu restroom rendezvous, Hillary was cleared of all charges by the Attorney General’s office.


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