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Bush, Obama, and Zano teabagging
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Zano, you make your living by doing very necessary and commendable things that you hope and pray the Government will eventually pay you for. If you aren’t employed by someone making bombs or bombers (or, in your case, Costco-sized medicinal marijuana outlets), you have relied too heavily on the Lib/Dem faction of Americana for your daily ration of beer and snausages. You’ve based your likes or dislikes of politicians on how much of the taxpayer’s money will be given to your little project. That’s how we differ. I was brought up in a household that rated anyone by the total amount of deli food you could purchase from our little project. A deli, for those living in the southwest, or in space, is a place you can buy wholesome ready-to-eat real actual formerly living things type food, in a non-nationwide-chain format.  A place owned and operated by someone who actually knows how to cook.  Our income depended on the money that the citizens had to spend, after Uncle Sam had sucked his ration of vitamin “B” from our collective carotids. Uh, that’s the way I thought capitalism was supposed to woik. Granted, your way is healthier, but ours is way more fun…

We have both been brought up with a long line of lying shitheads in government telling us all what’s good for us. We were at a disadvantage when info only came from three channels of “Network News.”  People are a lot more informed now amidst the 24/7 news cycle and the internet. Contrary to your opinion, weez can all makes up r minds on such Govmint stuff.  You no longer have to be “ivy league edjumucated,” or, as in your case, five year Beer Pong league edjumnacated, to have an inteligunt opinyun on sumtin. We gapped tooth Nascar types have now realized that the liberals among us are in fact misguided on most subjects, including seeing no discernable need for humility. Take socialism,  please (insert ta dum-dum here).  Europe is now starting to see that, as Margaret “EuroBrain” Thatcher once said, in a voice not unlike the late great Graham Chapman doing his British lady impression: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Greece has run out, and Portugal, Spain and even that European “Government of the Month Club” in Italy are next (except in Italy, you get bailed out if you cute and have nice boobs, er…and don’t hit the Prime Minister in the face with a statue).  Point being, it is a much failed experiment, and it’s time to put that little group of beakers and test tubes in a drawer somewhere and forget where ya put’um. The Euro Bank will, of course, make the same stupid mistake our glorious leaders made.  It will bail them all out. I guess that “Too Big to Fail” means countries too (or in Greece’s case, other guy’s asses).

Equality is the word I hate most. The only place I want “equality” is in the eyes of the law. We are inherently un-equal as a race, and to pretend we are is just so much cow pies. We should be reveling in our inequities, not trying to hide them as we morph into some kind of Dr. Moreau lab experiment gone wrong. I do not wish to be equal. Equal “equals” boredom. To paraphrase Captain Kirk, “I love my inequity. My inequity makes me who I am!”  Then, I believe, he kissed some green chick.

We all seemed to have survived the year 2005 well enough. Why is it so wrong to want to reduce our spending to that level, which is the year we took in the same money as we will this year? Inflation has amounted to nothing, thanks to the cheap money the Fed has made available with its near zero interest rates. Here in Arizona, we actually have LESS people than we had in oh-five. There was a massive “run for the border” when our economy tanked (which had nothing to do with a dead Chihuahua). I guess we must have added real important-type-thingies to account for the added expenditures; we just can name any of them. Oops, there’s that pesky Collective Alzheimer’s again.

With “Climategate”, it is now known that the world organization that is supposed to keep track of global temperatures has actually reduced the number of sensors from some 6500 to around 1500. All the ones that “went Elvis” were ones in much cooler environs. The lead scientist hisself was quoted over the weekend as saying that there was no discernable rise in temps in over the last 15 years. If we noodlers (someone with a heavy southern accent who fishes by jumping in the water and catching fishies with their bare hands) had not raised such a stink about the cost of Crap-N-Turd, we all would be paying someone big bucks for a failed theory. Oh, but wait grasshopper, that is what it was all about! These “scientists” (and fat ex Vice Presidents) make loads of money from us little unimportant tax payers for lying to us. Kinda like what you say Fox is doing with us. Oh, but wait, er, they were right, weren’t they?

What the Tea Party is all about is exactly what you SAY you want. You, like all the other Libs, have made up your mind what they are about from your buddies over at

MSNBC. They don’t much like or trust either party. Hell, they don’t much trust each other! Anyone of the current Politicos from any part of the animal kingdom that aligns themselves with the Tea Party is doing so to try to save their political asses (or Elephants, as it were) having actually read the writing on their Facebook wall.

Zano, listening to you is just like listening to Glen Beck very late at night. You both make it very hard for me to sleep.

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