Ask The Ghetto Shaman

Ask The Ghetto Shaman

Dear Ghetto Shaman,

What is the difference between psychokinesis and telepathy?  And which, if any, have the shaman mastered?


San Fernando, CA

Dear Chad,

The spelling is totally different, for one.  Duh.  Shamans have mastered both, of course, which makes us psycho-pathic, as my rap sheet will attest.  To prove what I say, I want you to look at this card, drawn at random from an unfettered deck of 52.  Don’t tell me what it is.

Now I am going to concentrate on this card…(almost forgot my bongos).  OK…wait for it…

Is this your card?

The Ghetto Shaman

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The Ghetto Shaman

The Ghetto Shaman

⊕ The Ghetto Shaman is a spiritual healer and guru best known for his book The Tao of Skullfucking. His advice columns has arguably helped many people and he is working with The Daily Discord on a weekly podcast called All Things Discouraged. ⊕ 

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