Benghazi V Charleston: False Narratives 101

While Obama delivers his eulogy for a Reverend Pinckney, my thoughts remain with the people of Charleston. During Fox News’ coverage of this event, the words “racially motivated” and “terrorism” were avoided like an Ebola victim donning a suicide vest. The Fox News All Sharts tried their best to deny that the attack constituted a hate crime—one fueled by white supremacy and a semi-automatic Clip of Freedom.

Generally they’re propaganda maestros, but I believe Fox’s Charleston coverage would have disappointed Herr Goebbles this time. The Turd Reich? Tragedy aside, it was fun to watch the Foxeteers squirm…well, if you’ve totally lost faith in humanity. Did you watch this play out? I know many have commented already, but I interviewed two professionals for this post, not to mention all the stellar jokes that you can’t find anywhere else…er, thankfully.

Fox had plenty of chances to report this event accurately, but that’s never been their forte. They just kept dancing around this polarizing issue like Magneto’s stripper on pep pills. Instead of calling it overt racism, they blamed a hateful video depicting the Prophet Mohammed…oh wait, that’s Benghazi.

What is the differences between Obama’s Benghazi narrative and the right’s Charleston shenanigans?

Well, I still believe the video that triggered the Benghazi embassy attack actually triggered the Benghazi embassy attack. Incidentally, so does the person who planned the assault. I know that’s a stretch for our friend’s on the right, but there’s clearly some truth to the Obama/Clinton Benghazi narrative. It’s logical, thus the right’s inability to understand it.

Obama had one short speech the morning after the attack, wherein he did call the incident “an act of terror”. Meanwhile, post-Charleston, Fox News failed to speak the truth for days on end. It was painful to watch at times, like most of our Discord videos. One notable exception was Geraldo Rivera. In related news, Geraldo’s facing disciplinary action. Oh, and I just want to warn you, pal, with republicans torture is never off the table. In fact, it’s usually right on a table—after they tilt it backward and then poor water into your facial orifices. Hey, it’s still better than what they to do their viewer’s ability to reason. In all fairness, west coast liberals would be doing the same thing to them, but they don’t want to waste the water—certainly not on republicans.

I am calling for 265 investigations on the tax payer’s dime to get to the bottom of Charleston-ghazi. Kidding. The GOP will forever protect white supremacist because, let’s face it, they’re some of their staunchest supporters and their most generous donors. Be negative blood donors? Sorry, but Charleston was an obvious hate crime, clearly covered up. No investigation necessary.

Stewart’s takedown is priceless, here. The Daily Show posted a shit ton of Fox anchors begging everyone not to jump to conclusions, as apparently that’s their job. Fox News brought their hypocrisy to a whole new level. Were this Dante’s hell, the devil would be forced to dig out a new and deeper circle for these people. Of course that won’t happen due to austerity measures passed by Congress. Kidding, conservatives already privatized hell, so no one goes to heaven anymore as there’s no money in it.

There’s a clear difference between shooters like Jared Loughner in Tucson and Dylan Roof in Charleston, mainly because there’s a big difference between a psychotic disorder and a sociopath. One lacks cognitive reason and the other a conscience. Republicans want to slash funding for psychotic disorders and will invariably defend the sociopath. Oh, and both should always be packing uzis. After all, the only answer to a psychopath with a gun is a sociopath with a gun.

Psychotic folks need treatment, the earlier the better, and unfortunately most sociopaths need a cell somewhere. We generally don’t fix sociopaths as it’s more of a long-term personality trait than a treatable psychiatric illness.

Republicans don’t have a very inclusive tent but sociopaths are always welcome as many from this side of the DSM-V are the coveted “Job Creators”. Crapitilism? Many of our sociopaths land on the Board of Directors, or in executive management, or in the Oval Office. Of course, not every one-percenter is a sociopath, but sociopaths do very well in this fakakta republican created system (FRCS). Every day sociopaths are rewarded on Wall Street and beyond. As a result, the GOP does this insane dance between Christ and Christie as not to anger their sociopathic base. And on the third day stocks rose?

The GOP needs the votes and they need the funding so their talking heads remain sympathetic but they invariably fall short of outright endorsing killing sprees. Psycho killer run, run, run away. They also fall short of overt racism on Fox, at least most days. How do they get away with this? Let’s ask Dr. Leigh, a local psychologist, who has thankfully quelled my own urges to kill over the years.

Zano: Thanks for talking to me today, in public. It feels very validating.

Dr. Leigh: We all know you need lots of validation, Zano. Speaking of which, have you been working on identifying all or your defense mechanisms, like avoidance?

Zano: Sorry, I missed that—so anyway, does conservative media use overt racism or is there something more subtle happening here?

Dr. Leigh: I think that the bigger issue is the idea of microaggressions and covert racism. This is where those in the minority are left to question whether or not they should be offended, and the offender is left with a “valid” reason as to why they are not racist. It’s how an entire political party can ignore the struggles of blacks living in Ferguson and instead defend the murder of a child for wearing a hoody. They’ll say, “It’s not about race.”

Zano: This is how Sean Hannity can defend the Cliven Bundys of the world. “I’m not racist, yet I defend them during my interviews, every night.”

Dr Leigh: Exactly! And because it’s less overt, it’s harder to confront and actually more dangerous

Zano: Very validating. And on a related note how do the biggest hypocrites on Earth, namely the GOP, remain so oblivious to their own hypocrisy? I can identify when liberals are sucking, but republicans almost always suck and never really see their own suckiness. It sucks, you know?

Dr. Leigh: It comes down to white privilege. When Bill O’Reilly can deny the existence of white privilege, it exemplifies the extent to which white upper class males ignore and perpetuate the problem. Essentially, they are oblivious to their own suckiness.

Zano: What is the course of treatment. How do we “fix” this seemingly unfixable faction of our society? As a collective, I’ve diagnosed republicans with a personality disorder. Is that right and does that mean we’re all doomed?

Dr. Leigh: I think it does mimic a personality disorder and, typically, the treatment of such disorders take a  long time so we have to celebrate the small successes. At this rate, it may take centuries to improve the republican collective and that’s with good treatment.

Zano: Small successes, you mean, like moving Palin from Vice Presidential candidate, to Fox News All Shart, to reality show, to unemployed?

Dr. Leigh: Yes, let’s celebrate that small victory.

Zano: I am a staunch defender of our 1st amendment rights, but how do we deal with a covert propaganda machine like Fox News? The rest of the media at least adheres to some standards. Brian Williams lies and is out, O’Reilly lies and is promoted. All the evidence in the world will not sway one Foxeteer, at least seemingly. They defend their team, regardless of the facts.

Dr. Leigh: Like with any bullies, we don’t engage them. This is where you start to practice acceptance and non-judgement.

Zano: You mean, my approach has been wrong all along?

Dr. Leigh: Exactly! And next week I want you to find something nice to say about Fox News and work on your positive affirmations. Oh yeah, and continue to confront those very painful feelings that you have been avoiding for so long. And, if possible, try not complete this exercise amidst one of your barcrawls.

Zano: Thanks, Dr. Leigh!

I got a chance to talk briefly to our own Kwela Julewka, a fellow psychologist, about Chareston and the Confederate flag controversy that spawned from it. He only had one comment:

“Zano, if the Confederate flag is a symbol of our historical heritage than the Nazi flag is a symbol of medical advancement.”

Dr. Kwela Juluka

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