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I assume you have won the lottery, Zano, based on your latest foray into the mind numbing netherworld of healthcare reform. You see, as has been stated before, the problem with socialism is you eventually run out of other people’s money. Now I assume you haven’t given the money aspect a thought, have you? How could you have, when you still have no idea about how money works, other than its uses when made tubular? Mental health expert, maybe, money maven, not a friggin clue (but I digress).

Government run anything is a problem. It’s inherently corrupt and its ability to block out the Sun by covering the earth in red tape is an accepted theory by most well edumakated scientists and mathematicians. England’s government run healthcare system is the largest employer in that country and have you looked at their teeth? “Well geeh, Medicare and Medicaid work well,” is in fact a total fallacy, as these programs are at or near total bankruptcy. Some of the worst care in the world is our own Government run Native American health system, where the phrase “nocto barumba kotchaxcalla juto” (no get sick past June when money run out) is a well accepted fact. They also have a provision in the plan to tax any small businesses that don’t offer healthcare to their employees, and they may figure out that an 8% tax is cheaper than coverage, so in the free plan they go, and soon, no more insurance companies, no more competition. You think the VA runs well? Ask my father-in law. They suck. No money, going broke, substandard care. One of the head doctors at the Long Island VA hospital told him that this was the last place on earth you wanted to be if you were sick.

You actually have the ‘hones to bring up a Jon Stewart interview as if he was a real journalist? Uh, well, ah, no Mikko, he is an entertainer, like Billy-O, only with a sense of humor.

Now there ARE ways to improve the healthcare system, and I only hope some of these ideas make it to the final bill that will be rammed through at 3:00 AM. on a Sunday by Sith Lord Rahm and his not-ready-for-prime-time, communist Czars (you know, the ones who get to sidestep the whole “checks and balances” thingy). Oh yeah, but that’s ok ‘cause Bush started the dismantling of our Constitution, so continuing to do so is just peachy. After all, in your world as a mental health expert, maybe two wrongs DOES make a right. I’m just sayin’.

As far as the “Town Hall” meetings go, you couldn’t be more wrong and still be in our solar system. I have now been to three of them. Real people, real doctors, lawyers, trailer trash and Wal-Mart shoppers. These are working people, not Acorn unemployed, paid for with tax dollars, bussed in by Democrats types. They are very scared at anything government run, well, maybe not the lawyers.  They can read, believe it or not, and don’t see anything they like. If you really think they are not for real, or that their fears are “wrong” and “shouldn’t matter”, please pick up your one way ticket to cloud nine, you know, where all the elite geniuses live. This is America, or as most of these people say, Uhmurcah, which is at last look a Democracy, for better or for worse (just our like our marriages, no?).

Oh, and lose the “FOX LIES! FOX LIES!” thing too, will ya? They lie no more and no less than any one else, and if you can actually read and check out what they say, not just assume they are wrong cause it fits your lopysided idea of reality, and it IS true, well then guess what? I may be a Gorilla, but I can read, and use Google. Just don’t tell anyone or I’ll be a guinea pig for science for the rest of my life.

The ideas that I don’t seem to hear anywhere but the evil Fox Empire are as follows:

  1. Why the fuck can I travel to Joisey from the desert southwest to buy a fucking microwave oven, but I can’t do the same for a better cheaper health plan? This will bring on more competition than any Government run system could hope to accomplish. This actually scares the hell out of the insurance companies (which, if you haven’t figured it out by now, is a good thing).
  2. Tort reform, which will never happen, cause they’re all trial lawyers duh (“old Billy was right, kill all the lawyers, kill them tonight”). The more “cover my ass” decisions doctors make inherently means more wasted dollars. And my wife could tell you how much friggin malpractice insurance costs. Yes, in our current tort-reformless world nurses need it too, and I for one would rather have a fancy new CD player with a big subwiffer thingy in the Ram.
  3. Fraud investigations. The amount of money stolen by “Michael Jackson’s doctor” types is staggering. It’s in the realm of near 20% of all costs.
  4. And lest we forget the masses of people who have no insurance, let’s go over them. In reality, when you take away the young and stupid “I am steel and will live forever”, the “transient Americans” who cross the boarder to have their 12th baby on the steps of the Laredo, Texas hospitals (whom I have absolutely no wish to pay for, seeing as how I, a one of the few actual wage earning taxpayers left on earth will be footing all these bills) and the ones who would rather buy that new F150 instead (who should actually die from their stupidity), you end up with around 12 million people who are unemployed, or have pre-existing fat-er-I-mean conditions and take too many of the wrong pills to get any affordable coverage (and no, I’m not talking about me, no, really). Let’s concentrate on getting them coverage. It’s cheaper, and more direct. It would make sense. (You know, Mick, sense, the word that describes efficient thinking)

Now, my final issue. WHY NOW? Cause Obama says so? FUCK HIM. How’s ‘bout we fix the fucking economy first, figure out how to pay for Social Security and Medicare long enough for this old beige gorilla to see some of it, huh?! How ‘bout REDUCING instead of adding to the deficit? Adding taxes now is a money 101 no-no. And taxes we will pay, just wait. You think you don’t make shit now. My infant grandson is already looking for 4 jobs. He’s already got the projectile vomiting thing down good, and he’s workin on shitting in yer hand, and peein in yer face. There are many very important things that need doing RIGHT NOW. We can and should do this layta! Peeps from the woild ova come here for treatment, they don’t go to Canada or Italy, they come here! Let’s not lose that. And as far as saving lives, people are dying every day waiting for their cancer treatments in Canada, so that argument is bull puppy.

Oh yeah, and Mikko…PALIN!


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