Worse than Carter?

When I worried Obama was going to be the new Jiminy Carter, it never occurred to me that it could be worse. With the help from—as Mikko calls him, Sith Lord Rahm—Obama is quickly morphing into Richard Millhouse Nixon II.  Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the White House. Dad um, Dad um, Dadumdadumdadum. Our Prez and his Chief of Staff are control freaks that make Nixon look like Gandhi.  Obama seized control of the American auto industry in the guise of “a much needed bailout to help working families.” We should have, let them ‘go Elvis’.  That is very hard for me to admit, because I am a fan of both companies, not to mention Elvis. If Obama had let them die naturally, he couldn’t force them to “go green” and build cars that nobody F-ing wants.  Although, never leaving the driveway is probably good for the environment.  Detroit’s little dark secret, besides Ted Nugent, is that the government listed the top sellers during the Cash For Clunkers in such a way to make the small cars come out as best sellers. But, if you don’t divide trucks and SUVs into 4 classes (2wd trucks, 4wd trucks, 2wd SUVs and 4wd SUVs), the leading sellers were all …wait for it…..wait for it….TRUCKS! 

Prius’s?  We dun need no steengkeen Prius’s. Robert “Maximum Bob” Lutz (Lord of all that makes noise, uses liquid dinosaurs, and is all manly) said it best: “We are NOT in the societal improvement business, we are in the automobile business.”  At least someone in Autoland still has some testicular fortitude.

Obama appoints a person to oversee the FCC that has publicly come out in favor of Governmental control of the airwaves (Franken-1, Imus-0).  He then puts a person in control of “school safety” that wants to force elementary school teachers to teach about homosexuality and trans-genderism. (Mommy, what’s sodomy?).  His “regulatory Czar” feels that the Fairness Doctrine doesn’t go far enough controlling the media (Franken-2, Imus -0). His Climate Czar thinks that Cap & Trade is the bee’s fucking knees and will save us from ourselves. I am sick and tired of being saved. Do you believe? Ah, I believe! Do you believe? Ah, I believe! Do you want to be saved?  HELL NO.  Sure I may have been, as Jerry Garcia tells us, going to hell in a hand basket, but at least, until the Obama Administration, I was enjoying the frigging ride.  His Environment Czar was held in Contempt in 2003 for destroying documents a Judge had ordered forwarded to Landmark Legal Foundation when she was head of the EPA for Clinton. Afterward, her shredder looked more like a Dali clock.

Now, Obama seems to think that as far as his detractors go, if ya can’t convert ‘em, destroy ‘em. The National Chamber Of Commerce is now on his ever-growing Messiah shit list (MSL). They don’t like his Healthcare bill, or the Crap & Turd thing either.  He is now doing an end run around the Chamber by contacting the listed companies directly so as to marginalize it.  If ya can’t beat-em, ignore-em.

Fox News is his next listee. Trying to force the other networks to not cover certain stories, and pressuring Fox News coverage, is the Obama Administration’s most “Nixonian” thing yet. His two main henchmen appeared on all the Sunday morning news shows to tell the world that Fox wasn’t a “real news channel” (like MSN ‘BS’ is a real news channel?). Nixon revisited.

Doing just this type of thing came back and bit a crater in ol’ Millhouses ass. Rahm is now known to be emailing MSNBC commentators during stories to critique them. There is also a report today that Obama has held clandestine meetings with MSNBC commentators. Enters NBC: the New Barrack Channel. He now has “Move-on.org” people emailing all the Democratic Senators and Congressmen to tell them not to appear under any circumstances on Fox. Yeah, like that’s gonna work.   It’s like telling your child, “Now honey, see that plate of chocolate chip cookies on the table?  Don’t go near it.”  Well, he could always get his “school safety Czar” to start up his next project, Bendover.org.

I think I know the reason for all this hoopla. I think that Obama’s presence in the White House has awakened the ghost of Nixon Past.

Picture this guy visiting Obama with some chains and some moaning.

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